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[MOC] Space Police supply ship

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I have posted this MOC earlier this year on MOCpages, but I found EB forums to have too few Space Police 1 MOCs, so I'm posting it here as well. And I've started a new SP1 MOC project, so this is a kind of warmup to that.

This MOC is built using 100% pre DA LEGO, so it's worn and far from shiny.

It's a Space Police I supply ship where the (6986) Mission Commander and (6781) SP-Striker can refuel and drop of the baddies.

Before the pictures I'll add a few links to other good SP1 MOCs (not by me): Prison Transport Mothership and Mission Commander Revisited









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Ooooooooooooh that is fantastic!!! I really really like that! Does it have anything inside the rear section? SP1 is my favourite of all the space themes, I myself have just completed the entire collection but this ship would look awesome on display with them. Thanks for those links too, tis nice to know others love the theme as much as me.

More pics as soon as you can please sir! :wink:

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