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Prison Riot! Day Six

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The Warden agonizes into the night over whether or not to accept the illegal vote.

"Why can't stupid megablocks just vote using the correct format in the first place?" He asks.


"On the one hand," Warden Bek Sunfell ponders, "The vote was placed in the wrong format, a cardinal sin if I've ever seen one. The rules clearly state that 'no other form will be accepted.'"


"And yet, I missed an illegal vote earlier that would've made a difference," Warden Sunfell continues, "and the vote was corrected after the end of 36 hours, although the rules still stated the day would be 48 hours long."


"If only my sister hadn't come to surprise me for my birthday, I could've paid better attention." The Warden concludes...well, kind of doesn't conclude. The Warden becomes so confused a crazy hair pops out of the top of his head...


"Oh look!" Warden Bek Sunfell cries as he turns around, "That one got killed anyway, so I suppose it doesn't matter. Good thing that got resolved. I have to make the morning announcement soon! Officer Vun! Officer Fissionfire! There's another body to clean up!"


Officer Cometfire Vun and Officer Elles Fissionfire clean up the body of Pronti Flavior.

"You're awful quiet," Officer Fissionfire says, "Aren't you going to ask me out?"

"Would you say yes?" Officer Vun asks.

"No." Officer Fissionfire answers.

"Would you have said 'yes' if I asked when we first started?" Officer Vun asks, "Did I just mess up? Were you going to say 'yes' today? I'm sorry. My mind wandered. Can we start over, please?"


Everyone gathers to hear the morning announcement from Warden Bek Sunfell.

"Why is Sully never with us in the morning?" Scar Mimitsus asks, "Is he nocturnal or something? I miss him... :cry_sad: "



Day Six has begun. You may not vote in the first 12-14 or so hours. The Meal Cart will come to you via PM later today.

Non Playing Characters


Warden Bek Sunfell


Officer Elles Fissionfire


Doctor Koukiu Stormdream


Officer Lazer Strewn


Officer Cometfire Vun

The Players


Illiap Reertu (iamded)

Crime: Theft. Illiap was on a roll, robbing many pit stops in the Amy System. The Police were baffled at how she was able to avoid capture for so long. Until she tried to steal a bottle of vodka from one of the pit stops. The clerk doubted she was of legal drinking age, so she showed him her ID, which has her Intergalactic vehicle tracking code. She was apprehended 20 minutes later.

Sentence: 50 years. Eligible for parole in 30.


Killoopio Daylight (KielDaMan)

Crime: Murder. Killoopio is an explosives expert…who hates people. Killoopio went on a murder spree in the Lucas System, disguising bombs as Cheeseburgers. 58 overweight fast food guests were killed before he was apprehended.

Sentence: Life. No eligibility for parole.


Scar Mimitsus (Scouts)

Crime: Election fraud. Scar was a Campaign Manager for a very popular politician in the Pelly System. When his candidate was threatened by a rival and the election was dangerously close, Scar invented a third-party candidate that was, in-fact a Non-Playing Character.

Sentence: Life. No eligibility for parole.


Tierro Prius (TinyPiesRUs)

Crime: Mass Murder, classified as Hate Crimes. Tierro hates blue people and left a trail of dead blue bodies across the Universe. Not blue from suffocation. They were blue to begin with. She was finally being apprehended, ironically in the Tolerance System.

Sentence: Five years. Causing a bit of controversy throughout the Universe, the judge who presided over Tierro’s trial was her bigot sister.


Zosma (Zepher)

Crime: Cannibalism. Zosma believes himself to be a werewolf, but that will never never be true.

Sentence: Life. Eligible for parole in 80 years. Fortunately for Zosma, his species has an average lifespan of 1000 years.

The Deceased Players


Jissaleh Blazen (JimButcher) convicted on Day One - Scum (El Plutns Gang)

Crime: Stupidity. Jissaleh is from the ZubZub System where it is illegal to have a low IQ. Mayonnaise beat Jissaleh at the ZubZub IQ test.

Sentence: Life. No eligibility for parole.


Rufulzud Novadora (Rufus/Pandora) killed (twice) by shiv on Night One - Scum (El Plutns Gang)

Crime: Insanity. Rufulzud has a split personality disorder. Unfortunately for him/her, he/she settled in the Cameron System where it’s illegal to have a mental disorder. Rufulzud’s personalities also alternate between robbing banks and dealing drugs.

Sentence: 20 years. Eligible for parole in 5.


Derwar Gravis (def) poisoned on Night One - Scum (Mars Savatrucha Gang)

Crime: Cannibalism. Derwar is an unknown species and nobody knows where he comes from. His favorite meal is mammal and he committed over 100 murders before he was apprehended.

Sentence: Life. No eligibility for parole.


Shadowghost Sturch (Shadows) killed by shiv on Night Two - Scum (Saturn's Rings)

Crime: Also, known as "Death Swirly." Convicted on 18 counts of drowning people in toilets.

Sentence: 18 consecutive life sentence. No eligibility for parole. Also, court-ordered to admit daily to being kind of a dick.


Cuxun Marsburst (CorneliusMurdock) poisoned on Night Two - Scum (Venus Lords Gang)

Crime: Kindness. Cuxun is from the Dickhead Galaxy where it’s illegal to be nice.

Sentence: Death. Unfortunately, the Dickheads have zero tolerance for nice people.


Rirsol Maasym (Rick) convicted on Day Three - Scum (Saturn's Rings Gang)

Crime: Murder. Rirsol hates junkies. But, his only trade is drug dealing. He laced the space meth he was selling with poison to wipe out those junkies he hated so much. When he ran out of customers, he turned himself in.

Sentence: Life. Eligible for parole in 80 years. Luckily for Rirsol, his species lives for 300 years, on average.


Saproton Veeck (Sandy) convicted on Day Four - Scum (Saturn's Rings Gang)

Crime: Murder. Saproton is a feared street shark from the Babonda System. A natural predator with an eye for travel, his hunting was mistaken for murder.

Sentence: Life. No eligibility for parole.


Whindum Foxum (WhiteFang) killed by penalty on Night Four - Scum (Venus Lords Gang)

Crime: Mass Murder, Hubris and Fraud. Whindum convinced 40 individuals in the Fanglish System that he was a messenger of God. They gave their life savings to him and he convinced them that suicide was the way to commune with God. He’d have gotten away with it if his narcissistic tendencies hadn’t gotten the best of him. The GBI (Galactic Bureau of Investigation) setup a fake tabloid interview where he was intervened.

Sentence: Death. Unfortunately for Whindum, Hubris is punishable by death in the Fanglish System.


Bate Cos (Big Cam) murdered on Night Four - Scum (Mars Savatrucha Gang)

Crime: Tax evasion. One of the most diabolical gangsters in the Panty Galaxy. After decades of organized crime, Bate finally made an error on his tax return in the amount of 23 space cents.

Sentence: 80 years in prison. Eligible for parole in 60. In the meantime, however, Bate complains of being haunted by his first wife, who he murdered for talking to the GBI (Galactic Bureau of Investigation)


Drakius Knight (Dragonator) murdered on Night Four - Scum (Venus Lords Gang)

Crime: Chain Mail. Drakius is one of those megablocks who sends those stupid Chain E-mails.

Sentence: Death. The sentence is rather lenient for such a douchebag.


Foog Roorum (Fugazi) murdered on Night Four - Scum (El Plutns Gang)

Crime: Murder. Foog has a mental condition where he has an unsatiable urge to break bones…and smash skulls…and smother people. He was convicted on 23 counts of murder in the Judtron and Mebo Systems.

Sentence: 23 consecutive life sentences. No eligibility for parole.


Pronti Flavior (Professor Flitwick) murdered on Night Five - Scum (Saturn's Rings Gang)

Crime: Pronti is a college professor turned drug dealer. A long series of hardships led her to the accidental murder of a Police Officer in the Fuckwit System.

Sentence: Life. No eligibility for parole.





  1. Each player will be given a character to play, who will be aligned with either the Town (Model Inmates) or the Scum (Gang Members). To win the game, the Town must kill off all the Scum, while the Scum needs to outnumber the Town. Third-party (neutral) characters have their own win conditions as outlined in their roles. To win, you must kill off all other factions.
  2. Each day you will vote to lynch a player. Voting should be done in the following format; Vote: Character (Player). Similarly, unvoting is to be done in the format; Unvote: Character (Player). Proxy voting is allowed, with the format Proxy: Character (Player) and Unproxy: Character (Player). No other format will be accepted. The player with the most votes will be lynched. In the case of a tie, no lynch will take place. Voting is mandatory. Failure to vote will result in the untimely death of your character. Please remember that the reason for the delay is that players all reside in different Time Zones. It is usually unfair to a player to log in and find themselves voted out. Accusations should occur during the first 12 hours as a courtesy to the accused to defend themselves before voting starts.
  3. A game day will last 48 hours. You may not vote in the first 12 hours. The day will end after 48 hours. After the day has been concluded, a night stage will commence, which will last 24 hours (or 48 hours if an emergency comes up). You are required to use your action. Night actions must be sent to the host in the first 20 hours of the night stage.
  4. You may not choose the same meal two days in a row. Players may not target themselves.
  5. The alignment of lynched players, as well as those that died during the night, will be revealed at the beginning of the next day.
  6. You may not quote or pretend to quote anything sent to you by the host via PM. That includes all the details of your character and role, as well as any night action results. Role claims and reporting of night action results are acceptable, but in your own words only. Do not attempt to use the structure of your role PM to your advantage.
  7. Do not play the game outside the thread. Similarly, do not post out of character inside the thread. Game tactics and roles may only be discussed in the game thread or via PM with other players. Private discussion is done at your own risk and should be treated as part of the game. Metagaming should similarly be done at your own risk.
  8. If you are dead, you may not post in thread or discuss the game with any of the players. Any information you had becomes void, and may not be passed on.
  9. You may not edit your posts.
  10. You must post in every day thread.
  11. Violation of the above rules will result in the untimely death of your character.
  12. If you encounter a problem or have a question, please contact the host via PM

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I made it through the night, Sully, you nocturnal hottie :wub: !!

The warden must be having a bad hair day, too. Just look at how high that strand of hair is sticking up!

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All right. Aaaall right. Mars has 2 members left, Pluto and Venus have one each.

Well then. :sceptic:

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All right. Aaaall right. Mars has 2 members left, Pluto and Venus have one each.

Well then. :sceptic:

Indeed. See you in hell, you fish-lipped freak!

Illiap Reertu (iamded)

:blush:Vote: Illiap Reertu (iamded)

I have a feeling I just gave the Warden another migraine...

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Hell, might as well go with the cool crowd. Maybe they'll let me off. Or at least feed me your fishy remains. Nom nom nom.

Vote: Illiap Reertu (iamded)

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*oh2* Me?! Whatever have I done to deserve this unwarranted attention? I'm innocent I tells ya! Just investigate me, I swear I'll come up as town! Killing me won't help you at all. You should probably kill Scar instead. :tongue:

Vote: Zosma (Zepher)

You neutral bastard. :tongue:

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Vote: Illiap Reertu (iamded)

Well, mate, you've had a good run. Sorry to end it this way :classic: .

Sully, wherever you nocturnal hottie are now, I think we'll make it through :cry_happy: .

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Well, this is an agonisingly long conviction. :tongue: I think we should vote out Killoopio, so I can survive to the night and stab Zosma, or Scar or something. :grin: C'mon, it'll be fun! :laugh:

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This is agonizingly slow, what's the hold up? :angry: ! We need to lynch Illiap so that we can feed Zosma already!

And I need to see Sully again. This long day is torture without him :cry_sad: !

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Let's lynch Sully! I bet he's the mastermind behind all this! Check him for detonators! You believe me, right Scar? :grin:

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Who the hell is even talking??? Did you people switch to your inmate numbers? How do I know who's who? What am I, the warden? Oh... Yes... I am. :wacko: Well, nuts to you. I'll just end the day now, 12 hours after I was supposed to. Can't a man go out and get some candy on this bizarre Earth holiday, Halloween? Granted, the environment here is too harsh for there to be other settlements, but a man can pretend, can't he? Where am I? What's happening. I'll conclude all of this in about 20 hours, so hold your horses! Feed the freaks. Wait, what did I just say? :wacko: Lights out!

Lights on!

Just kidding. :tongue: Lights out!!

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