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MOC: Pokemon Compilation #3

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It has been so long since I've added anything on here. With the MocOlympics and CCCIX, I've been almost non-active on this site.

I mostly hanging around Mocpages nowadays.

My next build is possible my largest and last Compilation, which will have 12 Pokemon and a battle arena.

Featuring Flygon, Scizor, Skarmory, Mewtwo (not shown), Armaldo, Zoroark, Blaziken, Honchkrow, Torterra, Moltres (also not shown), Garchomp, and Metagross *exhales..*


You can see an entire battle played out on my Mocpages -

Here are the Pokemon.

First off is Skarmory, the Steel / Flying type. He is covered in a metallic armor, as well as it's wings. The wings also serve as sharp swords for slicing.


Next is Flygon, the "Spirit of the Desert". This Dragon / Ground Pokemon has red goggles covering it's eyes due to living in harsh climates of the desert.


Third up is Scizor, one of my favorites. He is much slower than Scyther, but makes it up for being more defensive and stronger.

It uses it's claws that look like heads for intimidating others.


Zoroark is a bipedal fox-like Pokemon. It is most notable for it's massive mane that is almost like a ponytail.

He is capable for creating illusions, making him look like other Pokemon and even people.

In battle Zoroark can make convincing illusions of attacks of other Pokemon, tricking other trainers that things do not appear to be.

I'm not all into Black/White, but this guy is one of the few who caught my attention. A very simple build, but without that ridiculous ponytail Zoroak becomes surprisingly unbalanced.


Back View


Number five is the bipedal amphibious Armaldo, a prehistoric Pokemon. It is found no longer in the wild, but has been ressurected by advance technology.


Honchkrow was another fun Pokemon to make. He is the evolved form of Murkrow, and wears something like a fedora hat on it's head.

This buzzard is known to be ruthless and can be seen flying in great flocks with other Murkrow's.


The next one was a tough cookie to crack, but I eventually made it. Torterra looks similar to an ankylosaurus and a turtle.

It has a huge shell where rocks and vegetation grow on it, including a tree.

He is perhaps too small and flat, but works out for being minifig scale.


Back view.


This one is perhaps one of the most difficult and expensive Pokemon to assemble.

Garchomp has the appearance of a jet or a plane.

Even though he cannot fly, it can move a great speeds.

These cave-dwelling dragons are territorial and ferocious predators that will not hesitate to lash out at intruders or let it's prey escape.


Back view.


Last up is my main prize, Metagross. He has the appearance of a quadrupedal tank-like Pokemon, and is almost like a super-computer.

Perhaps my favorite Pokemon of the compilation, and the longest to make. I've attempted to just about make him minifig-sized without making him too bulky.


Side view.


Here is a group shot of the Gym Leader's Pokemon, and the Trainer's line up.

Apart of a full battle featured on Mocpages -



I hope you enjoyed these guys as much as I made them.

Edited by Rufus

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Awesome Job on these Pokemon! Very good attention to detail while working on such a small scale. My favourite is probably th big blue guy. I'm not familiar with most of them, I'm more gen 1 and 2. But they look fantastic! :sweet:

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Wow, that Zoroark is brilliant! You really take control of the small scale, I can easily recognize each one. Great stuff!

(p.s., I still need a Zoroark and Zorua... feel free to message me if you want to trade!)

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Excellent work! Torterra is definitely my favorite!

Good to see my childhood in brick form, besides the actual brick part of my childhood of course.

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I'm not all that familiar with some of the more recent Pokemon, but these are superb and I recognise a few. Some of these look incredibly complex, but they're certainly well made. Now, where's my old Game Boy? I've suddenly got an urge to play again!

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They are all wonderful but, man, Metagross is so spot on it almost appears to be a single plastic mold!

That is easily one of the best rendition of anything I've seen on a minifigure scale. Good job! :thumbup:

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Wow, Metagross is definitely my favourite, but every Pokemon is awesome!

One thing though, why does the gym leader have a Moltres? *huh*

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Love These! I'm definitely not as good working with small pieces as you are. My favorite is metagross, you pulled him off well.

Edited by Cwertle

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OMG I think I love you :wub:

So many Steel types! BEST MOCS EVER!

That Metagross is ridiculously good. They're all ridiculously good!

*head a'splodes*

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