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MOC: Bricks and More Truck

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Hello ! :classic:

I mostly build spacy things but I also enjoy building vehicles from time to time. I like building with small sets, especially with Creator and now with Bricks and More litlle boxes. So I took my 5930 set and fiddled with it to build a truck cab and chassis. With the parts left and remembering a toy tow truck from the Maisto Fresh Metal line, I tried to capture it. It is the kind of tow truck with a flat bed at the back, but angled. I don't know if it exists in real life (I searched for tow truck pictures but did not find something like it) but here goes anyway.




Thanks for looking! C&C welcome! :classic:

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Hello again! :classic:

I improved (I think) my little truck, mainly by reworking the cab so that a minifig can sit in it, although it must be bald and not wear a hat.

Here it is:




Thanks for looking! :classic: C&C welcome!

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