NEED: 2x2 jumpers

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Hello, I have just recently bought waldurk forest, and I want to extend it. Thereby, I need lots of these: Plate, Modified 2 x 2 with Groove and 1 Stud in Center

I would like to buy them in bulk, and I would like them in every color EXCEPT blue, dark blue, and dark tan. I would also like 1x1 cones in pearl gold, werewolves, goblins, and basic plates so I can extend the board. I would like to buy these cheap, and have minifigures to trade.

PM me if interested!

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(Sigh) I had hoped someone would contact me. I will give this thread one last chance, this time with a price list.

2x2 jumpers: 15 Cents apiece

Gold Cones: 10 Cents apiece (This is my max price, I would love to go lower though.)

Knight: 1.00 $ (I only Need one.)

Spiders: 15 Cents apiece (I am willing to go higher.)

Goblins: 50 Cents apiece. (Willing to go to 65 apiece.)

Werewolves:70 Cents apiece (That is my max price.)

6x6 Plates: Negotiable

2x6 Plate: No more than 50 cents apiece.

PM me if interested and have a happy thanksgiving!

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