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CAT 1: Monarch Theater/Crime Alley

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So, i've been a fan of Batman since some time in 2009, the very day that they took all the Batman sets off of the shelves. :hmpf_bad:

Lacking any Batman minifigs to speak of, I set about to build a scene that takes place before there was a Batman to be seen!

Originally merely encompassing Crime alley, it soon came up that Alleys are, by definition, rather small and narrow. Not really much content for a 32x32 MOC, right?

So, I asked myself, why not include the Iconic theater in the MOC? That'll shoot the size right up to acceptable! "Hey, why not?" I responded. What you see is the result!


Here we see the entrance to the theater! As well as some of the clientele. Allow me to direct your attention to the attention-getting "MONARCH" sign denoting the name of the establishment!


Here we get a closer look at the entrance, this is truly a red-carpet affair!


Here we see some poor soul attempting to haggle at the ticket booth, not quite understanding the concept of "fixed rates." And, GASP! Who could that be? It's the famous Oswald Cobblepot! He is included in this MOC both in honor of our own The Penguin, the man who donated the sets for the contest; and because he's the only Batman villain who has any real reason to be in this scene!


If you had any doubt just what movie is playing at the Monarch Theater, just check out the shady-looking cosplayer hanging around the Door.


The Monarch Theater, truly the height of class and grandeur in Gotham City! But all is not bright neon signs and fancy clothes...


A horrific tragedy has taken place in the tiny alley behind the grand theater... A tragedy that will change one young man's life forever...


"Can I get you anything, son?" asks Captain Gordon, "You okay?"


The young man couldn't save his parents, but he'll sure as heck avenge them!

The theater is essentially a 3-dimensional facade, having no interior except what you see of the red-carpet entrance.

My hope was to show the two faces of Gotham City with the two sides of the MOC; the rich and prosperous kingdom it appears to be, and the poor, downtrodden, desolate heck-hole it is once you scratch the surface.

Any comments, criticisms, shouts of glorious praise or astonished gasps of delight? "Why does everyone always bring tomatoes to a speech?!" :grin:

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very interesting take

i knew someone else would do crime alley (how could they not its pretty iconic in batman lore) and I was anxious to see what other entries would look like. really like how you made the alley behind the movie theater and the zorro minifig/movie poster.

we used the same face for young bruce!

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A very strong entry! :classic::thumbup:

The scene is iconic for Batman Universe, so you did a pretty good job. And why do i have green trousers?! :grin:

Good day, ladies and gentlemen! ) :classic:

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Your entry has been noted.

Any further changes to your entry MUST be informed to me via PM.

Thank you.


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