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Daniil K.

Review of set - 6420 Mail Carrier

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Review of set - 6420 Mail Carrier


Name of set: Mail Carrier

Number: 6420

Number of pieces: 11

Number of minifigs: 1

Year released: 1998

Price MSRP: 2.00 (0.18$/piece)

This time, I run to and fro, in my opinion, one of the most remarkable sets of series in the history of Town LEGO. Why - in a moment.

Let`s go! :classic:


The photo shows the front, rear and sides of a box - that's all that was left from the previous owner. The box has a standard for those times the size typical of such small sets - 7.2 x 7.2 x 4.7 cm

Because of this simple design a set of instructions it is not included. The most difficult part - the design of the mailbox :laugh:


On the back of the box informs us that our hero not only deliver mail quickly, but also a good stuntman :classic: But it can also deliver mail as "feet":



Parts of set:

Minifig. Minifig itself, as well as her torso, found only in this set.

In my opinion, it is not remarkable. On the front side of the torso painted pockets, zipper and logo identical to the logo on the lid of the mailbox (it`s look as french horn with crown).In the city a couple of these minifigurok (or even better - sets) would look great.



And now I will explain why he is one of my most coveted collections of the time: YELLOW bike =)

Bicycle with a basket-mail:


Yes, a bike that color is only found in this set, this explains its inflated price at Bricklink.

Mailbox, which consists of a black brick 2x2 and a box with a lid, which is drawn the same logo as on the torso figures. This detail is found in another old set.

Also in the kit that includes a set of two "letters" - the white tile 1x2 with pictures.


General view:


Bottom line: if you build a big city, you need to get hold of at least a couple of these sets, one is clearly not enough. On the shelf will look great. If you have the opportunity to buy a set for an adequate price - always take it.

Bye! Comments are welcome!

P.S. Sorry for my English :sweet:

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Thanks for the review 'Daniil K.', cute little set....just needs a 2x2 tile to tidy those studs and a better head....the printing looks poor ! :wink:

Time for a revisit Lego on this about a mail person with the new back-sack in the collectable's eh ? :wink:

Brick On ! :grin:

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A very good review. The pictures are well taken and it is always nice to see such nice simple town set to be seen here again. Thank you for sharing. :sweet:

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I agree this set should be in next impulse with new sack and no-more-red-bicycle!

Thanks for review! Great pictures!

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