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Scottish Bagpiper

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Hi all, here with my new minifig custom.

This is a Scottish Highlander Bagpipe man. Customised from the CMF Royal Guard with the help of some colour pencil kilts and scarf. Bagpipe is MOC, using a 3 stalk flower as main basis and clips to hold the rest.

I intend to make 1 more of this, and a drummer, to go with my Redcoat army (Yes I do have a sizable platoon of about 30 redcoats! despite being a loyal bluecoat fan) The eventual aim is to create, using my redcoats, a small detachment of Scottish Kilt wearing soldiers to represent the highlands.

Also, I'd like to credit Spark and Alexandertam and Michael jasper for their Scottish kilt and bagpipe moc techniques, I refered to them and made a spinoff of my own.





here's a version with white legs




A breakdown of the bagpipes..


pipes are brown telescopes, tied together with a small black rubber band. some tassels are attached, one may change colours or omit them as needed.

round green brick forms the bag. with a c clip to attach to the mouthpiece

The mouthpiece is a tap, and the clipholder acts as the flute portion where the fingers play.

Thanks for looking! Comments and improvements always welcome!

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Looks good! The bagpipe is pretty impressive.

I would suggest using the new redcoat torso for him though. If you look at plates, highlanders typically wore the same coat as the line infantry, though possibly with different regimental facings. The new redcoat torso does a good job approximating this. Also, why the cape? I've never seen something like that on a highlander before. Is it something reserved for bagpipers?

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That's some creative use of parts in the bagpipe! You made a fine kilt yourself. I think you could also make a good-looking Scotsman with a redcoat torso combined with the legs from the highlander in collectible minifigures series 6 (due January).

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