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Ezeran steps into the training room his eyes scanning the room as a deep laughter of demonical joy spreads through the room. The symbiont is ecstatic. Ezeran looks grim but determined. "You do understand that it will take time don't you?" He looks towards the symbiont in his chest. "I know my friend, the time will come but we must have patience. I fear it won't protect us forever so we need to be prepared. This city needs to be prepared, but it's to early for that now..."

Sensing the Copper Fox entering the room Ezeran straightens up and smiles.

"Fate is beckoning, and fair play won't be part of it. I need new strategies and tricks to make sure this realm is secure. I need to become a sorcerer!"

After the training was finished the symbiont sported an even more vicious smile than before. The avatars of tricksters bear many names, this one being Ezeran Yavarr the sorcerer.

Ezeran Yavarr (MysticModulus)

42 year old male human Sorcerer

Level 15 *Immune to wood and fire* *Absorbs Darkness* *Enemies that hit Ezeran become slowed*

Power Bonus: 0 (+2 spellpower)

Defense: 3

Health: 23/23

Ether: 20/20

Gold: 38

Equipment: Ancient Sapphamber Staff (WP:8, doubled against Ancient enemies, Wind-elemental; staff), Sneezing Demon (SP:2; enemies that hit the wearer becomeslowed; immunity to wood and fire; suitable to Ezeran only; bodywear.),Hood of the Elementalist (SP:1, *Absorbs darkness*; headwear, suitable to anyone),

Inventory: Emerald (Wood), Ruby (Fire), Scroll of Blindness, Remedy X2, Bedroll, Smoke Bomb, Pick Axe, Trickster’s Baubel (WP:6, each hit causes one random effect: stunned, poisoned by 1, asleep, blinded, sealed or confused; wand), Grand tonics X2, Potions X5, Smelling Salts, Nostrum, Level Up Mushroom, Etherium Pauldrons (SP:3, immune to sealed; backwear)

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In a private room of Castle Bric'bay, an ex-Dragoon and an ex-Engineer chat as old friends.


"...Not sure what ta tell ya, Regulus--er, Arthur." Count Knyghton shakes his head in mild chagrin. "Forgive me, old friend, I'm jus' not used ta tha new name ya got fer yourself. Ya'll always be Arthur Regulus around here, I'm afraid."

Arthur waves off the misnaming.


"It's fine, Lewis. You're one of my closest friends, you can call me what you like."


"Well, thank ya fer tha thought. But as far as everythin' else...I'm not sure what ta tell ya. Ya've led a much diff'rent life than I have, an' I think ya've passed tha point where my experience has any useful advice pertainin' to ya. I'm not really sure why ya came ta me fer yer advice, ta be frank."

Arthur shrugs noncommittally.


"Saner minds, really. You and Luke have always been a lot more grounded than me, or even most of my friends for that matter. Plus, you're independent--you're not caught up in the whole game of thrones playing out in Eubric right now. Just about everyone else I could talk to has at least some significant share in that situation, and I'm not looking for a political answer--just a personal one."

Knyghton frowns slightly, nodding sympathetically at Arthur's complaints.


"I'd heard about tha', actually. Tha Hinckwells've been pushin' fer us ta join tha Sungold Alliance, but then so've tha Shadeaux, so I decided it'd be best fer us ta stay out of it fer now. Funnily enough, they've both name-dropped ya, actually, but tha's beside tha point." The Lion Knight leader sighs, contemplating Arthur's problem. "I s'pose ya could try ta talk ta Luke about your problem, since he was hit pretty hard by Sir Leonard's death, but tha's not really tha same, is it?"

Arthur shakes his head.


"No it's not--or at least, I dearly hope it's not, for Miirym's sake. I feel a lot better knowing Glaz is looking out for her, but..." The ex-Dragoon shrugs helplessly--the matter, for now, is out of his hands.


"Then I'm afraid tha most I can offer ya is a quiet spot ta relax an' train. I'm sure Leofard would be happy ta have someone else with experience ta help drill tha troops--Sir Rubinstein is gettin' on in years, after all."

Arthur at last smiles.


"I'd like that."


Arthur Justus Regulus VII Ziegfried, a Hero Who Is Actually Worth Something (played by Flipz), Level 43.4 Skirmisher, 24-year-old male Human *Immune to Hexed, Petrified, Minimized, Jinxed, and Stunned* *Immune to Blind, Confused, and Defense Reduction* *Immune to Magic and Healing* *Takes Half Damage from Free Hits* *Deals double damage to Humanoids and Ancient-type enemies*

Power Bonus: +2

Health: 69/69 (5+15+42+7)

Defense: 46 (15+2+3+[13*2])

Gold: 352 (Owed 128 gold by Boomingham)

Equipment: Dauntlet Index (WP: 20, WP doubled against humanoids, Darkness-elemental; spear), Blue Hand Shield (SP:15, Immune to Hexed, Petrified, Minimized, Jinxed, and Stunned; shield), Duplovian Helmet of the Guard (SP:2, Immune to Magic and Healing; headwear, suitable for anyone), Mail of the Renegade Commander (SP: 3, Free hits deal half damage, Bodywear), Shadeaux Cape (SP:13, Immune to Blind, Confused, and Defense Reduction, suitable to those with reputation among the Shadeaux only; if reputation is great, SP is doubled; if reputation is outstanding, SP is tripled; backwear), Immortal Greaves (Wearer deals double damage to Ancients and Humanoids; footwear)

Abilities: First Breath (Arthur may sacrifice a turn of combat to focus and gain +3 power. Power resets at the end of a battle or when the hero is KO'd)

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Kiray nods to the Copper Fox as she enters the Training Room. "This will be quick," she says. "Merely trying something out. Maybe I'll stay like this, maybe not."

With that, Kiray changes her class to Warden.


Kiray Nastayo (KingoftheZempk), A Hero Who Is Actually Worth Something

24 year old Female Human

Level 22 *Immune to
, Doomed,
**Double damage to Demonic and Holy Foes**Half Damage from Free Hits*

: 38 (10+22+6)

Power Bonus:

29 (10+11+8)

39/39 (10+21+8)



Smith’s Katana (WP:10, Darkness elemental, Deals Bleeding +2), Orcish Barbed Shield (SP: 11), Never Blessed Armor (SP: 10, Immune to Darkness, Light, and Blessed, Wearer deals double damage to Demons, suitable to Knights, Barbarians, Regulators, and Skirmishers), Spesialian Spiked Pauldrons (Damage from Free Hits is halved; accessory), Never Blessed Helmet (SP: 8, Immunity to Blinded, Doomed and Blessed, Wearer deals double damage to Holy Enemies, suitable to Knights, Barbarians, Regulators, and Skirmishers)


Weapons and Shields:
Sanctified Rito Longsword (WP:6, doubled against Flying enemies; longsword), Two Fanged Orcish Shield (SP: 7, Immune to Darkness, Shield Bash Replaces Meditate), Spesialian Shield (SP:6, Immune to Blinded, Shield), Wolfhead Aegis (SP:5, enemies that hit the user become afraid, suitable for anyone with Wolfgang reputation; shield.), Sword of Fire and Light (WP: 7, Fire-Light Elemental, Greatsword) Deadly Crossbow (WP:14, has 1/6 chance of instantly knocking out the target unless it is immune to sudden death; crossbow)

Snug Armor (SP: 5, Cannot be De-Equipped, Suitable to all classes that use shields, body wear), Fishy Scale Mail (SP: 6 , wearer absorbs water-elemental damage as health, immune to Fire; suitable for knights, dragoons, skirmishers, and regulators, body wear), Flameproof Armor (SP:1; no longer flameproof; bodywear, suitable for anyone)

Diamond, Emerald

4X Potion, Banana (Restores full health when eaten), Nostrum, Ambrosia, Mead, Smelling Salts, Mediocre Pongcanis Brew (Encouraged + Enraged), Smoke Bomb, 6X Bone, Soma, Ambrosia, 3x Mead, Everlasting Venom (Adds the poisoned by 10-effect to one weapon permanently), Dragon Scale, 4 Fire Bomb, 4x Venom, Tako Sushi (Restores 10 health; consumable), Noxious Venom, Greater Potion (Restores 50 health to the target), Grating Stone, 4x Grand Potion, Dirt Bomb, Floral Bomb, Ice Bomb, Water Bomb, Confuse Bomb, Serpent Scales (Grants Reinforced and Nimble-effects for the duration of one battle when consumed) 2X Venom, Tonic, Remedy, Nostrum

Bedroll, Shovel

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A note was pined up on the wall it said...
To whom it may concern (or this Copper Fox)
From this point on I am a Black Knight.
Quite frankly I do not know what you can teach me that I do not all ready know.

- The Demon Germ -

ava-lego-copperfox.jpgI don't know who this guy is but he sure sounds like a Black Knight to me.

The Demon Germ (Samurai Turtle)
??? Unknown Old; Half Demon; Male Black Knight
Level - 15 {1/2}
Health - 30 (7+9+14)

Edited by samuraiturtle

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Jinnipher strode into the training room with her usual sense of pride. Actually, it was less controlled than usual and appeared a bit like a stumble. The Moon Elf had clearly had a few.

The Copper Fox was readjusting some training dummies and turned to greet her.


"Aha, Jinnipher Buchaire. I had a feeling you would return some day. Have you come to try your hand at Mystic Knight? Or perhaps Paladin? Surely you have plenty of magical potential. The wizard priests of Mercution were no joke."


"Enough of the pleasantries, Fox. I've had it with you veterans and your games. Were you hiding in here when the city was being torn to shreds by the old lizard's storm? Even Cain can't be bothered to hire competent heroes for such a job."


"Now listen, that is not exactly the role of the-"

Before he could finish Jinnipher was already charging with her Brine Blade. She was fast but the Copper Fox was faster. She took a stab which he easily dodged. He quickly followed up by grabbing her sword wrist and twisting it behind her back. The blade fell to the floor with a clang and Jinnipher was disarmed.


"It may help you if you put your anger to better use, especially since it seems diplomacy is not your strong suit. Black Knights can be very intimidating you know."


Jinnipher grunted. "Shut up."

She twisted back around with all her strength and bashed her shield into the Fox's face. He stumbled back a step and wiped his bleeding mouth with the back of his hand.


"Well you clearly don't have the finesse of a Warden. But you are quick and strong with both shield and sword. Perhaps..."

The Copper Fox somersaulted and swept his leg under the elf, the move catching her by surprise and forcing her to land on her back. The Fox pounced, but she held her shield strong and threw him off. He landed on his feet lightly.


"Berserker it is then. Let's see what I can teach you."

Jinnipher rose to her feet, winded from the encounter already.


"I came here to find out. Let's see if you've still got it, old man."

The pair dueled for some time until the alcohol finally took its toll on the elf and she collapsed from exhaustion. A few more days of training (and a wardrobe change) earned her the job class of Berserker.


Jinnipher Buchaire (JimBee)

77-year-old female Moon Elven Berseker

Level 15

Power Bonus: 0 (+5 in front row, -5 in back row)

Health: 34/34 (10+14+10)

Defense: 6 (-5 in front row, +5 in back row)

Gold: 360

Equipment: Brine Blade (WP:5, deals Poison 5 and Bleeding 3; greatsword), Natural Shield (SP:6, bearer deals half damage to and takes half damage from Beasts, Plants, and Vermin; shield), Black and Blue Hair Dye (females gain 1/2 chance of enamoring enemies on successful hits, males 1/2 chance of confusion; accessory), Helmet of the Tactician (SP:-5, Power +5 when fighting in the front row; SP:5, Power -5 when fighting the back row; cannot be upgraded; headwear)

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Hybros brushes up on his alchemy.

MimeAvGold.jpgHybros (played by JimBee), the Mindflayer Slayer
55-year-old male imp Alchemist
Level 48

Health: 74/74 (7+47+10+5+5) 
Ether: 0/0 (+2*)

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Heckz enters the training room with only one thing in his mind.

He approaches the Copper Fox, who was perfectly happy until the sorcerer came in.

"I've bided my time and I've got the proper qualifications. Now I can't wait any longer."

He brings out the pink book.

"I need to learn the secrets of this book and master the power within it. Now, when do I start?"

The Copper Fox abruptly takes the book from Heckz and mutters something along the lines of 'don't get payed enough'.

After a long time spent on perfectioning Heckz's horrible seduction skills and forgetting his magical ones in return, it was time to pick an equally enticing outfit. He comes out of the fitting room with one of the best reasons for the Copper Fox to quit after having seen so much.


"What do you think?"


"I don't know... it needs a little mor-"

"More this?" He tears his own pants off.



"... please tell me you have more of those."


"Don't worry I've got plenty of replacements."

Heckz walks out the training room a Harlot.


John 'Heckz' Brutenhal, the Ghostbuster, the Super Sleuth, the School Inspector and the Matchmaker (Cutcobra)

32 year old male human Harlot *Immune to Poisoned* *Immune to Free Hits unless last hero standing* *False*
Level 30
Power: 42 (30+12)
Defense: 2
Health: 37/37 (5+29+4)
Ether: 46/46 (5+29+1+5+1+5)
Gold: 2574
Equipment: Solemn Dagger (WP: 12, darkness-elemental dagger, 1/2 chance of causing sealed), Harlot's Outfit (SP: 2, immune to poisoned; suitable for Witches, Sorcerers and Harlots; bodywear/footwear), False Lips (Rolling Pleasure House and KISS AND MAKE UP causes poisoned by 5 in addition to other effects, suitable for harlots only, accessory.), Buffoon's Hat (Prevents anyone from taking the wearer seriously; protects from Free Hits unless the wearer is the last hero standing; headwear),
Weapons: Weatherfax Broom (WP:25, makes weather forecasts instant instead of being applied at the end of the round, broomstick), Rawr (WP:9, dagger), Wand (WP:5; suitable for mages, necromancers and scholars.), Bone Whip (WP:9, damages undead, whip), Assassin’s Crossbow (WP:4, each successful assassination increases WP by one permanently; suitable to assassins; crossbow), Torn Whip (WP: 7; Has a 1/2 chance of causing afraid on attacks; suitable for rogues, artisans, beast warriors, harlots, marauders and necromancers.)
Artifacts: Cloak of Blood Magic (+5 ether, attacks made with darkness magic cause weakened; suitable for mages, necromancers and chi monks; bodywear), Magician's Gloves (Spellpower +10; suitable for mages; handwear), Venomari Helmet (SP:2, absorb poison as health; helmet), Bad Luck Charm (Makes the sorcerer’s spells - including Razzmatazz and Sleight of Hand - cause an additional jinxed-effect, increasing their ether cost by 1; suitable for sorcerers; accessory), Watt's Artifact (Makes the user’s attacks and spells three times more effective against demons; accessory), Robe Of The Archmagi (SP:3, Max. Ether + 5, immune to sealed; bodywear)  Rich Man's Shirt (suitable for anyone, +5HP, +10 ether; bodywear), Rich man's trousers (suitable for anyone, immune to Jinxed and Bound; footwear)
Spell Items: Opal (Ice), Garnet (Earth), Amethyst (Darkness), Aquamarine (Water)
Consumables: 3x Remedy, 5x Mead, 3x Nostrum, 4x Smelling Salt, 2x Tonic, 2x Phoenix Essence, Danab's Apple (Revives all fallen party members, restores full health and ether to the whole party and removes all negative effects from them; consumable), Soma, Poison Bomb, Seal Bomb, Smoke Bomb, 2x Deadly Venom, 7 Bones, Forbidden Apple (has a half chance of causing blinded or transcended to the user),
Tools, etc: Bedroll, Shovel, Pickaxe, Magnifying Glass, Telescope, Magic Compass, Blue Jelly, "Fifty Shades of Bley" (Grants access to Harlot), "Begone With the Winds" (Grants access to Weather Mage), Black Market Insignia (Allows the owner to seek out a black market dealer from any city they visit on a quest, as decided by the QM.), Vindicator's Seal (Grants access to the Vindicator expert job class; cannot be given away)

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Not 100 procent completed, will finish it later.

A battle ravaged Keliim and his direwolf Fenri walks into the training room. He looks around the room, at all the gadgets and training equipment. Fenri strolls away and searches for some place to lie down.


"So th's be th' famous training room o' Heroica... hmm wonderin' if anyone is in h're." The big man shouts out, " 'ello, somebody h're."

Copperfox walks out from the backroom


"Yes, hello... didn´t hear you come in. I am Copperfox and you are..." He see the fullgrown direwolf sleeping in corner of the room, he pulls his sword.

"What is that doing here, who let it inside..."


"Oh, calm down please. It is just Fenri, my pet direwolf and he is totally harmless... usually."


"Aaah, so you are the barbarian with the wolf... hmm was it Keliim. Oh well but the beast has to go out, it has no place inside my training room."


"I am nay Barbarian, I am warrior... Not every other fighter is a stupid barbarian, that isn´t a "holymoly knight"... others can fight, ye know also."

"And Fenri, he won´t be in the way, I promise..."


"Hmph, but if he makes just one sound... he is out of here. So, lets get down to business... what can I do for you, Keliim?"


"Master fox, I wish to finish my training to become a Hunter."


Copperfox looks at the big man and sigh

"Hunter... finish training? What do you mean?"

"And wouldn´t a barbarian... hmm, Warrior be more fitting as something like Beserker?"


Keliim tells a story.... (will be updated later.)


"Okay then Keelron but this won´t be easy... you have everything you need to finish the training?"


"Aye... almost."


"Okay, Then lets start!"

Time pass and Keliim brushes up on his ranger and tracking skills. Copperfox, gives many great tips and shows the fighter ways of, moving and being more like a shadow.


"This is all I can teach you at this time... Now you just need to use your skills in action." Copperfox looks at Keliim.  "Hmm, cloths, light armor, fitting for your jobclass but you seem to be missing a cruical thing... a bow or maybe in your case, a crossbow?"


"Aye I know. They ain´t easy tae come by... but I will get one, sooner or later? Thank you Master Fox."

And the rediscovered "Demon" Hunter and his direwolf walk out of the training room.





Keliim (Mencot) "Demon sworn" (from quest 133), Wolfgang Rep. (quest140)

37ish, male human (Demon) Hunter
Level 19 *Natural Respite, Track down, Intimidation,* *Half Damage from Demon and Dark*
Power Bonus: 3
Health: 39/39 (*)
SP: 4
Gold: 645
EquipmentVampire´s Court Sword (WP:12 1/3 chance to cause bleeding; always causes bleeding to humanoids; great sword.), Lethauros Mail (SP: 4. Prismatic armor bright enough to banish darkness. You can feel the dragon watching you as your continue on your journey, aiding you in your hunt. The wearer takes half damage from Demon and Dark type enemies. Suitable for anyone, body wear.), Peasant’s Hood (Max. Health +1; headwear).
Weapons and Shields: Woodchopper's Axe (WP:8; Deals Double Damage to Plant-types; Axe),Scarab Shield: (SP: 3, Bearer takes half damage from vermin), Dwarven Orichalcum one handed battleaxe (WP: 5, Axe)
Artifacts: Sylvania's Cowl (Grants "Animal Talk", Headwear),Cloak of the Winterlands (Absorb Ice, SP 3, Backwear), Королева's Blessing (When equipped the player gains the ability to Animal Speak to Spiders only, and all spiders are Enamored with him for the first three rounds of battle, accessory), Trickster's Mask of the Gender-Swap (swaps the wearer's gender when worn, suitable for anyone, accessory), Wolfish Fedora (+5 WP for each standing hero with Wolfgang reputation and Wolfgang NPC in the party, headwear, suitable for heroes with Wolfgang reputation), Gauntlets of Recklessness (Hits become Mortal Hits, adding lost health to attack power; handwear), Heroic Helm (SP: 2, Helm's SP doubles on free hits, Headwear), Sterile Gloves
Consumables: 5x Potion, Grand Potion, 3x Smelling salts, 4x Mead, Chocolate Bar (Gives the *Nimble* and *Poisoned* Effect when consumed), Venom, Dirt Bomb, 4x Holy Bombs, 2x Smoke Bomb, Double Rainbow (Gives the user the encouraged, lucky,poisoned by 1, and confused effects), 2x Obsidian Shard (may be affixed to a blunt weapon to give the Bleeding 2 effect for one battle), 2x Charion beetle horn, Bone, Deadly Venom, Dirt Bomb
Treasures: Black Pearl (Worth 75 Gold), Mythril Shard, Silver Ore
Tools: Wolf King's Seal (+3 Power, Intimidation) in her inventory, and it doesn't take up an item slot.)

*Big Apple Quest 145 +1
*Raw Meat Fields of Glory +5

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Torald walks into the training Room. He looks around, seeing someone walk towards him. Hello, my name is Torald Waruelf, I'd like to train to become a Battle Mage. I feel like that is a good way forward for me. 

Health: 29
Ether: 16

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Vindsval walks into the training hall to speak with its master the Copper Fox.

I have reached another crossroads, and I believe I have made a decision as to my new Path.

He pulls the Wanderer's Medallion from his pouch, places it on his brad palm, and looks at the glyphs, symbols, and sigils carved into its surface.   Show me your will.

Light from the windows seems to catch and pool on the medallion's surface.  It pulls the separate beams together into a single strong lance of light. The tint of the light begins to shift from the golden glow of noon day, to the deep crimson of sunset, to the dark violet of nightfall.  The purple light pools on the suface of the seal, gathers depth, thickness, almost solidity, and they it burst forth.  The beem strikes Vindsval full in the face, blinding him, knocking him to his knees on the training room floor.  Moments that seem an eternity pass in silence and light and then he speaks.

Yes Lord, I will kill in your name.  I will strike down those who prey on the weak.  I will protect those who have not yet been given the choice of paths.  I will be your blade on this earth.

Suddenly the light blinks out, the room once again takes on the normal hues of day.  The giant stands, a harder, sharper glint in his eyes.  He is no longer a mere Paladin, No long only the scorpion knight.  He stands a Vindicator, Honed Blade of the Wanderer.

Vindsval Half-Born (Asphalt)
39 year old, Male, Half Giant,
Level: 38 Vindicator *Gains Triple XP* *Immune to Asleep, Blinded, Confused, Fragile, and Weakened, Effects* Immune to Dark & Demonic enemies

Attacks cause Enraged, Burning 10, Poisoned 7, and Cursed.                                        
Power: 78 (38+32+1+1+6)
Power Bonus +8 (Armor +6, Henry's +2)
Defense: 29
Health: 61/61 (9+33+15)
Ether: 42/42 (5+37)


Edited by Asphalt

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Cedric, after returning from the Fields of Glory, walks straight to the Training Room.

"Copper Fox, I've come to train as a black knight."

"Really? You? That seems like such an odd choice."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, not to sound like I know you better than you know you, but you seemed like such a nice guy from the quest logs."

"Nice guy?! How the Hel do you think that?"

"They say you freed slaves, killed bandits, vanquished undead, and helped a poor farmer clear his farm of monsters. That sounds pretty kind and heroic to me."

"...Well, to quote the great Pharpharian philosopher, 'Phuck.' So I've really been doing good?"


""So what do I train as now?"

"Do you follow a god?"

Cedric laughs. "Fox, you may know my Heroica history, but you know nothing of what I have done before. No God will accept me."

"Tell me, have you heard of the righteous light Ennoc?"


Cedric walks out of the training room a Paladin of Ennoc.



Lord Cedric (wiz)

Level 15 Paladin

Health: 39/39

Ether: 15/15



Edited by wiz

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"If any of ya need any trainin' just speak up and we'll get things started. I don't like how some of these so called "classes" are tied to these houses. Seems fishy ta me, but I'll let Yuliana deal with that."

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