[UCS MOC] Escape from Docking Bay 327

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In 2008 I got my 10179 Falcon, and gave it a “home” I have documented at my germlish blog (Brick Wars: Darth Vader Go Home! german, sorry google translator sucks!). This “home” wasn’t really what I wanted to do, to display the best Star Wars LEGO set ever, but for me there was no better way... in 2008.

In those days i wrote: [... My first plan, to display the Falcon scale UCS hangar Docking Bay 327 from the first Death Star, crossed the Lego Digital Designer. After I had designed first walls and a gate for a ground plate of 90cm x 100cm, there came the "Calculate" and "Order" button. Lego wanted to see almost 500 € for this few parts... and... Intention Deleted! ...] Yes, and that was it for that time.

"At that time TM" I was inexperienced AFOL and a MOC rookie after his Dark Ages. And maybe even not (again) so LEGO addicted as I am today. Well, that was just ... Then! Since that day I looked at my falcon home, and thought to myself constantly ... "Eventually, yes surely, sometime there WILL be a hangar project"

Now, exactly in Mai 2011, there was this time.

Fortunately, in the years I often knitted various parts of my docking bay in MLCAD and LDD, so I could order first parts for my prototyping of walls and the stargate very fast via bricklink. That was in the beginning of June, at the beginning of my summer holiday.

The first order was wrong, totally wrong. At first I planned to build the hangar in “NewLightGrey”, and this color was my first BL order... But Off the shelf "Where least expected it," there came a sidekick from my wife. The argument was clear and easy: "If you build the whole thing in NewLightGre”, no one will see the NewLightGrey Millennium Falcon in your diorama.” *silence*

“Yes wife, you're right.” So new plan: Everything was to do NewDarkGrey. Definitely looks better classes. Thank you honey! Even for the more difficult procurement of parts in Brick Link *cough *.

I started building my Docking Bay 327 “Escape to Falcon” from scratch, only with a few screenshots from Episode IV and this picture from google. (Copyrights and every other right of the pics belong to George and Lucas Arts!) Source: Google Pictures):

Because of the existing project and the existing plexi glass cover I was a little restricted in my possibilities and had to get everything onto a wooden plate of 90cm x 100cm. That is four 16×32 LEGO base plates and six 48×48 base plates which had to get cut a little. In the height I had 36,5cm.

Before I stop boring you with long stories I have to show you the hard facts of my little project:

Project Name: “Escape from Docking Bay 327” Original Scene from Star Wars Episode IV

Internal Working title: “Go Home Darth Vader IV- or: But now the hangar”

Realization time: “June 2011 - November 2011”

Used Bricks: “About 10.500 Parts, worldwide ordered via Bricklink”

Total Costs: “About 1.000 €”

Used LEDs: “55 white 10.000mcd, 10 red 8.000 MCD and SMD LEds, and 2 white SMD LED”

































it is on youtube, too - watch the LEDs in action!

I hope you enjoy it the way I do ;-)


Spacedaddy of Darth Tom: Spacepilot3000

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Now, that is wicked!! 10/10 agreed! I love the wet floor sign, nice touch!

How high is it built up? The shaft looks like it goes down.


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Wow, this is massive! *oh2* What an amazing detailed scene you have made there. Besides all the little details you put in, the large wall is certainly one of the best parts here.

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Simply breathtaking :wub:

There is so much to look at and I love the humorous touch here and there.

But the lights are... well... hmmm... no words. You almost wish it was night all the time :laugh:

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Drop dead AWESOME that's what I say ! :moar:

One of the best Star Wars creation in months....even better than dare I say 'ACPin's work....sorry, dude. :blush:

The detailing :moar: and yes, one must be careful on wet floors eh ? :iamded_lol:

Excellent work 'spacepilot3000' and may the Eurobrick be with you ! :grin:

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I don't have the right words to describe how utterly amazing this is! :wub_drool: I loved the build, THEN I saw how you used the lights! Unbelieveble! :grin_wub:

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Absolutely amazing, I would love to house my Falcon in a setting like that but what a project to undertake. My hat is off to you well done.

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I rarely look at the Star Wars forum, but this thing is crazy awesome. Instantly recognizable. The sheer size + detail is legen-wait for it - dary.

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Wow, this is incredible! I started to make a hangar for my Falcon and this just blows it away. Great job!

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I think this picture illustrates my initial reaction pretty well:


Agreed. This is one of those times where one can just stare, speechlessly, and drink in the awesomeness. :wub_drool:


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