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REVIEW: 30111 The Lab (Harry Potter)

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As many of you may be aware, the british newspaper The Sun are giving away free LEGO sets each day this week.

Click below for other reviews from the Sun's free LEGO week.

Saturday - Republic Attack Cruiser

Monday - Harry Potter Lab

Tuesday - City Truck COMING SOON

Wednesday - Alien Conquest Jet Pack COMING SOON

Thursday - Cars 2 Gremlin COMING SOON

Friday - Ninjago Ninja Training COMING SOON

Saturday - Harry Potter Trolley COMING SOON


Set Name: The Lab

Set Number: 30111

Number of Pieces: 30

Minifigs: 1

Price: FREE with The Sun (30p)

Theme: Harry Potter

Year Released: 2011






The plastic bag is pretty standard, but it doesn't show a key feature of the model, which we'll come to later. Thw graphic in the top right hand corner is from HP6 The deathly Hallows.



Like most bags, it has a small brick to show the scale of the pieces.



The instructions are printed on two sides of a neatly folded piece of paper along with a large graphic for the theme.






Not many pieces, but tan pieces are always great and these are my first Helmet Horns. I'm also glad to have more gold studs.



Forgot to photo the spares. I got one extra gold stud and another helmet horn.


The main part of the set is the Harry Potter fig. The only criticism I have is that Harry is probably the most common mini-figure in the theme and it would have been nice to have a less over used figure.


Harry's head and torso are printed on both sides which is only a little touch but it adds a lot.


Pretty basic assembly, this set is really about the free mini-figure.


This is the secret compartment in the potions cabinet. I was surprised it wasn't featured on the packaging although I suppose they don't need to sell these models to people.



The final model is pretty simple but its made up by the fact there is a nice mini-figure.





Design: 8/10 Pretty basic design and there are no particularly interesting techniques.

Parts: 9/10 For just 30 parts you get quite a few neat pieces but nothing especially eye-catching.

Minifigure: 8/10 Licensed mini-figures are always exiting but I think another student would have been nice.

Build: 10/10 The build was very easy and quick. No complaints.

Playability: 7/10 Not a lot to play with but a wand, tooth and two expressions for Harry's face bring it up to a 7.

TOTAL: 42/50 A good set but a few extra bricks and a different minifigure would have been brilliant.

HQ Photos on my Flickr

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Nice little set. I found the trolley set at TRU. Anyone in the States know when/if were gonna get these?

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I'm gutted I missed this offer!! I'm having to order one (or two not sure yet) from Bricklink :sadnew:

Must try and get the Trolley tomorrow :tongue: then again, it isn't that great in my opinion :hmpf:

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I picked up the Harry Potter Trolley set at Whimsic Alley, a HP themed store in Los Angeles about a month or two back. It's an OK set. Nice to get a plain clothes Harry and a Hedwig for pretty cheap. The set is pretty small and basic.

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