For Sale - 6988 Alpha Centauri Outpost 100% complete with instructions

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Sold 14th oct

Selling my 6988 Alpha Centauri Outpost.

Its in perfect condition and comes with orignial instructions, the lights work great also (includes batteries)

The Cheapest on bricklink with instructions and working lights is £73.32

Yet to clear stock space i'm offering this for £60 + shipping


S4020004 by RichardtheBrickman, on Flickr


S4020007 by RichardtheBrickman, on Flickr

Video of working lights

I will ship worldwide, buyer pays shipping.

Payment by Paypal

I am also sorting out my classic space collection,within 2-3 weeks all will be ready to ship (awaiting a few parts from bricklink)

If you would like to make an offer on any of the classic space sets I can reserve the item for you (if I accept I the offer)

You would be shown pictures/videos of your selected item(s) when they are complete and would have the option to either proceed with deal or cancel, in which case the item will put back up for grabs,

All are 100% complete and several have instruction books (will have to check inventory to find which)

6950 Mobile Rocket Transport

6820 Star Fire I

6929 StarFleet Voyager

6985 Cosmic Fleet Voyager

6940 Alien Moon Stalker (has instructions)

6970 Beta 1 command base

6845 Cosmic Charger

6874 Moon Rover / Transporter with Scout

6844 Seismologic Vehicle

6886 Galactic Peace Keeper

6824 Space Dart I

6871 Star Patrol Launcher

6825 Cosmic Comet

6890 Cosmic Cruiser

6826 Crater Crawler

6842 Shuttle Craft

6806 Surface Hopper (has instructions)

6930 Space Supply Station (has instructions)

6803 Space Patrol

6952 Solar Power Transporter

6810 Laser Ranger


6872 Lunar Patrol Craft

As always all offers by pm

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Can you please post the references for the sets you're bringing for sale soon? It's much easier to find which ones they are that way.

Thanks :)

Nevermind. I just realized those are all Classic Space and thus I'm not interested.


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I've updated the List with Set I'd.

There are a few Blacktron,M:Tron,UFO,Ice Planet 2002,Space police and more in my space inventory also

If you want to pm me the set Ids of anything you're after, chances are may have it :)

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For those who contacted me and shown interest in the blacktron and classic space items, half of the classic space is now listed on my ebay.

And the blacktron alpha centauri outpost set is ending tomorrow opening bid only £39.99, a great early christmas pressie at that price

My current Ebay Listings

Also have a better video of the lights working now



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