Eurobricks Collectable LEGO Minifigures Series 5 Building Contest

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Theme City

Minifigure Gangster

Mickey always sat in his favourite booth at Joe's Pizzeria. He liked the fact that he could see all the way to the front door. If anyone came in that was lookin for a fight, it was easy to hide his gun under the table......


View 1 by The Solitary Dark, on Flickr

I've added a shot to my Flickr stream of 2 gangster's having a Pizza - Suggested by Oky...

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This is for the Cavewoman (This may not seem obvious from just looking at the photos, but hopefully the following background story explains the idea behind this vignette)

There are many theories as to the origin of modern day humans. Some believe we evolved from cavemen, who in turned evolved from apes, whilst others believe in a religious intervention. Perhaps the true explanation is that we were uplifted.

Uplift - The transformation of animals into an intelligent race by other, already-intelligent beings

Not only would this explain the sudden appearance of our ancestors and the rapid decline of their predecessors, it would also account for their significantly increased intelligence and the introduction of religious concepts into their thought processes, for example, divine intervention and descending angels.


The following photo show the vignette with the windscreen removed so that the interior can be seen clearly.


The Cavewoman minifig fits lying down inside the cockpit, with the legs attached to the trans-clear brick.


Check out the complete set on Flickr if you are interested in seeing the vignette from another couple of angles as well as with the Cavewoman included: Uplift on Flickr

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Life of a graduate student...

This is exactly how I feel now about my professor...

When I got my thesis project to work 2 months ago, I thought that I'm done. So I went to toys r us and got a handful of the graduate minifig to celebrate. But 2 weeks later, my adviser told me that I need to do one more project to graduate... :cry3:


with graduate minifig

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An Ordinary Day in the Monkey House

Theme : City

Minifigure : Zookeeper

Welcome to the LEGO City Zoo !


Here in the Monkey House, you will enjoy the most exciting moment, with all your personal belongings get stolen by the monkeys !


But to the zookeeper, it is just another ordinary day. She is feeding the younger ape.

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Title: Phonebooth Stuffing

Theme: City

Minifigure: Graduate

I'm still new at MOCing, but I really enjoy the minifigs line, so I thought I'd participate.


This scene is created for the graduate. Having completed his degree, the graduate gets his photo take outside the old phonebooth on campus where underclassmen are participating in the annual phonebooth stuffing tradition. The Campus mascot has come along to cheer.


Best wishes to all entrants. I really enjoyed looking at the other entries.

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Milk Bath


Milk Bath by hrcywindu, on Flickr

Well, you don't need to ne a genius to realise this is made for Egyptian Queen.

It's very simple scene, but I hope you like it.

Egyptian Queen should either stand on the floor or her head should be placed on white surface (milk).

I've made this because I remembered the stories about the last Egyptian queen - Cleopatra.

She used to have milk baths. Yuk! But still, it seemed like an interesting idea.

Good luck to all entrants. :classic:

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I present my entry for the contest.

The Snowboarder's Cabin!


Snowboarder's Cabin by Walter Boy, on Flickr.

Minifigure: The Snowboarder

I had a good time building this. Maybe if I can think up a good entry for catagory B I'll try and enter that too!

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Funny how people living in Northern parts of our globe seems to have similiar ideas. My countrymen "Bellis" seemed to be faster in building. But since I got my idea before seeing his work i decided to keep it.

MOC Title: Fishing the Red October

Minifigure from Series 5: Ice Fisherman

This is deleted scene from the movie and book.

Navigating seems to have gone horribly wrong as the captain can see from the periscope.



More pictures including ice fisherman.

Amazing MOCs in this contest, good luck to all!

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Name: The Senator's Decision

Theme: Ancient Rome

Minifigure: Gladiator

My entry for Category A:


Back in Rome, in the gladiator fights, right as the gladiator was about to make the final blow to his opponent, he looked at the senator for thumbs up, kill him, or thumbs down, let him live.

You can see other pictures here.

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He's back in the spotlight! Let's welcome Don King back beyond the ropes. But of course he's not alone. He faces up to the gathered press to present his newest heavyweight... the upcoming star!

Ladies and Gentlemen, applause to the Boxer!

He wants to be Klitschkos next opponent... But, okay! We all know how he would look if we're turning his head... :wink:

Let's do the legal part:

Title: Don Kings newest discovery

Minifig: The Boxer

Theme: Sports




(Scene with Boxer can be seen here: Link)

My very first creation presented in here. Hope You like it!

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"Honey, dinner is ready!"

"Graaaawwwwrrr... *caugh* I mean, I'll be right down!"

"Are you playing Godzilla with your LEGO town again?"


"You better not come down here in that costume!"

My entry is for the godzilla :wink:.




More pictures, including pictures with the Godzilla figure in it can be seen in my flickr stream.

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"Hamlet - the Musical"

"Son! These philistines turned the great tragedy of Hamlet into a musical. What a shame - somebody has to suffer for this!

You will kill the actor of Claudius who - as you know - is Hamlet's dead father in order to sabotage the performance. This should be a lesson for the producer! I kinda like the irony in this! "


My vignette features the mafia guy after the assisination of the actor who plays Claudius. His task was to sabotage the musical and to make an example on this. He then has to go into the orchestra pit to fulfill his role in order to be undetected and successful.



Title: Hamlet - the musical

Minifig: Gangster

Theme: City

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