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Entries’ list - MCW Contest 2011

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Dear members of Eurobricks, the Minifig Customization Workshop Contest 2011 is nearing its end.

Here is the list of entries; up to now, we have a total of 32 valid entries from all 3 categori

Picture – List of entries by Member – Minifig Custom Name:

Category 1

med_gallery_1771_170_1837.jpg – CorneliusMurdock – German Goat Herder

med_gallery_1771_170_79670.jpg – ceroknight – Korean Lady Wearing Traditional Hanbok

med_gallery_1771_170_85214.jpg – alanboar HK – Chinese Saintly Emperor Guan - Guan Yu

med_gallery_1771_170_31376.jpg – Tomcat RIO – Maori Warrior from New Zealand

med_gallery_1771_170_10503.jpg – Darkblane – This Is Scotland

med_gallery_1771_170_4041.jpg – Praiter Yed – Brittany, pregnant teen

med_gallery_1771_170_28657.jpg – SilentMode – Rabbi Gerschwitz

med_gallery_1771_170_117343.jpg – Darth Yogi – Aboriginal Hunter

med_gallery_1771_170_127306.jpg – R.Suzuki – Japanise Maid Café Server

med_gallery_1771_170_12834.jpg – Sorrow – Stefano

med_gallery_1771_170_38391.jpg – Blockburn – Tauta Meitene

Category 2

med_gallery_1771_170_87087.jpg – AoNZ – Glubberthorn Warrior

med_gallery_1771_170_51048.jpg – Legostein – Roo-Dee: Alien Bartender

med_gallery_1771_170_113297.jpg – Praiter Yed – Attack of the Wilja

med_gallery_1771_170_93727.jpg – Darth Yogi – Kalen Zupix, the alien assassin

med_gallery_1771_170_28622.jpg – Commander Richardion – Dorblar: The Mystery Assassin

med_gallery_1771_170_11456.jpg – Darkblane – Aquarius Station XVII

med_gallery_1771_170_97592.jpg – SilentMode – The Secret is Out

med_gallery_1771_170_46751.jpg – CorneliusMurdock – Gorsh, Intergalactic Marshall

med_gallery_1771_170_2854.jpg – ceroknight – The Elspeth

med_gallery_1771_170_58271.jpg – mordatre – Nostromo, Exploring the Universe

med_gallery_1771_170_12356.jpg – Tomcat RIO – Astrich Wingbane

med_gallery_1771_170_103464.jpg – Fianat – Gilri Amasan, general of the Musoni Army

Category 3

med_gallery_1771_170_44990.jpg – ThePenguin – Grandmaster of Ordo Penguinius

med_gallery_1771_170_113811.jpg – Darth Yogi – The Bronze Destroyer

med_gallery_1771_170_48509.jpg – CorneliusMurdock – Sir Milton, the Goat

med_gallery_1771_170_116887.jpg – Tomcat RIO – The Flamboyant Baron Maude La Flaga

med_gallery_1771_170_125465.jpg – swils – Serrus, the Druids' Claw

med_gallery_1771_170_100612.jpg – Wardancer – Prince Maerendil on Findelhuv

med_gallery_1771_170_56565.jpg – Darkblane – Knight of the Silver Chalice

med_gallery_1771_170_65034.jpg – natelite– Death Angel Omega (Zee)

med_gallery_1771_170_48123.jpg – GeneralTalon – Sir Talon, knight of shield

med_gallery_1771_170_62083.jpg – Kustig – ???

Three (3) entries, not listed here, are incomplete; unless the entrants complete them before 12 CET today (16th November), they will be disqualified.

For comments (e.g., I missed your entry or mixed photos, names and/or entries descriptions), please use this discussion topic or PM me.

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