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Mister Phes

eBay Search Tool - makes finding Pirate LEGO easier

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Here is the beta release of our eBay Search Tool.

Hardcore eBay users probably won't see the point in this tool, but whose who aren't savvy with eBay's search functions might find some benefits.

As this is only a beta version there may be bugs and we're also open to feedback on how we could improve the tool. So feel free to leave questions and feedback in this thread.


The Help Section

I'm not getting any search results!

Try broadening your search as much as possible. The means remove any values you have in the Keyword/Set Number, eBay Seller, Location and Price input fields.

Also remember Pirate LEGO isn't popular in some eBay regions and you may have to change the selected Country to a nearby country in your region.

I want to search for a particular set

Change the Pre-defined Search dropdown to "ALL LEGO" and enter the LEGO set number into the Keyword/Set Number input field.

For example to search excusively for 4195 Queen Anne's Revenge simply enter 4195 into the Keyword/Set Number input field.

  • You DO NOT need to enter the word "LEGO".
  • Currently you'll need to know the set number, however in the future we will provide a convenient dropdown of set names and numbers.
  • Remember to only enter ONE set number at a time.

I keep getting too many unwanted search results

You can remove certain keywords from search results by entering a negative keyword in the Keyword/Set Number input field. A "negative keyword" is simply the word you wish to remove proceeded by a minus.

For example: -minifig will remove all auctions containing the word "minifig"

You can also use asterix as a wildcard.

For example: -minifig* will remove "minifig", "minifigs" and "minifigures" from your search results.

You can remove as many keywords as you wish, just seperate each negative keyword with a space.

For example: -minifig -jack -soldier

What's that list on the right hand side?

This is an experiment. It's a list of other LEGO auctions available on eBay.

Test Drive the eBay Search Tool RIGHT NOW!

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Everybody this works really slick, if your going to search ebay for LEGO this makes it really simple.

Give it a shot, it's my new default for buying LEGO on ebay.

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Love it, been using it all day, I am very interested on how you did it as would like to implement something similar for my site for book searches.

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We acquired a proprietary script called phpBay and then spent another couple of hundred hours modifing it suit the purpose.

So it wasn't what you'd call a "plug and play" addition to the website.

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