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~Note: This topic is meant for players above Level 15 only, and nobody else should post here. If you have any questions about the job classes, please ask them in the

Rules & Discussion topic.~




"Well well, nice to see someone so dedicated to our humble organization. Since you have been such an asset to us by completing so many quests for our clients, we want to give something back to you, and help you advance in your career as a hero. Yes, from now on you will be able to choose a higher job class that will give you more variety in your battle skills. No longer you have to feel constrained by the limits of your basic job class!"

"If you have reached Level 15, the advanced job class options are open to you. If you're already at Level 30, you can choose one of the expert job classes - granted that you also meet the special requirements. At Level 40, if you have gained the favor of us Veterans, you will be able to assume the veteran job class corresponding to your basic job class. And if I'm looking at someone who is at Level 50, then congratulations! You now have access to the all-powerful master job classes.

"Who am I, you ask? My name is The Copper Fox, and I'm one of the six Veterans, the puppetmasters behind Heroica. You could call me a 'Jack of All Trades', so who better to teach you the skills you need to practice? I'm looking forward to training with someone as promising as you. Now, let me tell about your options..."






























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"Alright Copper Fox, I shall train to become a Evoker."

Alexis Fenral 18 year old Female Elf, Level 15 Evoker

Power: 23 Health: 21/21 Ether: 16 Of 16

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"Alright Copper Fox, I shall train to become a Evoker."

Alexis Fenral 18 year old Female Elf, Level 15 Evoker

Power: 23 Health: 17/21 Ether: 16 Of 16

After the training session, The Copper Fox gives an evaluating look at Alexis.

"You have a knack for this, I can tell. The fact that you already possess an Opal will benefit you a great deal. Now, try summoning an ice-elemental spirit. It is always a mystery what shape and name it will take in the first summoning."

OoC: Everything is in order stat-wise (except that you heal automatically in between quests, so you should have full health), but please list your summoned spirit in your signature as well.

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"Okay I shall try." Alexis focus on the Opal, and calls the magic. Poof! A small Dragon consisting of ice crystal is summoned by her side. "Whoa, amazing." She says with a huge grin on her face.

The ice dragon spirit speaks, with a deep mystical voice. "My name is Ocven, as should be obvious, I have taken the form of an ice dragon for you."

Then, poof! The dragon disappears.

"That was cool!"

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Tesni walked through the door of the training room. The vetran looked impressive indeed, as did the stack of weapons and equipment.

"Ave Copper Fox! I have considered my options, I wish to train as a Berserker!"

Tesni Hightribe, Level 15 Berserker

22 years old female human

Power: 23 Health: 31/31

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Nyx cautiously opens the doors to the training room.

How did I not spot this before? There's so much shiny stuff in here! :sweet:

After listening carefully to all the Copper Fox had to say on the subject of Advanced Classes, Nyx had but a few questions remaining..

So, I think I'd quite like to be a Battle Mage, really, but what I'm most concerned about is.. well.. hygiene. :sceptic: I can still wash my hair and clean under my nails can't I?

It's just I'm a little worried, after all those Barbarians are just so.... uhm Barbaric. :sceptic:

Having been suitably reassured that Barbarians are indeed as hygienic as the rest of Heroica (mostly), Nyx returns to the main hall that she had rushed through, eager to sign up for a fresh quest to try out her new found power (and to join in the festivities with her recent questmates).

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Having been suitably reassured that Barbarians are indeed as hygienic as the rest of Heroica (mostly), Nyx returns to the main hall that she had rushed through, eager to sign up for a fresh quest to try out her new found power (and to join in the festivities with her recent questmates).

Copper Fox shouts after the eager mage.

"Don't forget to readjust your statistics! You should have 24 health and 20 ether now!" The Veteran then pauses. "...What the hell am I even talking about?"

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Boomingham throws open the doors to the training hall and bellows to Copper Fox.

"Hello sir! Greetings, greetings, I've been dying to meet a veteran, but I haven't felt worthy until just about now. I have made my choice about how I would like my heroing career to advance, chappo. I feel the holy calling! A paladin is the way for me!" Boomingham pulls Copper Fox in, Boomingham's arm around his shoulder, and whispers. "Now, listen, I'm telling you this in confidence, but I'm not a holy man. I think it's a whole lot of mumbo jumbo. But, well, I'm a general, ladies-man, and King, and if people want to believe some god up there is looking after me, well, I'll let them be so inclined." Boomingham lets the man go, and holds a finger to his fat lips. "Don't tell. Now, it says here that I have a 'Holy Companion'? What's that all about?"

Lord Lawrence Boomingham, Level 15½ Paladin

44 years old Male Human

Power: 24 Health: 35/35 Ether: 1/1

Edited by Zepher

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OoC: You should have 16/16 ether, not just one. The heroes with no ether get +1 ether per level when changing into a class that can use it.

"Now, it says here that I have a 'Holy Companion'? What's that all about?"

The Copper Fox trains Lord Boomingham in the arts of meditation, healing and being in contact with the spiritual realm. It is not easy due to Boomingham's lack of faith, but it's the sheer will of the man to become a Paladin that finally lets him learn the needed skills. Out of a sudden an angelic apparition, albeit a very small one, appears on Lord Boomingham's right shoulder.

"Gah!" the minuscule angel squeaks in a high-pitched voice. "I'm stuck with this fellow here? Mr. Mumbo-Jumbo, eh? Let me teach you a thing or two about the Light, deal? And don't let my size fool you, I'm actually an impressive sight in the holy realm. My size will grow in proportion to your faith, so let's work on it so you can see me in all my glory."

The Copper Fox just grins at the tiny angel's lecture. "Good luck with your new companion, Lawrence. You're going to need it."

The Veteran watches as Boomingham marches out of the Training Room, flicking the angel off of his shoulder.

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Cronk here to become Paladin. Anybody home? Cronk wish to follow Righteous Light of Ennoc now.


Level 16 Paladin

Power: 27

Health: 36/36 (SP: 6)

Ether: 17/17

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Cronk here to become Paladin. Anybody home? Cronk wish to follow Righteous Light of Ennoc now.

As the orcish knight wandered in the Training Room, one of the armors used in the training started to follow him surreptitiously. Cronk drew his sword and points it to the armor. The moving armor then lifted the vizor up to reveal the smirking face of The Copper Fox.

"Ah, Sir Cronk, I've heard a lot about you. Nothing bad, I promise. You've shown your worthiness as a champion of Heroica, so your wish shall be fulfilled. Let us train you to become a noble Paladin!"

The orc was determined and focused, and in no time he had mastered the arts of protection and healing. Feeling the light of Ennoc fill his soul, Cronk suddenly sensed a presence behind him. He turned around and was nearly blinded by the sight.


It was an angel, no doubt, bright as the sun and beautiful as the day, hovering in midair and holding a golden sword. And just like her protégé, she was greenskinned as well.

"The followers of Ennoc may err from the path of righteousness", Cronk's angel announced. "But Ennoc is the truth. The Light that Reveals All does not discriminate mortal souls based on the color of their skin nor the deeds of their forebearers. If you serve the Light with truth in your heart, Cronk" - and the way the angel said his name roused desire and adoration within the orc - "the Light will always show you the truth from a lie. Your faith in truth is strong, and for that, I am strong. Together, we are indomitable."

The angel then disappeared in a bright flash, leaving Cronk's eyes teary and bedazzled. The Copper Fox tapped him to the shoulder. "I think you made the right choice, my friend. Rarely have I seen such a potent guardian angel. Go now and make her proud."

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Wow. Pretty angel. Cronk will strive for Truth, Justice, and Bashing Evil!

Cronk thanks Mr. Copper Fox. Now that Cronk is Paladin, Cronk thinks that it time for Cronk's equipment be upgraded.

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As Tomas walks to the Heroica Training Room, he wonders if he’s truly ready for the training he is about to undergo. He’s trained all his life for this moment, but now that it’s finally here, he’s starting to have second thoughts about it. What if something went wrong?

Tomas remembers the teachings he had received from Grandfather when he was just a small boy. One particular time stood out to him at this moment – the time when Grandfather had first asked him to become a Sage.



“Now Tomas, there’s something I need to talk to you about.”

“Yes, Grandfather? What is it?”

“Tomas, your mother and father have done their best to teach you about the healing, and you have done very well so far. However, eventually there will come a time in your practice in which you can go no farther as a Cleric. At that point you will have a choice to make. There are many paths a Cleric can walk, and each one leads to many different opportunities.

Tomas, I think you have the qualities of a true Sage. You are remarkably wise for such a young child, and you’re very curious, always trying to increase your knowledge about healing and magic.”

There was a long silence as the boy digested this information.

“Grandfather, why didn’t Father choose to become a Sage like you?”

“That wasn’t his calling. Your father became a Shaman in order to become a better Healer, and because of that, the clinic was able to thrive and Maplehaven’s residents have been healthy for years. He made the right choice for himself, and I am proud of him for it. However, the teachings of the Sage have been passed down through our family for centuries now, and I am an old man. I need someone to impart my knowledge to. Will you be my student, and when the time is right, become a Sage?”

“Yes! Yes, Grandfather, I would be honored! Will you teach me what it means to be a Sage, Grandfather? Will you?”

“Heh heh, of course I will, Tomas! Of course I will.”


Tomas enters the small building and immediately notices The Copper Fox. He smiles and gives him a wave before heading off to train with the battle dummies.

Breathing calmly, Tomas rubs the topaz he holds in his hand. He tosses the yellow gem up in the air and catches it several

times. Trying to channel the power Grandfather had taught him, Tomas slowly lifts the gem and attempts to cast a lightning spell. Electricity blasts out from the gem, frying a battle dummy to a crisp and sending Tomas sprawling on his back, knocked unconscious.

In Tomas' dream, he is in a completely empty room glowing with white light. Puzzled and startled, Tomas darts his eyes around the room, looking for some indication of where he is.

Suddenly, he hears a voice from behind him.

"Tomas" says the voice calmly.

Tomas whips around to see who is behind him.


“Fabula Sibylla!” Tomas shouts as he sees the goddess. He gets on his knees and bows his head in respect.


"Tomas, the power your grandfather taught you is great, and you are finally ready to completely harness that power. A Sage is a guardian of sacred knowledge, and your grandfather gave what he knew to you and you only. He fully intended for you to become the family's next Sage and to continue his legacy. You have been preparing for many years for this moment. Are you ready, Tomas?"

Tomas is too awestruck to speak. Finally, he realizes that the goddess has asked him a question, and replies, "Yes, my goddess! I am read to become a guardian of sacred knowledge!"

"As you wish. But first, hear my prophecy. It will assist you later in life.

Those with black eyes, forked tongues, and gills

Copy appearances and skills

They may fool the weak of mind

But soon, the foolish will find

They aren't as benign as they may seem

And what they project is but a dream

Their sinister plans will only become clear

When you understand that they are not sincere.

Goodbye, Tomas, and good luck."

As Fabula Sibylla fades away, Tomas is enveloped in a large blast of light.

When he emerges from the light, Tomas looks completely changed. His robes are white now, his hair is down, and there is a knowing and wise look in his eyes.



Level 15 Sage

Power: 21

Health: 30/30

Ether: 22/22

Edited by Tamamono

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The Copper Fox bids farewell and a few last words to Tomas before the sage leaves the Training Room.

"Choosing the way of wisdom seems to suit you, old chap. Just remember that the powers of healing and spellcasting has rendered you unable to attack physically for now. So be mindful that you don't end up in a situation where your ether has run out. I would certainly make a visit to the Marketplace and get myself a few of those handy tonics if I were you..."

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ac_selection000.jpg - ac_selection001.jpg

En Sabah Nur quickly rushes outside after hearing all he thinks he needs to know from Fox. He bends down and clumps some dirt together with his hands then places his garnet into the dirt mound. He begins to cast the summoning spell.

ac_selection002.jpg - ac_selection003.jpg

En Sabah Nur summons Pet Rock! The spell is successful! Unimpressed with his summon Nur kicks at his creation. The pet rock nimbly rolls out of harms way. Nur follows and kicks again. This time the rock does not move and Nur's foot collides with the boulder with painful results for the mage.

ac_selection004.jpg - ac_selection005.jpg

After a dissatisfying performance, Nur dismisses his earthly summon and focuses even harder as he tries his luck with an aquamarine gem. A portal opens, water flushes out and a demonic crab appears.

"Who dares to bring Skall'Dyr from his home and bind him to this plane with an aquamarine? I will devour you! Nom Nom Nom!"

En Sabah Nur says the words to return the great crab to his home as he flees. Weary, the dark mage returns to the training room. "Mr. Fox, I'll take a stab at sorcerer if ye don't mind."


Nur the controller

Level 15½ Sorcerer

Power: 27

Health: 24/24 (23+1)

Ether: 20/20

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With confidence Namyrra entered the training room wearing her new outfit, with which she had replaced her Fenarian acolyte robes that were somewhat depressing, and clearly not in fashion here in Eubric at the moment (if they had ever been..)


"Greetings mr Fox, I wish to train to become an Evoker, having thought long about this it feels to me as if there are beings outside our plane of existence that are begging me to bring them into this world."


Namyrra Uq - level 15 Evoker

Power: 21

Health: 22/22

Ether: 20/20

After a long time of practising Namyrra finally feels ready to cast her first summoning spell.. and using her Amethyst she brings forth a Daemon


followed by a Clay Golem with her Garnet,


a Raiju with her Topaz,


a Wild Shrubbery with her Emerald


and finally a Demonic Ice Cube Tray with her Opal (OoC: you can blame Etzel for this one :tongue:)


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Hoke enters the Training Hall eager to try out a new class with its new abilities. He had seen the power of the Berserker from Tesni and heard a few Paladins now graced Heroica Hall. Looking over the options, Hoke decided the Mystic Knight was best suited for his style. What better way to defend your friends and the weak than to destroy your enemies?

"Master Fox, I will take on the mantle of Mystic Knight."

(Placeholder for pic)

Hoke Ablesword

Level 16 Mystic Knight

Power: 26

Health: 33/33

Ether: 16/16

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Skrall walked into the Training Room taking in the scents of wood and metal, sweat and blood. He bumped into a gentle man wearing a copper breast plate.

"Perhaps you can enlighten me my good fellow. I've been told this is the place where one can go to freshen up ones skills in certain, what do you call them, occupations. Let me cut to the chase, I know you of the Hall don't take as kindly to those of my color skin, or at least yer bosses didn't a few years back, but I'm wantin' to track someone down and see that they get what's comin' to 'em. I'm not cut out for sneakin' and hidin' in the shadows, I want my prey to know I'm huntin' 'em down and that I will find them and it looks like this is the place where I learn how."

Skrall listened to the knowledge that the man could impart to instill within him the skills necessary to become a Hunter.



Level 15 Hunter

Power: 24 (+4 against beasts)

Health: 28/28 (+2)

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Haldor stepped gingerly into the cold echo-y room, his every footstep ominously bouncing around the dead stone walls like a dastardly imp. There was no-one to be seen, and the piles of forlorn helmets and weapones strewn onto discarded dummies gave a sense of forboding. There was an almighty crash, and a figure sprung forward from behind a suit of armour, making Haldor jump and clutch his weapon...

The Copper Fox was still chuckling at the look on Haldor's face, who was clearly not amused. After a while the bright and cheerful veteran stopped laughing and turned to speak the the Norseman. They spoke quickly of skills and strength, but Haldor's mind was elsewhere. The chatter of the Copper Fox passed over Haldor's head, as another voice filled his mind. At first it seemed as though the spirit of the gem was speaking, but this voice was different. It spoke boldly and with a confidence, the voice was there inside Haldor 's head, and it seemed familiar...

Haldor reached into his pocket and touched the shining diamond, and everything exploded in a white haze.

Haldor opened his eyes to see a pure white landscape, with the ground fringed with omniscent smoke, as though Haldor was floating on a cloud. He rose to his feet and was greeted by the appearance of being in a long hall, with torches on the walls and a firepit in the centre. Haldor advanced slowly toward the end of the building, and took in details of the hall, now seeming very much like the mead hall of his village and the illustrations in the ancient tomes. The illustrations were of the great feast, paradise, Valhalla.

Now with suspicions that he had died, Haldor stepped slowly further, past great long tables and benches lined with food and mead. The door came closer, and Haldor's curiosity lead him to wonder what it would be like to see the eternal lands he had dreamed of.

"Not so fast there my young fellow! Tis' ain't your time yet."

The voice was that of the one that had spoke to him moments ago, loud and eager, yet friendly and caring. Haldor turned around swiftly to see the speaker, and an amazing sight met his eyes

"Aah, Haldor isn't it? I've been expecting you."

For standing before Haldor was the shining figure of Thoric, Norse God of Judgement and Salvation. His shining staff held aloft in the brilliant light.


"I must say, your exploits have been most entertaining, you and your friends had been making an quite an impact. You and that elf, Jess I think, but personally I think you would be more befitting of good Norse stock. seem to be quite a pair. Not so sure of that tall woman though, she doesn't look too friendly."

"But who am I to judge?!" He added with a chuckle.

But anyway, you are not here to listen to me wittering on! See, you've got to stand up for yourself, for what you believe in. Remember those childhood tormentors? Wonder where they are now? I can't even remember if they ever made it here! You are far better than them, you will be remembered when they are forgotten. Make sure you keep your beliefs and ideals, and don't forget where you came from, and you will find out where you will go.

I'll be here for you if you need me, but hey! I'm here for everybody! Take care ma boy! If you remember where you came from, you will find out where you will go..."

Haldor's eyes opened and he was once more standing before The Copper Fox, who's expression didn't let on if he had even noticed that Haldor had vanished. Haldor's hair was cut and his chainmail was gone. He was bare-chested and felt stronger and much more powerful than he was before. His bruises and cuts had vanished, and his diamond reflected the beaming faces of Jess and the Norse God of Judgement and Salvation, Thoric. The Norseman eagerly completed his training, reaching for the goal of Shaman. Haldor kept in mind the words of Thoric, and knew he couldn't fail.


Haldor Skovgaard

Level 161/2 Shaman

Power: 29, SP: 1, Health: 33/33, Ether: 24/24, Gold: 126

Inventory: Heavy Metal Rod (WP:12), Lesser Ethereal Cloak (SP:+1, +3 Ether), Paper Doll (Hexed immunity)

Spike Collar (+1 power), Diamond of Thoric(Light Elemental), Frying Pan (WP:1+1 health), Shovel, Pickaxe, Potion, Remedy, Tonic, Venom, Phoenix Essence, and a fur-lined Bedroll.

Edited by Scorpiox

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As Eric wandered through the streets of Eubric he noticed a bottle lying in the gutter. Much to his surprise, it was still half-full! He quickly cleaned it and put container to his lips. He took a big swig of the liquor. Hah, rum! What idiot would leave such a fine drinking lying along the streets like that?

The Nord continued his trot. He was heading for the Training Room. Apparently, there as legendary master there who could help Heroes advance their skills and become better. Eric liked the sound of that, become even better than he was already! The warrior got a lot of curious looks from bystanders. Especially the female ones couldn't let the opportunity to stare at the Nord go by. Eric paid no heed to any of them. "It must've got something to do with these new clothes" he thought and pulled a strange face looking at his latest investments.

He walked kind of funny as he wasn't quite used to these strange clothes. Eubrican fashion sure was different than the Norse one he was so used to. His outfit was a peculiar ensemble. Due to the unavailability of Norse tailors, Eric had to visit a local one. Hugo's Tailoring. An annoyed look resurfaced on Eric's face as he thought back of the experience that had passed about an hour ago. Luckily for Eric, the tailor, Hugo, also happened to be a barber. On a less positive note though, he was unable to save Eric's long hairs from the blood and filth that had caked in and had to cut most of it.

It had been ages since Eric had last cut his hair. The most annoying part the entire adventure had most definitely the choosing of clothing. The seller had shown the uninterested Nord every single part of his collection. Apparently, red was Eric's color since it nicely accompanied his blonde hair, yet still provided a contrasting tone to his blue eyes. Eric detested how Hugo ended each of his question with "darling?" and a childish giggle. Eric had settled on a simple white undershirt (as was fashionable here), covered with a black leather doublet (another item of the latest fashion of course). Against the will of the salesman, however, Eric decided to leave his doublet open. Eubric was for too hot for his liking and closing that doublet would only make the feeling worse. Eric's doublet had a high rising collar, which Hugo had assured was of the latest fashion and gave its wearer a naughty and rebellious look. As he wanted to leave as soon as possible, Eric had chosen the first pants available, but Hugo insisted he'd buy the dark red sash as well. After all, red was Eric's color. Heavily annoyed but eager to leave, Eric had agreed.

Eric smirked as the tailor was furious about how the Nord refused to buy new shoes and put on his old, heavy, -1188-p.jpg"]Norse boots. No self-respecting man would wear a combination of Southern and Northern clothing, would they!? Outrageous! Hugo completely lost it when Eric asked if he could get a bag for his old Norse rags.

The Nord pushed open the doors to the training room, bag of old clothing across his shoulder and Godricsleif on his back. He drank the last of the rum and placed the empty bottle on the floor.

"Anybody here? I wish to reclaim my occupation of Raider!" he bellowed in the seemingly empty hall. His voice echoed through the building.


Eric, Level 16½ Raider

Power: 26 Health: 31/31

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I enter the Training Room with my new equipment in hand. With my typical quiet efficiency, I train in a corner of the room until I am as proficient with the shield and sword as I already am with the bow.


Level 20.5 Warden

Power: 29

Health: 39/39

Defense: 15

Gold: 104

Inventory: Briar Bow (WP: 9;
Wood Elemental
), Mockthril Longbow (WP: 5), Mythril Shield (SP: 15), Dread Hat (enemies lower than half of wearer's level won't attack directly), Bedroll, Mead, Venom, 2 Deadly Venoms, Smoke Bomb

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On his way to the training room, Thormanil stops by the market for a few errands. His first visit was to the local tailor. Browsing the selection of fabrics, he settled on a bold red bolt of cloth, and requested that he be fitted for a tunic and a pair of slacks. The tailor smiled, approving of the barbarian's decision (to finally put on a shirt). After taking his measurements, the tailor asked if that was all he would be needing. Thormanil recalled the putrid swamp and could almost taste the foul air. He asked the tailor if it would be possible to fashion a headwrap, thick enough to filter the air, but lightweight enough to not stifle him. Again, the tailor smiled as he nodded, and set off to work.

While waiting for the tailor to stitch together his outfit, Thormanil headed off to the blacksmith. He had grown fond of his twin axes, but sorely missed the power he harnessed while swinging around his heavy old greataxe. There, he had the blacksmith join the handles of his blades together, a reasonable compromise, he thought.

His new axe-staff in hand, he heads back to the tailor's. Upon arriving, the man appears quite satisfied with his handiwork, and urges Thormanil to try it on. He does so but, much to his dismay, everything just felt far too constricting, like it was designed for royalty. The slacks were tight and left him no room to move about, and the tunic was decorated with frills and laces that could not possibly be beneficial to sneaking around. And the headwrap was not a headwrap at all, but a scarf. Not wanting to offend the tailor, Thormanil thanked and paid him, finally proceeding towards the training room. Along the way, he made his own adjustments to the outfit, tearing the slacks off at the knees, ripping the sleeves off of his tunic, and rewrapping his scarf, along with the scraps from the rest of his clothes, into a proper headwrap, one that would sufficiently hide his face.

Feeling comfortable and confident in his new-new outfit, he strode into the training room, approached The Copper Fox, and boldly announced,

"Mr. Fox! I've come to train in the arts of stealth and subterfuge!"

The Copper Fox turns to him and grins.

"Oh ho, well, I appreciate your enthusiasm, but I'm no miracle worker. I can't teach you to be a rogue, you know."

"Wasn't askin' ya to. I'm lookin' to become a Raider."


The Copper Fox chuckles.

"Well, you're certainly dressed for it, aren't you? Heh heh! So be it. Now, there's not much to train, per se. Raiders don't possess much of the agility nor guile of the rogues. They're meant to be quite brutish. A rogue coming to me might have to train for weeks before they have the strength and brawn required to go around mugging folks."

"So, what'm I here for, then? You just gonna call me a Raider, pat me on the back and send me on my way? That all seems a bi-"

"Let me guess. A bit useless? Well, that depends. See, rogues who come here, they need to train physically, bulk up. But they're already used to deceiving people, lying and cheating and stealing. It's in their nature, it's who they are. But you, well, you're here to decide for yourself if you're really capable of such acts. Trust is a hard thing to regain, you know."

"Of course I am!"

His grin fading, the Copper Fox takes on a much more serious demeanor.

"Are you, though? Tell me, why do you wish to be a Raider so badly?"

"Gold's what makes the world go 'round, Fox. But it ain't exactly easy to come by. And I'm trying to do some good, here, but folks're takin' advantage of each other every day. If I'm gonna be any kind of effective, I'm gonna need a full wallet. I'm tired of being tricked and manipulated when I'm just lookin' out for the greater good."

"So, you've been pushed around, and now you feel it's your turn to push someone else around. That's a pretty vicious cycle, isn't it?"

"Well.. I.. I don't care. It's what needs to be done. I don't much like the idea of robbin' folk, but knowing that they'd not give it a second thought if the tables were turned..."

The smile returns to the Copper Fox's face.

"If it's what you really want, then fine, Mr. Nihai, I'll help you to elliminate those feelings of guilt and remorse, enabling you to be a ruthless Raider. But it's getting late, we'll begin training in the morning. Why don't you stay the night here? It's important that you get a good night's rest."

"I, uh... Thank you, Mr. Fox, I'll do that. I guess I'll see ya in the morning.."

Thormanil retires to one of the guest quarters, but has difficulty falling asleep. He wrestles with his thoughts for a good while before finally dozing off. But a peaceful night's sleep was not his to be had. He tosses and turns in his sleep until he finally wakes up, almost more exhausted than he had been the night before. He returns to the main training area, where the Copper Fox is already awake and waiting for him.

"Good morning, Mr. Nihai! Are you ready to cast aside your concern for others, in favor of your own interests?"

"I... No, Fox, I'm not. I'm not one for superstitions, but I had the worst dreams last night, and I don't know what they mean, if they even mean anythin' at all."

"That's good, Mr. Nihai. Let's talk about what you dreamt. Such heavy dreams are not to be ignored."

Thormanil tells the Copper Fox of his dreams. He had seen people from his previous journeys, the awful witch, the souk merchants, and Mr. Shawe. He knew them to all be deceitful, putting their own interests ahead of others'. This alone didn't bother him too much. But in his dreams, he had felt the disdain of all those who had interactions with them. He could feel their loathing, their hatred, even, and knew that no one trusted these individuals. Their friends were few and far between. And then he had seen himself, laughing along with the souk merchants..

"..and then I woke up, sweating and turned right around on the bed."

"Sounds like your conscience might not be able to meet the demands of being a Raider, Mr. Nihai. I could still train you, and we could get past this, as any other obstacle, bu-"

"That's not all, Mr. Fox. I managed to fall asleep again, hoping I'd actually get some rest. But I soon found myself in another dream. Except, this one wasn't awful. Not in the least bit. I saw my friends. Cinna, who's always looked out for others, especially in the cases of both De'kra and the boy, Bluto. And Tomas, and Hoptet, always givin' of 'emselves to keep the rest of us in good health and fightin' form. Even in the middle of some of the toughest trials we'd faced, we knew we could count on each other. No one ran away, even if it woulda been the safe thing t'do.."

"If I can stop you there, Mr. Nihai, I think I know wh-"

"All due respect, Fox, but I'm not done."

The Copper Fox grins and nods, allowing Thormanil to continue.

"There's some awful, bottom-of-th'barrel scum out there. They're lookin' out fer 'emselves, and some of 'em are doin' a damned fine job of it. But there's no joy to be had, there. They aren't makin' the world a better place. I don't want to become one o' them."

A wide, understanding smile now spread across his face, the Copper Fox asks,

"So then, Mr. Nihai, why are you here today?"

Thormanil confidently answers,

"Mr. Fox, I do believe I'm here to adopt the rituals and practices of a Shaman."


Thormanil Nihai, Level 18.5 Shaman

Power: 31, Health: 34

Ether: 18, Defense: 3

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Atramor now stood firmly in the middle of the empty training hall, listening to the Copper Fox explain each of the Roguish advanced classes with much more attention than most things he'd been lectured about. McCafferey, on the other hand, had flapped off the library, for a reason Atramor didn't want to ask nor wanted to be answered.

So far? He surely had to be an Assassin. Slitting an enemy's throat with a single attack was simply too much to resist, not to mention, as he brushed the X-shaped scar across his cheek, the back row was both safe, yet still in effective fighting distance. Perhaps he could go trade Cronk for that that moment, however, his chicken landed hard on his shoulder, digging into his flesh a bit with her talons.

"Assassin?" she questioned, voice smooth in his head. "Since when have you been the sneaking type? If I remember correctly, your most roguish deed last quest was yelling at the top of your feeble lungs to distract true thieves..."

He returned his companion's gaze with a blank one, while the veteran simply decided it was best the let the Rogue have his...stare-off.

"I'm not runnin' 'round in armor, nor chargig into my en-"

"No, no, of course're too smart for enough, I suppose."

She extended one talon, and he noticed a crumpled page torn out of a book in it. Byblos probably wouldn't be too happy about that...Atramor unfolded it anyway, with a grimace as he saw a ghastly-looking pale witch with eyes a venomous yellow.

"Look at that, eh?" she goaded, surprisingly soft. "Tricked four heroes without a hint of magic. You don't need to fight, you just have to convince your enemies to kill themselves..."

Atramor blinked once again, taking in her words with some relish. Yes, the Fox had explained about Witches...hexing and jinxing their opponents, while their life simply faded, blood lac- his eyes flickered orange briefly, and he looked down at McCafferey with alarm. She looked satisfied.

"That....don't sound all bad."

For the next few hours, Atramor trained ceaselessly with the Fox. What was once indifference, possibly even fear of magic and ether, was now being forced into his mind. McCafferey kept constant watch, with a mental smirk as she twisted the Rogue into what he should've been. Memories of the old voodoo witches and aged fortunetellers of Dreida coursed through his head. He'd often been afraid of some of them, the tales of turning their opponents to frogs and seagulls not lost, even on his somewhat changed mind. It was of them he envisioned, giving their cryptic advice and occasional free cup of tea, as his training was completed.

All three of his weapons now glimmered with the greenish haze of poison, while orange magic continued to crackle in his eyes.

They couldn't hit what was making them hit themselves, right?

Atramor left the hall with Ether pumping right along with excitement through his veins. He couldn't wait to get the chance to test out his abilities. McCafferey fluttered just ahead of him, as he was inadvertently led to...a tailor's?

"The 'ell are we doing here?" he spoke, voice a bit more....'cackly' than it had before.

She responses by flicking his hat off his head, and he only watched as it once again curled to ash - this time for good, as the hat was an entire pile of cinders. His long, braided hair fell to his shoulders., met only with an amused snort by McCafferey. He glared, arms crossed, up at the chicken, until she addressed him.

"You can't run around as a Witch looking like that. Get some robes or something."

He opened his mouth to speak, but looked down at himself again. His jerkin was still caked with dirt and blood. And ash. And apparently he spilled some venom on it in his Witch training too. Was that rum? With a sigh, Atramor conceded to McCaffere's point, entering the shop. A robe wasn't going to happen, not by a long shot. He at least needed to be recognizable, or at least have something rugged enough for front line battle. Yet he still grumbled at his near appearance as he walked out, numerous mystic trinkets in his hair as well.


"I look like an idiot."

"Fitting, then."


Atramor Gibbin, human aged 29

Level 16.5 Witch | Health: 31/31 | Power: 25 | Defense: 2 | Ether: 17/17 | Gold: 356

He merely grumbled to himself, then devouring the Nutritious Banana.


Atramor Gibbin, human aged 29

Level 16.5 Witch | Health: 34/34 | Power: 25 | Defense: 2 | Ether: 14/14 | Gold: 356

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Althior walked into the training hall, confident and ready for the training about to be put upon him. "Let's get this over with quick," He said, "I've got to be somewhere,"

A few training exercises and costume changes later, he was ready. Light surged through his veins as he stepped out into the Hall. Beams of light came off of his outfit, striking fear into the hearts of any foe who crossed his path. Nobody would ever forget his face as he walked out of the training room. He was a true Sage.


Althior Emorith, Level 17.5 Sage.

Power: 22 Health: 27/27 Ether: 23/23

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Jess entered the Training Room, wanting to train in something new before her newest quest. Seeing the famous Copper Fox, Jess walks over to him and speaks.

"Hello! Such an honor to meet you. I'd like to train in the, ah, somewhat dark art of Assassination."

After an intense afternoon of training, Jess weighed her new skills. She felt stronger. Deadlier....


Jess Islanti, Level 16 1/2 Assassin

74 year old female Elf.

Power: 26 (+2) Health: 27/27(+1) Gold: 238

Inventory:Blohdhurm (WP: 9)(Fire elemental), Mercutio's Dagger of Mugging (WP:5, Mug Ability +5), 2 Venoms, Mead, Smelling Salts, 2 Remedies

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