LDraw MOC: Modular Train Tunnel

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As I've been designing my Massive Train Layout a tunnel is on my list of Must Haves so I've been playing with a design.

After several refinements I think I'm finally at the point where I can put it down and say I'm done:


The most basic tunnel (shortest) would fit on a 32x32 Baseplate. Each modular section is designed for a 16x32 Baseplate.

Here are the components:

End Module (Entrance/Exit):


Middle Module (allows extension of the length):


Notice that the Middle Module has a door to access a Pedestrian tunnel (think maintenance access).


For now I'm leaving the finishing details up to you the builder but this will provide you with the structurally sound tunnel. Just add scenery and the maintenance tunnel if you want (or fill in the door space with 6 2x4 bricks and skip it).

I will be generating building instructions for this later in the week (need to make the Nov 30 entry deadline). and I'm going to play with making a curve (need to check required clearances for the current LEGO Trains) but it will require at least a 48x48 Baseplate.

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How do i order the bricks to make this tunnel ? Any advice please ?

Thank you in advance.


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