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Welcome to the Special Themes Forum!

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Welcome to the Eurobricks Special LEGO Themes forum!

Special Themes is the home to all the LEGO themes - official or otherwise - which don't have a specific place elsewhere in the boards. It's a fairly eclectic mix! We have everything from the current themes of Collectable Minfigures, CREATOR, Racers and Architecture, to old favourites like Fabuland, and specialist interests such as Military. You'll find MOCs of all these themes, plus a whole lot more to the limits of your imagination in the MOC Index; this thread includes links to all the important discussion topics in Special Themes, sorted by theme.

Bricks & More

Educational & DACTA


Promotional Sets & Merchandise

Should I post my MOC in Special Themes?

If you're not sure whether your MOC belongs in Special Themes, take a good look through the MOC index and see if anything similar is indexed there. If you're still not sure, we'll try to find a place for your MOC provided it wouldn't be more appropriate in a different forum.

Posting Conventions

If you're starting a new discussion topic in Special Themes, please first have a good look through this thread to see if a similar topic already exists. Try to make the topic title describe accurately what the thread is about; people are more likely to read it, and it'll be easier to find. If you're posting a MOC or Review, please prefix the topic title with MOC: or Review: respectively. If you don't, we'll change it for you.

If in doubt, ask! Either via PM or in the General Discussion Thread.

General Special Themes Topics:

The Other Pinned Threads:

Latest Set News

Special Themes Tags

Outstanding contributions to any of the major subthemes within Special Themes will be rewarded with a tag, at the discretion of the Forum Leaders. I will gradually be expanding the tag repertoire over time, and will add tag recipients as I come across deserving members. To start with:

For Arty MOCs


-R8-, The0, Schifo factory, touthomme, viracocha, PocasNuckie, car_mp, Rook

For Military Dioramas



For Military Vehicles


Ralph_S, MacK, nebraska, GabryS

For Sky-Fi




For Collectable Minifigures - Reviews and MOCs





For LEGO Boardgames



For Architecture Contest 2012 Winners


Spencer_R, Matija, lisqr, moctown, BlakeBaer, unbornchikken

Special Themes is led by:


photo-2351.jpg mod_global.gif


photo-6705.jpg mod_special.gif


7901211314_f79666e4a7_q.jpg mod_friends.png

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Available for ten years from 1979 to 1989, Fabuland still holds a special place in the hearts of many Eurobricks members, and these die-hard fans ensure that the cute and adorable Fabuland animals live on even today.

Fabuland Resources

- here you'll find all the fantastic Fabuland MOCs.

- Includes how to fix
loose joints
loose heads

- under construction!

Dare you question the die-hard Fabulanders?

(see the earlier version of this thread
beware the grammar of the early days of EB!

- ask your questions here.

- join the debate!

Siegfried, apparently!

All the Fabulanders in one place! By Philo

Fabuland in Action

See the happy and adorable animals in Mafia action in Hinckley's
The Forest
The Forest II
Mafia School
Fabuland Housewives

Don't miss Hinckley's
Fabuland Housewives
serial! (off-site link)

Disclaimer: This banner and post is by Rufus, not Hinckley. If Hinck had done it, it'd undoubtedly be much better :grin:

But now it's been edited by Pandora too, so it's even more awesome! :tongue:

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gallery_6705_159_35813.jpgCollectible Minfigures

All your CMF resources here!

Please do not start a new CMF Series Discussion Thread until there is verifiable information available.

Please use Future Series Rumours instead.

gallery_6705_159_14532.jpgSeries 10

gallery_6705_159_18043.jpgSeries 9

gallery_6705_159_22498.jpgSeries 8

gallery_6705_159_1457.jpg Team GB Series

gallery_6705_159_5685.jpg Series 7

gallery_6705_159_5854.jpg Series 6

mf6_100h.jpg Series 5

tn_8804-16_jpg.jpg Series 4

tn_8803-10_jpg.jpg Series 3

tn_8684-1_jpg.jpg Series 2

tn_8683-5_jpg.jpg Series 1

Collectable Minifigure Accessories

gallery_6705_159_5721.png 850449 LEGO Minifigure Accessory Pack

gallery_6705_159_1995.png 850423 LEGO Minifigure Presentation Boxes

Plus - check out Splat's Minifigure Stand: gallery_6705_151_26334.jpg

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CREATOR traces its roots back to the very origins of LEGO - creating fantastic, realistic models in a variety of themes and styles from a selection of relatively simple bricks. Nowadays, CREATOR encompasses everything from vehicles and minifigure-scaled houses to creatures and robots, and of the entire LEGO range (with the possible exception of Technic) only CREATOR still includes alternative builds in its instructions.

- for all MOCs made just from one CREATOR set (also includes Designer Sets)

Older CREATOR threads and archive

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Architecture is a recent addition to the LEGO repertoire. The line consists of two subthemes: the Landmark Series consists of smaller models of iconic buildings and structures from around the world; the Architect Series features larger models of famous homes and public buildings. Mostly these are American, but recently LEGO has been broadening its target market to include the rest of the world, and perhaps more world-wide buildings will follow.

Architecture Building Contest 2012

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New to the LEGO range in 2010, LEGO Boardgames adds a whole new dimension to LEGO-based fun! This year also sees the arrival of Heroica - a series of LEGO-based Role-Playing adventures - which has already provoked huge interest here on EB.


Weeell, they're hardly the most popular theme among AFOLs... but for completeness, they're here.

RACERS Review Index


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Every so often, The LEGO Co. dazzle us with an amazing exclusive set designed predominantly for Adult Fans of LEGO. When one of these doesn't fit into a specific theme, you can find it here in Special Themes. All the resources you need are here! (Or they will be when I've found them all :grin: )

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Miscellaneous Discussions




Comics, TV & Movies

Striker's Lost Mine Comic

Exlcusives & Sculptures




Mini-Builds, Monthly

Minifigures (non-CMF)


Minifigures, Vintage






Techniques & Bricks

- LDD forum


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