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361-1.gif 361 Tea Garden Cafe (review needed)

384-1.gif 384 London Bus (review needed)

410-1.gif 410 Payloader by Yoshi648 (RA)

612-1.gif 612 Tipper Truck (review needed)

613-1.gif 613 Bi-plane (review needed)

614-1.gif 614 Digger (review needed)

656-1.gif 656 Car and Caravan (review needed)

689-1.gif 689 Grabber (review needed)

690-1.gif 690 Shell Garage (review needed)

710-1.gif 710 Wrecker with Car (review needed)

730-1.gif 730 Steam Shovel with Carrier by TheBrickster (RA)

760-2.gif 760 London Bus by Cardinal Brick (RA)

813-2.gif 813 Tractor (review needed)

1650-1.gif 1650 Maersk Line Boat (review needed)


360-1.gif 360 Gravel Works (see 580) (review needed)

363-1.gif 363 Hospital (see 555) (review needed)

550-2.gif 550 Windmill (review needed)

555-1.gif 555 Hospital by TheBrickster (RA)

570-1.gif 570 Fire House (review needed)

580-1.gif 580 Brick Yard by TheBrickster (RA)

585-1.gif 585 Police Headquarters by TheBrickster (RA)

615-2.gif 615 Forklift (review needed)

659-1.gif 659 Police Patrol (review needed)

660-1.gif 660 Air Transporter (review needed)

692-1.gif 692 Road Repair Crew (review needed)

693-1.gif 693 Fire Engine (review needed)


368-1.gif 368 Taxi Garage (review needed)

371-1.gif 371 Sea Plane (see 712) (review needed)

385-1.gif 385 Jeep with Steering (review needed)

386-1.gif 386 Air Ambulance (review needed)

661-1.gif 661 Spirit of St. Louis (same as 456) by Walter Kovacs (RA)

662-1.gif 662 Dump Truck (review needed)

696-1.gif 696 Bus Station (review needed)


456-1.gif 456 Spirit of St. Louis (see 661) (review needed)

618-1.gif 618 Police Helicopter (review needed)

698-1.gif 698 Boeing Aeroplane (review needed)

712-1.gif 712 Sea Plane (same as 371) by TheBrickster (RA)

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314-1.gif 314 Police Boat by Siegfried


316-1.gif 316 Fire Fighting Launch (see 775) (review needed)

709-1.gif 709 Police Boat by TheBrickster (RA)

775-1.gif 775 Fire Fighter by TheBrickster (RA)


4005-1.gif 4005 Tug Boat (review needed)

4015-1.gif 4015 Freighter (review needed)

4025-1.gif 4025 Fire Boat (review needed)


4010-1.gif 4010 Police Rescue Boat by WhiteFang (RA)

4020-1.gif 4020 Fire Fighter (review needed)

4030-1.gif 4030 Cargo Carrier (review needed)


4011-1.gif 4011 Cabin Cruiser by AgentRick57

4021-1.gif 4021 Police Patrol (review needed)

4031-1.gif 4031 Firefighter (review needed)


4002-1.gif 4002 Riptide Racer (review needed)

4012-1.gif 4012 Wave Cops by Rapseflaps (RA)

4022-1.gif 4022 C26 Sea Cutter (review needed)

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6401-1.gif 6401 Seaside Cabana (review needed)

6405-1.gif 6405 Sunset Stables (review needed)

6411-1.gif 6411 Sand Dollar Café by Pandora (RA)

6416-1.gif 6416 Poolside Paradise by Siegfried, Widdi

6419-1.gif 6419 Rolling Acres Ranch by snefroe


6403-1.gif 6403 Paradise Playground by Pandora (RA)

6409-1.gif 6409 Island Arcade by The Cobra (RA)


6402-1.gif 6402 Sidewalk Café by The Cobra (RA), WhiteFang (RA)

6410-1.gif 6410 Cabana Beach (review needed)


1761-1.gif 1761 Paradisa Motorboat by Pandora (RA)

6414-1.gif 6414 Dolphin Point by Cardinal Brick (RA)


1815-1.gif 1815 Paradisa Lifeguard (review needed)

6404-1.gif 6404 Carriage Ride (review needed)

6418-1.gif 6418 Country Club (review needed)


2870-1.gif 2870 Paradisa Barbeque (review needed)

6417-1.gif 6417 Show Jumping Event by Clone O'Patra (RA)

6489-1.gif 6489 Seaside Holiday Cottage (review needed)

6547-1.gif 6547 Funfair (review needed)

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Launch Command


6336-1.gif 6336 Launch Response Unit (review needed)

6339-1.gif 6339 Shuttle Launch Pad (review needed)

6516-1.gif 6516 Moon Walker (review needed)

6544-1.gif 6544 Shuttle Transcon 2 (review needed)

6614-1.gif 6614 Launch Evac 1 (review needed)

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1782-1.gif 1782 Discovery Station (review needed)

2871-1.gif 2871 Diver and Shark (review needed)

6441-1.gif 6441 Deep Sea Refuge by TheBrickster (RA)

6442-1.gif 6442 Sting Ray Explorer (review needed)

6555-1.gif 6555 Sea Hunter by TheBrickster (RA), Zarkan

6556-1.gif 6556 Scuba Squad by TheBrickster (RA)

6557-1.gif 6557 Treasure Hunters (review needed)

6558-1.gif 6558 Shark Cage Cove (review needed)

6559-1.gif 6559 Deep Sea Bounty by alex54

6560-1.gif 6560 Diving Expedition Explorer (review needed)

6599-1.gif 6599 Shark Attack by TheBrickster (RA)

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Extreme Team


2963-1.gif 2963 Extreme Team Racer (review needed)

6567-1.gif 6567 Speed Splash (review needed)

6568-1.gif 6568 Drag Race Rally (review needed)

6572-1.gif 6572 Wind Runners (review needed)

6580-1.gif 6580 Land Jet 7 (review needed)

6582-1.gif 6582 Daredevil Flight Squad (review needed)

6584-1.gif 6584 Extreme Team Challenge by metalandi

6585-1.gif 6585 Hang-Glider (review needed)

6589-1.gif 6589 Radical Racer (review needed)


1068-1.gif 1068 Air Patrol (review needed)

1070-1.gif 1070 Stunt Flyer (review needed)

1088-1.gif 1088 Road Burner (review needed)

1096-1.gif 1096 Race Buggy (review needed)

1098-1.gif 1098 Hang Glider (review needed)

1188-1.gif 1188 Fire Formula (review needed)

1189-1.gif 1189 Rocket Racer (review needed)

1190-1.gif 1190 Retro Buggy (review needed)

1191-1.gif 1191 Try Bird (review needed)

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2962-1.gif 2962 Res-Q Lifeguard (review needed)

6415-1.gif 6415 Res-Q Jet-Ski (review needed)

6428-1.gif 6428 Wave Saver (review needed)

6431-1.gif 6431 Road Rescue (review needed)

6445-1.gif 6445 Emergency Evac by TheBrickster (RA)

6451-1.gif 6451 River Response by metalandi

6462-1.gif 6462 Aerial Recovery by TheBrickster (RA)

6473-1.gif 6473 Res-Q Cruiser (review needed)

6479-1.gif 6479 Emergency Response Center by metalandi


1069-1.gif 1069 Speedboat (review needed)

1097-1.gif 1097 Res-Q Runner (review needed)

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Space Port


1180-1.gif 1180 Space Port Moon Buggy (review needed)

1181-1.gif 1181 Space Port Space Craft (review needed)

1266-1.gif 1266 Space Probe (review needed)

3066-1.gif 3066 Cosmo Glider (review needed)

3067-1.gif 3067 Test Shuttle X (review needed)

3068-1.gif 3068 Radar Buggy (review needed)

3069-1.gif 3069 Cosmic Wing (review needed)

6452-1.gif 6452 Mini Rocket Launcher (review needed)

6453-1.gif 6453 Com-Link Cruiser (review needed)

6454-1.gif 6454 Countdown Cruiser (review needed)

6455-1.gif 6455 Space Simulation Station by metalandi

6456-1.gif 6456 Mission Control by -R8- (RA)

6459-1.gif 6459 Fuel Truck (review needed)

6460-1.gif 6460 {Unknown} (review needed)

6461-1.gif 6461 Surveillance Chopper (review needed)

6463-1.gif 6463 Lunar Rover (review needed)

6465-1.gif 6465 Space Port Jet (review needed)


1265-1.gif 1265 Moon Buggy (review needed)

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6520-1.gif 6520 Mobile Outpost (review needed)

6569-1.gif 6569 Polar Explorer Bonus Pack (Sets 6578 & 6586) by TheBrickster (RA)

6570-1.gif 6570 Snowmobile (review needed)

6573-1.gif 6573 Arctic Expedition (review needed)

6575-1.gif 6575 Polar Base by -R8- (RA)

6576-1.gif 6576 Sledge (review needed)

6577-1.gif 6577 Snow Scooter (review needed)

6578-1.gif 6578 Polar Explorer (review needed)

6579-1.gif 6579 Ice Surfer by The Cobra (RA)

6586-1.gif 6586 Polar Scout (review needed)

6626-2.gif 6626 Snow Scooter by The Cobra

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1272-1.gif 1272 Blue Racer (review needed)

1273-1.gif 1273 Red Four Wheel Driver (review needed)

1282-1.gif 1282 Blue Racer (review needed)

1283-1.gif 1283 Red Four Wheel Driver (review needed)

1284-1.gif 1284 Green Buggy (review needed)

1285-1.gif 1285 Yellow Tiger (review needed)

6519-1.gif 6519 Turbo Tiger (review needed)

6602-2.gif 6602 Scorpion Buggy by ZO6 (RA)

6616-1.gif 6616 Rocket Dragster (review needed)

6617-1.gif 6617 Tough Truck Rally (review needed)

6618-1.gif 6618 Blue Racer (review needed)

6619-1.gif 6619 Red Four Wheel Driver (review needed)

6707-1.gif 6707 Green Buggy (review needed)

6713-1.gif 6713 Grip 'n' Go Challenge (review needed)

6714-1.gif 6714 Speed Dragster (review needed)

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3401-1.gif 3401 Shoot 'n' Score (review needed)

3402-1.gif 3402 Stand with Lights (review needed)

3403-1.gif 3403 Fans' Grandstand with Scoreboard (review needed)

3404-1.gif 3404 Black Team Transport (review needed)

3405-1.gif 3405 Americas Team Bus (review needed)

3406-1.gif 3406 Blue Team Transport (review needed)

3407-1.gif 3407 Red Team Transport (review needed)

3408-1.gif 3408 Super Sports Coverage (review needed)

3409-1.gif 3409 Championship Challenge (review needed)

3410-1.gif 3410 Field Expander (review needed)

3411-1.gif 3411 Americas Team Bus (review needed)

3412-1.gif 3412 Point Shooting (review needed)

3413-1.gif 3413 Goalkeeper by The Cobra (RA)

3414-1.gif 3414 Precision Shooting (review needed)


tn_3415-1_jpg.jpg 3415 Japanese Soccer Team (Japan exclusive) (review needed)

3416-1.gif 3416 Women's Soccer Team (review needed)

3418-1.gif 3418 Point Shooting (review needed)

3419-1.gif 3419 Precision Shooting (review needed)


1428-1.gif 1428 Kick 'n' Score (review needed)

1429-1.gif 1429 Goalkeeper Training (review needed)

1430-1.gif 1430 Precision Training (review needed)

3420-1.gif 3420 Championship Challenge II (review needed)

3421-1.gif 3421 3 vs 3 Shootout (review needed)

3422-1.gif 3422 Shoot 'n' Save (review needed)

3423-1.gif 3423 Freekick Frenzy (review needed)

3424-1.gif 3424 Target Practice (review needed)

3425-1.gif 3425 US National Team Cup Edition Set (review needed)

3426-1.gif 3426 Adidas Team Transport (review needed)

4443-1.gif 4443 Defender 1 (review needed)

4444-1.gif 4444 Defender 2 (review needed)

4445-1.gif 4445 Mid Fielder 1 (review needed)

4446-1.gif 4446 Forward 1 (review needed)

4447-1.gif 4447 Forward 2 (review needed)

4448-1.gif 4448 Defender 3 (review needed)

4449-1.gif 4449 Defender 4 (review needed)

4450-1.gif 4450 Mid Fielder 2 (review needed)

4451-1.gif 4451 Forward 3 (review needed)

4452-1.gif 4452 Forward 4 (review needed)

4453-1.gif 4453 Goal Keeper (review needed)

4454-1.gif 4454 Referee (review needed)

4455-1.gif 4455 Hotdog Girl (review needed)

4456-1.gif 4456 Doctor (review needed)

4457-1.gif 4457 Cameraman (review needed)

4458-1.gif 4458 TV Camera (review needed)

4459-1.gif 4459 PK Kicker (review needed)

4460-1.gif 4460 Goal (review needed)

4461-1.gif 4461 Bench (review needed)

4462-1.gif 4462 Hotdog Trolley (review needed)

4463-1.gif 4463 Light (review needed)

4464-1.gif 4464 Bottle Case (review needed)

4465-1.gif 4465 Vending Machine (review needed)

4466-1.gif 4466 Sign Board (review needed)

4467-1.gif 4467 Stretcher (review needed)

4468-1.gif 4468 Stand (review needed)

4469-1.gif 4469 Drinks' Stand (review needed)

4470-1.gif 4470 Ball (review needed)

4471-1.gif 4471 Secret Set A (review needed)

4472-1.gif 4472 Secret Set B (review needed)


5012-1.gif 5012 Footballer and Goal (review needed)

3390-1.gif 3390 Street Basket (review needed)

5013-1.gif 5013 Free Throw (review needed)

5016-1.gif 5016 Player and Backboard (review needed)

3389-1.gif 3389 Skater Boy by LightSaber

3535-1.gif 3535 Skateboard Street Park (review needed)

3536-1.gif 3536 Skateboard Big Air Comp (review needed)

3537-1.gif 3537 Skateboard Vert Park Challenge (review needed)

3538-1.gif 3538 Snowboard Boarder Cross Race (review needed)

3585-1.gif 3585 Snowboard Super Pipe (review needed)

5015-1.gif 5015 Skater by The Cobra (RA)

5018-1.gif 5018 Snowboard (review needed)


3568-1.gif 3568 Soccer Target Practice (review needed)

3569-1.gif 3569 Grand Soccer Stadium (review needed)

3570-1.gif 3570 Street Soccer (review needed)


3573-1.gif 3573 Super Goalie Promo (review needed)

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Island Xtreme Stunts


6731-1.gif 6731 Skateboarding Pepper (review needed)

6732-1.gif 6732 Brickster's Trike (review needed)

6733-1.gif 6733 Snap's Cruiser (review needed)

6734-1.gif 6734 Beach Cruisers by TheBrickster (RA)

6735-1.gif 6735 Air Chase by TheBrickster (RA)

6736-1.gif 6736 Beach Lookout (review needed)

6737-1.gif 6737 Wake Rider (review needed)

6738-1.gif 6738 Skateboard Challenge (review needed)

6739-1.gif 6739 Truck & Stunt Trikes by TheBrickster (RA)

6740-1.gif 6740 Xtreme Tower (review needed)


3386-1.gif 3386 Pepper (review needed)

3387-1.gif 3387 Brickster (review needed)

3388-1.gif 3388 Beach Dude (review needed)

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Creator Houses

Review information to be added


4886-1.gif 4886 Building Bonanza (review needed)


4954-1.gif 4954 Model Town House (review needed)

4956-1.gif 4956 House (review needed)


4996-1.gif 4996 Beach House (review needed)


6754-1.gif 6754 Family Home (review needed)


5891-1.gif 5891 Apple Tree House (review needed)


5766-1.jpg 5766 Log Cabin (review needed)

5770-1.jpg 5770 Lighthouse Island (review needed)

5771-1.jpg 5771 Hillside House (review needed)


7346-1.jpg 7346 Seaside House (review needed)


31009-1.jpg 31009 Small Cottage (review needed)

31010-1.jpg 31010 Tree House (review needed)

31012-1.jpg 31012 Family House (review needed)


31025-1.jpg 31025 Mountain Hut (review needed)

31026-1.jpg 31026 Bike Shop & Café (review needed)

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Modular Buildings


10182-1.gif 10182 Cafe Corner by Inconspicious (RA), dunamis, VintageLegoEra

10190-1.gif 10190 Market Street by dunamis, Legocastlegirl, VintageLegoEra


10185-1.gif 10185 Green Grocer by I Scream Clone, dunamis, VintageLegoEra


10197-1.gif 10197 Fire Brigade by jansued, VintageLegoEra


10211-1.jpg 10211 Grand Emporium by Svelte (RA), VintageLegoEra


10218-1.jpg 10218 Pet Shop by Velika314, VintageLegoEra


10224-1.jpg 10224 Town Hall by unbornchikken, VintageLegoEra


10232-1.jpg 10232 Palace Cinema by VintageLegoEra


10243-1.jpg 10243 Parisian Restaurant by dj2005 (RA), MetroiD, VintageLegoEra

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Winter Village


10199-1.gif 10199 Winter Toy Shop by Svelte (RA), SilentMode, Cardinal Brick (RA)


10216-1.jpg 10216 Winter Village Bakery by SilentMode, tiggerkiddo


10222-1.jpg 10222 Winter Village Post Office by SilentMode


10229-1.jpg 10229 Winter Village Cottage by Cardinal Brick (RA), Locutis

3300014-1.jpg 3300014 2012 Christmas Set by SilentMode


10235-1.jpg 10235 Winter Village Market (review needed)

40082-1.jpg 40082 Christmas Tree Stand (review needed)

40083-1.jpg 40083 Christmas Tree Truck (review needed)


10245-1.jpg 10245 Santa's Workshop by WhiteFang (RA)

40106-1.jpg 40106 Toy Workshop (review needed)

40107-1.jpg 40107 Winter Skating Scene (review needed)

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