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Sir E Fullner

MOC: HMS Quicksilver

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Hello, all. Recently I've been working in the area of Pirates. And I decided to make my first ACTUAL LEGO pirate ship. Please welcome with open arms, my little ship:

H.M.S. Quicksilver


I really don't have much for ship parts, so I just built one with what made do.

Side View


Back View


The little treasure chest hanging off the back was an idea of mine to save space.

The Helm


At the helm, you can see a small wheel, and one of Jack Sparrow's compasses.

The crew


From Left to right, His Lordship (the current owner), Captain Flutewhistler, Lieutenant Maxx, Private Jim, Private Tim, and the boatswain.

The crew on board


A little treat:


We've seen the films, Sparrow, you'll probably find an island and ride two sea turtles to Tortuga.

That's Captain Sparrow to you!


Wet, again.

That's all for now. See you later.

Always entertaining, always inspiring, always:

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Nice ship and I like your figures, very creative. :thumbup: My only suggestion would be to turn the British Naval flag in the back the other way, since this is the way the wind is blowing the sails and the other flag.

Keep up the great work, it's good to see you have gotten into ship building!:pir-wink:

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