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REVIEW: 8541 Matau

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Hi everybody, I am a new EuroBricks member from Russia. And I want to lay out there one of my AF-reviews. Sorry if i do something wrong. :look:

8541 MATAU


Name: Matau

Theme: Bionicle

Year: 2001

Pieces: 26

Minifigures: 0

Price: 3.00 USD

Further References: BrickLink, Brickset, Biosector01.

The Box


This is a simple small box, a little bigger than standart impulse-sets box. It has art of Turaga Matau on it's front and old-school Bionicle logo.


On the back of the box you can see all six turaga sets from 2001, and a picture of the combiner of all turaga - Turaga Nui.


On the right and left sides of the box there are some another pictures of set and address of Bionicle site.

The instructions



Instruction consists and another side of it is the poster. Looks very nostalgicically =)

The pieces


Turaga Matau consists of a mixture of Technic and Bionicle pieces, like other sets of first years of Bionicle series.

Design and playability of the set.




Here is the completely built Turaga Matau, Ex-Toa Metru of Air. He is a little humpbacked and has disproportionately large head and feet.


Matau is quite agile and can sit unlike 2001 Toa Action-figures.


Under set's mask there is a green old-style bionicle head.


If you press the lever on his back, he raises up his hand with a stick.


Turaga Matau's mask is just awesome. It has lime color and looks some anthropoid. This mask called Mahiki, the Noble Mask of Illusion


Matau's staff looks like jungle cutter. On its end there is green rotating saw. I think that i saw this pat in some of Racers theme sets.

Size comparison


The set is a little taller tha standart 2001 matoran...


But in comparison with Toa Tahu it looks very small.

Some other photos


Matau and his counterparts. All six turaga sets.


Tarakava rider!


Don't look back...

And the stupid DreamWorks parody. =)



Matau - Nice little set of old bionicle times. It will be liked by collector and by the MOC creators as source of some good rare parts.

Oh, it's something enchanting, that have old sets of Bionicle...

That's all, I hope you enjoyed the review. Sorry for bad English =)

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I used to love this set when I was younger. I bought it from the hospital, and built it in one of the corridors then took it on an adventure with me all around the hospital.

Looking at your pics, I think these sets have aged better than the Toa themselves somehow - perhaps it's because they're made from Technic pieces that are still widely used today as opposed to larger pieces specific to the Toa that, apart from a few exceptions, are no longer used because they're very specialized. Anyhow, great review and fantastic pictures! Perhaps you'd like to consider joining the Reviewers Academy?

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Awesome review and photos. You must have a very good camera ;]

And about the set: I love all Turagas because of amount of pieces. Building them is more enjoyable than building the other small sets from next years. Parts are also usefull for MOC-ing.

Also these masks are IMO better than their equivalents from Metru Matoran.

Good work. Looking forward to Your next reviews.

Edited by Adam0n

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Matau looks great! I have all of the Turaga apart from him and Nuju. Would you mind saying what camera you used? I want one :P

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