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LPub Reading SR3D Files to Make Building Instructions

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Is there a way of bypassing LDraw when making Building Instructions with LPub from SR3D? As it is, they use 2 different file types, and LDraw does not have all of the new parts that SR3D has.... :look:

[NOTE: This question was posed by Alasdair Ryan]

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I don't have many problems between Lpub/SR3d, but there are 2 things that really hold me to make instructions:

1- If I make a hose (or something like that) in SR3d, Lpub (and LDview) don't show them.

2- If I make a submodel with steps (in SR3d) and then import it in another l3b file, the steps from the submodel are gone.

So there is in my opinion some space for improvement in SR3d adn LDview :sceptic:

But the rest works great :classic:

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