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Review: 3786 Buzzy Bulldog


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This set is small but still offers lots of chances for fun. The white Fabuland figures are some of the most difficult to find in good used condition, but I wanted a nice bright-white Bulldog for my collection. My solution was to track down an affordable MISB set with the figure in it and this little set fit the bill perfectly. The parts are great and, of course, the Fabuland figure is oh so cute.

Set#: 3786

Name: Buzzy Bulldog

Theme: Fabuland

Year: 1982

Parts: 8

Minifigs: 1

Price: $25 Current / ? Original

Packaging Front


I don't feel right calling this a box, it's a very simple clear packaging with cardboard on top. The front depicts a photo of everything in this set put together in a little scene.

Packaging Back


The back seems to have a scene built out of all of the Fabuland sets available at the time, though I'm not sure because I don't have them all (yet).



After peeling off the strip on the back of the cardboard header, the package opens up to reveal even more cute scenes the designers came up with using just the parts in this set.

The Parts


Since there are so few parts here I've only done one photo with all of them. I really love all the parts. It's great that this version of Buzzy has a hat that can be removed. The tiles are just wonderful, the basket is nice, and the printed mailbox is great too.

The Minifigure


Front, Back, and both side views. As you can see the molding and paint on the head are very nice. On the photo of the back view, you can see that the hat does tend to leave a little blue mark (upper right on the ear) sometimes, but that can be taken off with a pink eraser. I left the mark for the image just as an FYI for everyone reading the review.

Below I have built a rendition of nearly every scene in the cardboard. The one missing is with Buzzy looking out through the mailbox - I tried everything but he is just too big to get into that position, I am thinking they either removed his head an propped it up with bricks or removed his legs to get that shot. All the scenes together actually make a fascinating little story.

Scene 1


A simple scene, he is dropping off the mail into the mailbox. Now I've never seen a mailman do this, but perhaps it's a Danish thing or he is just tired of delivering mail today. :laugh:

Scene 2


Buzzy is hiding in the mailbox! Maybe someone caught him dumping the rest of his day's work in there. They might notice his hat and basket sitting beside the mailbox though.

Scene 3


Apparently the danger has passed and he is going to get on with his deliveries...

Scene 4


... but not before a little fun with the mailbox lid!

Scene 5


It's back to business just as soon as he finishes getting those parcels out of the box.

Summary Review

Playability:7/10 - There are very few parts but none of them are "stinkers". The printed parts are all excellent and no stickers!

Design:9/10 - I think this goes under design, I took a point off because of the impossible pose they have inside the cardboard flap.

Price:?/10 - I got a pretty good deal on this set, to pay $25 for it (going rate on Bricklink) just seems too high. From what I can gather so far, looks like it was probably around $2.99 in 1982 which seems reasonable but is the equivalent to $7 now.

Minifigure:10/10 - Buzzy is easily one of my favorite Fabuland figures. The head mold design is perfect and instantly recognizable as "Bulldog", and the face paint is perfect and gives just enough detail to offer some personality without being too much. The best part about this figure is that the hat is not glued on. I'm not sure when TLG started gluing the Fabuland hats, but I absolutely hate it when a figure is not available without the hat (it really limits some play/pose options).

Overall:9/10 - For it's size and what I can only assume was a low price in 1982, this set has a lot of personality.

Bonus: Scene 6


Looks like the Fabuland folk are finally getting the letters, it appears one letter is going by airmail.

Edited by Rufus

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Great review darkdragon! It's always nice to see reviews of these cute Fabuland sets as they introduce the newer generation of FOLs to this part of LEGO history. I also like the unconventional black backdrop used instead of the usual white, it's quite refreshing but still effective. Very well done and hope to see more from you! :thumbup:

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I just came across this, and since it's Fabuland month, I couldn't help myself but to bump this thread. I just love those funny little scenes that LEGO printed on the box :laugh:. You don't see much of that kind of ting nowadays. And great review Darkdragon, even recreating all those scenes :sweet:

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