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A pair of space MOCs

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Hello !

My first MOC posting here. Here are two MOCs I created using parts from sets 4918 and 6741. I like this restriction of building with only one or two small sets.

First is the MJMF-77 Racer :




I called it MJMF-77 because of the Mini Jet and Mini Flyers sets and because it uses 77 pieces. Instructions for building it can be found here.

Next is the Explorer, using the same combination of sets :




I cannot at the moment take real pictures of the MOCs, so sorry for the LDView files. This should be corrected in the near future.

Thanks for looking ! C&C are welcome ! :classic:

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Neat! It's always nice to see small builds with good part usage. Limiting oneself to a small selection of parts can be a challenge.

The racer looks like it is intended to be a smaller one or two person craft. What would you imagine the size of the Explorer to be? Odd question, I know, but I'm always curious about what the builders have as far as backstory for little ships like these.

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Thanks ! :classic:

You are right about the racer being a small 1 or 2 persons (at most) ship.

The Explorer being taller and having two bridges, I see it as having a commander bridge on top (so 2 persons I guess) and a small scientists team working on the bridge underneath. In my view, it would be transported by a larger ship to the research area.

Thanks again !


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