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MOC: The Adventures Conclusion

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Adeline shook the dust from her blade; the cause of today’s struggle lay desiccated and skeletal at her feet. Having battled through the highly improbable odds, lost her pistol in the fray and finally made it here to this basement room, it all seemed faintly ridiculous that one good lunge and a clever snatch of her opponents staff had won the fight. “Oh how I wish those silly girls would leave untold evil in the dusty tombs they find it instead of dragging it home! Calling me in to handle their mummy problem is going to cost them more than a good bottle of wine.” Snatching the parchment from the bony hands at her feet, she left the castle muttering darkly...

Adeline’s adventure is over for now. She is off for some R&R and a bit of good gossip back at Eubric!

part 1

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Neat vig 'Peppermint' she can go to a day spa right ? :laugh:

Brick On Adventure On 'Peppermint' ! :classic:

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