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REVIEW: 6497-1 Twisted Time Train

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There is a very different theme, beyond that which is known to minifigures.

It is a theme as vast as space and as timeless as infinity.

It is the middle ground between Freestyle and Technic, between classic and current, and it lies between the pit of minifigure's fears and the summit of his knowledge.

This is the theme of eccentricity. It is an area which we call the Time Cruiser Zone.


Bricknave_Time_Train_1 by Bricknave, on Flickr

Hello, time travelers and non-time travelers alike, welcome to the first Eurobricks review of a theme based on time travel! :classic:

Time Twisters / Time Cruisers was the first (and so far, the only) time travel theme.

The heroes were Dr. Cyber, a former NASA scientist, and his young assistant timmy.

The villains were the spooky Time Twisters, who I'm guessing were disrupting the spacetime continuum (not something the Doctor would approve of!)

Now, when you first look at this set, your first reaction might be "What the heck? Was this made by a crazy person or what?"

However, this set is actually more intricate than the box cover suggests, because each section of the train has push-related functions.

The Box


Bricknave_Time_Train_Box_front by Bricknave, on Flickr


Bricknave_Time_Train_Box_back by Bricknave, on Flickr


Bricknave_Time_Train_Box_flap by Bricknave, on Flickr


Bricknave_Time_Train_Box_insides by Bricknave, on Flickr

The Box has a transparent tray where elements were stored with a see-through flap to view them, and a few cardboard insides, including this cardboard "v".

I'm quite surprised there weren't any alternate models on the back of the box. Since the set had a variety of pieces, one would expect to see dozens of creatively-made models.

The Instructions


Bricknave_Time_Train_instructions by Bricknave, on Flickr

Along with the standard instructions booklet are two brochures. One brochure was focused on calling LEGO directly to order sets, the other was an overview of the current themes.


Bricknave_Time_Train_brochure_comic by Bricknave, on Flickr

The single most interesting thing about the big brochure is this little comic included. Zack the LEGO Maniac explores the different themes, with something unfortunate happening to him most of the time. :grin: I wonder why in the universe would anyone stick their head in a cannon?


Bricknave_Time_Train_funny_instruction by Bricknave, on Flickr

Another interesting thing, this time found in the instructions booklet, is this cartoon saying that you shouldn't push the wheels too far through the axle. :grin:

The Minifigures


Bricknave_Time_Train_Minifigures by Bricknave, on Flickr

The passengers on the Twisted Time Train: Two bad-looking chums who seem to be wearing some kind of military uniform, a wizard skeleton, and a ghost.

The extra pieces


Bricknave_Time_Train_extra_parts by Bricknave, on Flickr

A rubber band, two Technic pins, a 1x1 round plate and a knife holder thing.

Speaking of pieces, I've read an idea that Time Twisters / Time Cruisers was created to get rid of unwanted pieces in the factories.

Different sets had elements from different themes, so I suppose this could be a possibility.

I think the main advantage of this theme is that each set is sort of like an accessory pack with added bricks, which could be useful for making MOCs.

The locomotive

Alright, now for the actual models! Time Twister 1 will guide you through the building of the locomotive!


Bricknave_Time_Train_locomotive_1 by Bricknave, on Flickr


Bricknave_Time_Train_locomotive_2 by Bricknave, on Flickr


Bricknave_Time_Train_locomotive_3 by Bricknave, on Flickr


Bricknave_Time_Train_locomotive_4 by Bricknave, on Flickr


Bricknave_Time_Train_locomotive_5 by Bricknave, on Flickr

And walla, the locomotive! It is a blend of futuristic elements with a steam train design. When it is pushed, the funnel moves up and down (as you'll see later.)

The cabin has two steering wheels and a radar screen, which is interesting, because I don't think radar works when the vehicle is traveling at light speed.

Or maybe it isn't traveling at light speed, maybe it goes through worm-holes ...

Also, at the sides are holders for a sword and a knife. I'm assuming the leader of the Time Twisters wields the sword during missions, whoever the leader is.

The skeleton car

Now for the next section, which I call the skeleton car.


Bricknave_Time_Train_skeleton_car_1 by Bricknave, on Flickr


Bricknave_Time_Train_skeleton_car_2 by Bricknave, on Flickr


Bricknave_Time_Train_skeleton_car_3 by Bricknave, on Flickr

The design is actually fairly complex and challenging! Two parts of the car turn when the wheels move. Both functions use rubber bands.

The skeleton on top appears to be spamming into the megaphone while spinning. :grin:

The car also has somewhat of an interior, which is a balcony with a barrel that contains a knife and dynamite.

The ghost car

The final car, which I call the ghost car. It appears to be a haunted castle on wheels.

Time Twister 2 and his ghostly accomplice will guide you through most of the building process!


Bricknave_Time_Train_ghost_car_1 by Bricknave, on Flickr


Bricknave_Time_Train_ghost_car_2 by Bricknave, on Flickr


Bricknave_Time_Train_ghost_car_3 by Bricknave, on Flickr


Bricknave_Time_Train_ghost_car_4 by Bricknave, on Flickr

While the ghost (who appears to be a passenger awaiting departure) floats above the haunted castle luxury-car, Time Twister 2 looks over the balcony and re-thinks his life. :grin:

Function overview

Now for the actual functions!

Image is a link to a video on YouTube -- YouTube BBC code embed option isn't there anymore.

All of the functions will activate when all of the cars are connected and pulled in unison! :classic:

Unfortunately, in both of the car combinations I've tried, it seems that at least 1 pair of wheels is lifted above the surface. :sceptic:


Now for a recap of what we have seen!

The upsides of the set are the individual functions for the cars and the variety of pieces!

Each of the functions work great when their respective cars are pulled individually! The combination of castle elements with western and town elements make this set somewhat of a three-in-one set. :thumbup:

The downsides are the hovering pair of wheels and lack of interior for the non-locomotive cars.

Like I've stated before, one pair of wheels is always lifted into the air when the whole train is pulled altogether.

The interior of the locomotive is as good as it gets, but the walls on the other cars are really used to cover up the Technic axles, which is understandable.

Although, I still think they could've expanded the shelter of the skeleton car, maybe adding walls and a removable roof to the barrel-area.

There must be more shelter on the cars to protect time-traveling passengers from cosmic time travel rain.

Downsides aside, this set is great for getting ideas for Technic-related functions and for parts!

If you're a time traveler in the 31st century and you are reading this in the 21st century, I recommend going back in time to the very late 20th century to pick up one of these Time Cruisers / Time Twisters sets! The functions included in each will keep you entertained during voyages through worm holes! :wink:

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Finally, a Time Cruiser's review. :thumbup:

This was a very strange theme, but it had some great pieces. I wouldn't mind getting some of the sets, but I doubt I would keep them assembled. :sceptic:

Thanks for the review. :classic:

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I collected a lot of Time Cruisers sets, but overall I think Time Twisters was far better in design. It had a unique and appealing color scheme (blue, black, and brown), and a lot of the vehicles had a wonderfully zany and spooky feel. Plus, instead of horribly-goofy-looking new minifigure faces and torsos used to make the figs, the figs had extremely intimidating designs made purely from pre-existing minifigure parts. I never got this particular set, but I did have 6496 and 6499, two fantastic sets with amazing functions and great parts, to boot.

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you know, this vehicle is strangely spooky and ominous. it's also pretty weird and psychedelic... I just imagine this thing appearing out of a dark time vortex, the skeleton is yelling about your impending doom, telling you to submit. the ghost tries to get off of the train... but no one gets off of the twisted time train.

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I remember when I was a kid always wanting this set! Looks even better now I can appreciate the design of it more.

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