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Baritones 3: The Conclusion

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It is late at night and Samuel and Irene are sneaking down the streets, trying to stick to the shadows.

Agent Veronica's car is conspicuously parked on the curb.


"We can take this car," Samuel tells Irene, "but we have to leave tonight."

"Why?" Irene asks, "What's gotten into you? I thought you never wanted to leave Moonlight. We can still stand up to these goons."

"No, we can't Irene!" Samuel says, "Trust me. It feels like we're outnumbered. It's time for us to leave. I love you like a daughter and I don't want to see you die here."


"Just where do you think you're going?" An unfriendly voice says.

It's The Other Criminal Construction Man.


"Nobody's going anywhere." The Other Criminal Construction Man laughs.



A shot rings out and The Other Criminal Construction Man falls to the ground.

"No! I wanted to be a Baritones Canon character." The Other Criminal Construction Man says through the pain of death.


"Sorry," Boris says, "You're way too boring." Bang!

Boris puts the second bullet in The Other Criminal Construction Man's head and that is the end of him.


"Boris!" Irene cries, "You saved us! I didn't know you had a gun."

"Yup." Boris says, "I own a gun and I'm really paranoid."


"What is noise going down here?" Ivan asks as he emerges from his apartment above the deli with Agent Veronica close behind.


"Oh, our bags are all packed, huh?" The Criminal Foreman says, "But there's not place to go! Heh heh heh. You guys got no place to go. We've got strict orders from The Baritones to make sure you don't leave."


"Oh, look that way!" Ivan shouts, "Look at the amazing thing I am pointing at! You don't want to be missing this!"

The Criminal Construction Men do not look amused with the ploy.


But, it's not a ploy. Timur has snuck up behind with Ruslana's bone staff and knocks The Criminal Foreman silly!


Agent Veronica shoots him in the head while Ivan wrestles The Hottie Criminal Construction Man into the cement mixer.


"Now, you will think that he will come out of there, all gray statue, like ... how you say, I always forget ... moving drawing?" Ivan tells them.


"A cartoon!" Everyone says.


"No no. Is not word. I will think of it." Ivan explains, "But, it is actually all bloody and gutsy that he will be falling out. Watch, you will see."


The Hottie Criminal Construction Man pops out of the cement mixer just like in a moving drawing, all gray like a statue.

"OK," Ivan says, "This time is like moving drawing. Interesting..."




Raya runs up, out of breath.

"Raya, you are safe," Irene says, "Thank God. Are you OK?"

"Yes," Raya says, "But I think we've made a terrible mistake. I think my husband might be a member of the mafia."


"Duh!!!!" Samuel, Irene and Timur say.


"Something's happening tonight." Raya tells them "We better get out of here quick. They were all up at my house. They're planning something in the basement. I'm afraid they mean to kill us all!"


"Guys, we have an SUV." Steve tells them, "Four of you go with Agent Veronica and we can take the rest."


"Not so fast." Dmitri says just as they're all about to get moving, "Nobody's going anywhere."

"Raya, dear. Where exactly do you think you're going?" Dmitri says.


"Let them go, Dmitri," Raya pleads, "They're innocent! They've done nothing to you. They just want to live in peace."

"What the hell are you on about?" Falicia asks.


"Did we find the last witch?" Polina asks.


"Everyone's over here, Polina," Patrick tells her, "Try not to talk too much, OK?"


"Everyone, you may think Raya's on your side, but she's the poisoner!" Dmitri cries, "She's been working with us all day to get Ruslana convicted."

"Is this true?" Boris asks.

"Of course not," Raya answers.

"I left a note detailing all of this at home, Dmitri," Raya tell him, "I didn't want you to know until I was far enough away. But, I'm not the poisoner."

"What the hell are you guys talking about?" Irene asks.


"I've been conducting my own sting operation," Raya explains, "The Baritones caught me targeting Denis yesterday and assumed I was the poisoner. What else could I do but play along? Dmitri thought he was so smooth, lightly threatening to give me up if I didn't go up with their plan to convict Ruslana. I gladly went along with the plan, pretending to be a sick sociopath bent on ridding the planet of the human race because I didn't want them traveling into space. Isn't that crazy? It was a lot of fun, but it was all an act..."


"You see, Dmitri," Raya explains, "Just because you saw me targeting Denis doesn't mean I was poisoning him. I was watching and tracking him. I became the Town's watcher on Day Five. I saw that Denis targeted Irene, so I figured he must be scum, but I also saw that Ruslana had targeted him. Because she was the poisoner! So, I teamed up with Ruslana. She was a serial killer but had figured all of the scum out. She knew she had to be pretty even with how many she killed off of each. She had to outnumber us all to win. I convinced her to poison one of you. She has to decide that during the day and then I worked with you to get rid of her. So, I bet you're curious as to how this is all over now with just one of you being poisoned. And which one of you was poisoned? The answer to that was our most brilliant stroke of genius..."



Boris collapses to the ground.


"Aw shit!" Raya says, "I used too much. He went earlier than I expected. I guess my game is up. I was just pulling your leg."

Boris (Brickdoctor) was a member of the Town

Ruslana (Quarryman) was a member of the Town

"Everyone disregard the last two paragraphs," Raya laughs, "I am the poisoner and the scum did catch me targeting Denis and I worked with them to get rid of the townies and now you're all dead. Ha ha."


"You awful bitch!" says Falicia Baritone, daughter of Iris Baritone, and Godfather of the Moonlight chapter of The Baritones family, "I almost had a heart attack listening to that. You know how unsure I was that we should've trusted you?"


"None of you megablocks move!" Samuel suddenly shouts, "I'm getting out of here alive or I'm taking the whole block with me."

Samuel reveals that he is strapped with explosives and essentially made himself a human bomb.


"We had a megablocking bomb and a paranoid gun owner and neither one was tripped by the scum?" Irene asks, incredulously.


"Wait a minute, Samuel," Irene says, "Where did you get that gun?"

"Someone gave it to me." Samuel says.

"Who?" Irene asks.

"I don't know." Samuel says, "It was just left on my front porch."

"I'm the inventor, Samuel and that's not my gun." Irene tells him.


"I'm sure it's fine," Samuel says, "I'm taking your car Agent Veronica. I need to get out of here. I can't let this place take my whole family. I need to get out of here alive. The Mob has taken everything from me! My beautiful daughters! My angel, Sarah! Don't try and stop me. If anybody shoots me, we all blow up. And I will shoot the next person who moves."


Patrick does a little dance and Samuel pulls the trigger...


...and explodes.


And that is the end of Samuel (Sandy) - (Town)


The scum have a great laugh while Irene and the others look on in horror.

"What just happened?" Polina asks.

"I would expect them to ask that," Dmitri says, "But you should know what just happened. We've been talking about it on the writeboard. When will you learn how to read? Samuel was the bomb and Patrick, the false inventor, gave him a booby trapped gun. He just blew himself up."


"And my deli..." Ivan gasps. "My deli is gone."

"And my friend is gone..." Irene says, pulling out a knife.

Polina shouts, "Oh, I knew it! I knew it! Irene and Samuel were lovers! Watch this. I know this part, I read that really well. She's going to kill herself because Samuel died."


"Lovers?" Irene asks, "He was like twice my age. Gross. I'm not going to kill myself, I'm going to kill you!"


Ratatatatatatatatatatatatatat! Bang! Bang! Buuuuuuuzzzzzz!!!


And that is the end of Irene (iamded) - (Town)

"Poor thing," Falicia says, "Only one who knew exactly what was going on. Must've been really frustrating."


"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM-WAH!" Dmitri says as he kisses Timur, "I love this kid! Your gut instincts got us pretty far in this."

Everyone laughs.


"But, you did vote for me on the last day," Dmitri admits, "That's a step in the right direction. And on Day Seven in post 24 you said "Maybe Dmitri is a Baritone, and he and his team (Vera and a few others) had planned to get rid of a townie yesterday and win, but when Vera died, their plan was ruined. Dmitri couldn't very well just step back and say, "Oh, my bad! I don't think Wilem's scum after all.", so he continued with the conviction in hopes that the poisoner's victim today would be a member of the Town." And you had it exactly right.

"Wow! Good for me!" Timur says, proudly.


"I'm half tempted to let him live and make him a member of The Baritones." Dmitri says.



"But I guess halfway isn't far enough," Dmitri admits.

"Look, guts!" Falicia cries.

Everybody has a good laugh.

That is the end of Timur (Captain Tamamono) - (Town)


"Know what else?" Patrick asks excitedly, "I've been dying to tell someone about this it's so cool. Stanislav could invent a grenade that killed the carrier. Denis hijacked him and gave one of the grenades to Nika and that is how Nika blew herself up. Isn't that awesome?"

"You know what's even more awesome, honey?" Falicia asks, "Now we get to kill the most important Baritones canon characters."

"That'll teach those dumb townies to slack off so badly," Patrick agrees.


Suddenly the dump truck backs into them, sending The Baritones (CallMePieOrDie [converted from Russian Mafia], Dragonator, Fugazi and Pandora [converted from Town]) and the Serial Killer (Rick) scattering down the street.


The Hottie Criminal Construction Man throws the door open and cries, "Get in quick!"


"What about your leg?" The Cross-Dressing Construction Man asks.

"Oh, no big deal." The Hottie Criminal Construction Man answers, "I just rubbed some dirt on it. It's fine."

"Hottie," Steve says, "Until this moment I hated you, but I am now totally willing to make this one of those three-way relationships. Thanks for saving us."


"I may know nothing but a life of crime," The Hottie Criminal Construction Man, "But I know you guys are good people and I hate seeing nice people get hurt."

"I have no gag reflex." The Cross-Dressing Construction Man says.


In the back of the truck, Ivan and Agent Veronica are laying together peacefully.

"Thank you for coming back to get me," Ivan says.

"Well, I've likely lost my job," Agent Veronica says, "I'd hate to lose you, too. And the field office briefed me on the serial killer and The Baritones' return. I just had to at least warn you."


"I hate I will lose my restaurant." Ivan says, "I have lost so much. My wife, my brother, my friends. I would've stayed and died in that deli, if I hadn't met you. You make me want to be living. This is first time I feeling like this since losing my lovely Florence."

"...and I have no gag reflex." Agent Veronica tells him.


As Ivan looks down the street he sees the ghost of his wife waving goodbye and smiling...


"Well, darling," Dmitri says, "I'm afraid our contract is up. You may be my wife and you may have helped us outnumber the town, but you did kill three of us along the way and I'm afraid we can't let that go. This is the end for you."

"Not so fast." Raya says, "You've all been poisoned."


"What?" Polina asks, "There's a poisoner in this town?"

"This isn't helping us not want to kill you, dear." Falicia says.


"I'm leaving and you are not to follow me," Raya explains, "Once I'm an hour out of town, I'll call Dmitri and tell him where to find the antidote. Oh, speaking of which, the night we killed of Wilem, he offered to adminster the antidote to me to protect me from the poisoner! Isn't that cute?"


And with that, the two winning factions parted ways. Congratulations to The Baritones Family (CallMePieOrDie, Def, Dragonator, Fugazi, KartoffelViking and Pandora) with an honorable mention to the Russian Mafia Family (Masked Builder, WaterbrickDown), and a special Congratulations to the almost perfect game of the Serial Killer (Rick). Scum and Serial Killer win!

Survivors: (CallMePieOrDie, Dragonator, Fugazi, Pandora [scum], Rick [serial Killer])

And an additional congratulations to two players who have survived two Baritones games: Dragonator and Shadows. They now both have two re-curring NPCs that they helped to create. :thumbup: Awesome work, you two.



...25 people murdered, the town of Moonlight has been completely abandoned. The promise of a new police force headed by local highway patrol officer, Dmitri, and a new business investment will soon make Moonlight a tourist attraction with destination resorts and casinos. That doesn't make up for the tragic losses of the 24 people, however, including Darlene's parents...

"Turn it off!" Darlene says, "We have to go back."

"But Darlene," Agent Sky says, "We've gone through so much trouble to fake our deaths, why ruin all that work now?"

"My parents are dead, Sky," Darlene cries, "It just goes to show running away doesn't solve anything. I should've been there to stop it. We have to go back to put an end to The Baritones Family forever."

"Well, it'll be nice to be back," Agent Sky says, "We won the first game, we should never be killed off."

"Does that mean Iris will come back too?" Darlene asks.

"No," Agent Sky says, "There's no reason for that. She was voted off and Hinckley kept her alive to make a sequel. She's expendable. Especially now that The Baritones actually won a game of The Baritones, there are now mafia characters to join the canon."


Back in Moonlight...

Tinker! Tinker! Whirrr! Whirr! Driiiiiiillllllllll! Buuuuuuuuuzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!


"Rise, Darth Iris!"

"Moonlight," Darth Iris says in a deep electronic, yet nostalgic tone, "Is that fantastic Russian Deli, Ivan's, still open?"

"No," Falicia says, "Sorry, Mom. We chased him out of town."


"Do not waaaaaaaaaaant!" Darth Iris bellows into the night.


"So, did we win?" Polina asks.

"You're a real retard. You know that?" Patrick says.

"Yeah, but I have no gag reflex." Polina Answers...

Post-game analysis is mostly ready but I will give some time for the conclusion to sink in. :grin: Awesome game everyone... I had a blast. I hope everyone else did too. A big thank you to everyone for playing.

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My initial thoughts on the game's conclusion:

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who played. I had so much fun hosting this game. I hope you guys had even half as much fun as I did. How did the Scum win, or rather how did the Town lose? The scum was lucky enough to kill off all the power roles early on. Without even knowing it, they killed off a power role with almost every kill. I think Eskallon was the only vanilla townie killed by Scum. The Town ultimately lost here due to disorganization and apathy, in my opinion. When you have players who show up only once a day, that's a liability. Those people aren't paying attention and therefore not making informed votes. The Town never gained a sense of direction or any leadership. Dragonator's panicking when first revealed should've read to anyone who read it, but not enough people were paying attention and unfortunately the ones who were paying attention were the ones with less experience. It's unfortunate for the Town players who were paying attention and trying really hard, but they just couldn't drum up the support. Sandy, iamded, you tried. :blush: I could feel iamded's frustrations those last couple of days. But when Quarry, a veteran player, resigns himself to death and doesn't care to read or try to help, the Town's chances drop quickly. Quarry wasn't the only townie barely contributing, either. It does take everyone to win this. Even vanilla townies should do their part to work as a team and figure out what is going on. You can't just show up and vote. You need to get involved, in my opinion, in solving the problem. More on the specifics of what I thought of everyone's performance later. Here are the roles and some feedback for each player.




Barbara, a yoga instructor, married to Boris, played by Bob The Construction Man - died mysteriously during Day Four (Town)

Background: You moved here from Russia a little over a year ago. You love your home and the little town of Moonlight. Your husband, Boris, is a bit on the eccentric side, but you forgive him since he puts up with your eccentricities.

Affiliation: Town

Night Action: None

Host feedback: You were killed somewhat early in this game. Not really sure how your behind-the-scenes game was. I mostly remember you for your cockamamie idea that everyone with their hands up in the air were scum. One was, the other was the serial killer and one was Town. The one you placed a vote for. You seemed fixated on Brickdoctor being scum. That may have clouded any other judgement calls you were making. You were killed before you game had any impact on the Town.




Benji, a businessman, married to Irene, played by Big Cam - convicted on Day One (Town)

Background: Irene is the brightest star in your sky. You love her with all of your heart. Since you came to Moonlight with her a couple of years ago, life has been perfect. You give her everything she wants and she treats you pretty well in return :wink: :wink: . You wish there were more time to spend with her…or at least more time to sleep and recover from night after night of wild sex.

Affiliation: Town

Night Action: None

Host feedback: No comment, really. You defended yourself pretty well against an empty accusation. I'm personally tired of seeing you voted out first. :sceptic: Sorry you didn't get to play more. I was looking forward to you being in the game.




Boris, a pawn shop owner, married to Barbara, played by Brickdoctor - murdered in the conclusion (Town)

Background: Every seems to appreciate your sense of style. You know it’s your own and you’re very proud of it. The old bell bottoms may be a bit snug in the wrong places and you grew your beard to cover your hairy chest, since all of your shirts are missing the top buttons. You love Barbara with all of your heart and find it easy to put up with her many eccentricities since she is such a beautiful woman, inside and out. This nonsense with the mafia makes you so mad, sometimes you just want to take matters into your own hands!

Affiliation: Town

Night Action: None

Host feedback: Well, you survived the whole game, that's definitely something. In this case, I believe it was more because you weren't a threat to either side. The scum didn't fear you, and the Town didn't seem to rely on you for any major theories. You seemed to be a pawn at times and that's probably due to you still being somewhat in noob mode. I hope you are developing your own strategies as you play more and more. You did hammer Quarryman which pretty much ended the game. I can see why, but you have to work on those instincts and watching the voting pattern. Usually the scum split up their votes, but the pattern was blatant in this one because they just needed on more death to win it.




Catya, a college student, engaged to Yan, played by The Crazy One - died from an unfortunate Full Moon related accident on Night Five (Town)

Thank you for playing Baritones 3. In this game of wit and strategy, you will be playing Catya, a college student. You are engaged to Yan.

Background: Yan wanted to come study at Moonlight University and you would follow him to the ends of the Earth. Although the crime has risen and your property value has fallen since you arrived, you have no complaints as Yan is by your side every day. You are studying Biology and Chemistry in the hopes that you will go to Med School someday. But, being a student can be hard, and you feel that Yan may be drinking a bit too much. But, college students do that… Either way, to make some extra cash, you’ve been doing a little bit of stripping on the side…

Affiliation: Town

Night Action: None

Host feedback: Not much to say that you don't already know. You didn't really play. Partly due to a family emergency, that is completely understandable. However, I contacted you and gave you an out and you said you'd be able to participate more and then you still didn't stop by. Honestly, the day you stopped by and posted once in response to the post before yours and expected everyone to believe you were following along was actually somewhat insulting. There's no problem with needing to drop out of a game. Life happens and Mafia is not a priority. That is totally understandable. But when you leave an empty space in the Town like that, you are only helping the scum.




Denis, a construction worker, played by def - died mysteriously on Day Seven (Scum)

Background: You came to this piss-poor excuse for a town to live the American Dream. Where are your riches, though? Where are your bitches? You should be riding a convertible filled with hot hos and covered in bling, but no, you break your back every day at the docks, at for what? Just a bunch of dribble and clichés about never making it. Well, you’ve had it with all that megablocks. The only person who’s going to watch out for you…is you! Oh, and the mafia too.

Affiliation: Scum. You are a member of The Russian Mafia. To win, you must defeat the Town and any other faction.

Night Action: Hijacker. On odd nights only, you may kidnap one other player. If that player has a night action, you may use it that night only. Once the night is over, the kidnap-ee will return to the game and be able to use their night action again the following night. They will not know they’ve been kidnapped. You are an expert at drugging people. Your victim will simply dream the night away and think that they overslept and therefore, were not able to complete their own task.

Host feedback: It was really nice to have you play in this game! Thanks for sticking to it even though life was hectic. It's nice to have someone who can develop short and long strategies. That's an asset to any game, on either side. I was pretty excited you were leading up the more inexperienced team. It's funny that you thought you were playing so close to the chest and posting whatever you would if you were Town, but people jumped on you for scum right away. :laugh: Not sure where you got the reputation, but it's a good idea to note for future strategy. Excellent job. Sorry to see you put in so much hard work only to die right before the conclusion. Blame that dastardly Rick!




Dmitri, a highway patrol officer, married to Raya, played by Dragonator - Won as Scum!

Background: Nothing is more special to you than your Raya. You would die for her. She deserves every special thing on the face of the planet. And you would do anything to try to provide for her. Highway patrol has great benefits, and the pay is all right. But, you came here to live the American dream. There are many ways to make money in a city like Moonlight. The Russian Mob know a thing or two about sophisticated crime, but you hear there’s an even better syndicate flying way beneath the FBI’s radar.

Affiliation: Scum. You are a member of the hidden scum faction: The Baritones Mafia. To win, you must defeat the Town and The Russian Mafia.

Night Action: Investigator/Converter-Each night you may investigate one member of Moonlight. You are looking for a member of the Russian Mafia. If you can convert one member of the Mob to the Baritones, you will kill their Godfather and recruit the remaining players to your team. If you attempt to recruit their Godfather however, he will kill your Godfather and recruit the remaining players to the Russian mob. If they convert one of your members, the Baritones Godfather will be killed and the remaining Baritones will be recruited to the Russian side. As of yet, the Russian Mafia is not aware that The Baritones are still around. Once you find a member of the Russian Mafia, you must wait until the following night to convert that person.

Host feedback: Pffft. What do I need to really say here? You did fantastically with your silver serpent's tongue. Good luck getting through the next couple of games. :laugh: I think you panicked, though, when you were first fingered by Shadows (do I get a buck for that?), post-mortem (or two dollars?). Sandy says "Shadows said Draggy was scu..." and you swoop in claiming investigator before she can even finish the sentence. Scummy move!!!! If this game wasn't crawling with noobs, you would've been dead. And then after you got WhiteFang convicted your "aw shucks" routine was totally unbelievable, only gut megablocking instincts would buy it. Def told you to look at his last day in The Forest which was great advice. By the time you said "This really sucks" the third or fourth time, I about peuked. You clearly didn't follow def's advice and you should've. Not that it made you lose. Somehow, the Town swing voters fell for it. But you need to be pissed at the game and at me if you're going to pull off frustration with a confusing role. Transparent amateur crap! But you did win, so who can argue? Most of your responses and weaseling your way out of two convictions was expert manipulation and silver-tongue mastery. I knew you were scum, so it's easy to say, but I would have spotted your stupid megablocks. I was so proud of iamded for continuously attacking you. That was awesome. Great game. Well deserved win. You're very good at this.




Donil, a police officer, brother of Nika and Timur, played by Waterbrick Down - convicted on Day Three (Scum)

Background: You come from a very tough family and the three of you all work for the city. The American Justice system fascinates you and you love serving the city, which contradicts your activities at night. Although you have great benefits with the police force, you’re not very happy with your salary. It’s not easy to live the American Dream on a policeman’s salary. Although your family back in Russia…and here…would be greatly disappointed, you never thought they would have to know. Now you’re in too deep to get out.

Affiliation: Scum. You are a member of the Russian Mafia. To win, you must defeat the Town and any other faction.

Night Action: Blocker. Each night you may choose one other player to block. Your target will not be able to use their night action, if they have one, on the night you target them.

Host feedback: You are one to watch, my friend. The guy with the cool and obscure movie reference screen name. (That movie is awesome, but so bizarre for a cartoon!!) In Fabuland Housewives, you were brought in on a sting operation and played your part in it very well. You then, unfortunately failed to convict MacK but otherwise, played an awesome game. In this one your strategy continues to prove sound. I know you played down your involvement, but what you did as scum was pretty good. I especially appreciated that your proxied CorneliusMurdock. It was a good way to earn his trust. It was a risk, but a smart one. OK, advice for the future: when you're caught targeting a player that was night killed, don't claim tracker. That's a scummy role. Claim something ridiculous, thief, Vampire HunterTM, anything as long as it's not Tracker. Scum usually have the weaker tracker role to see who has a night action. With three other trackers running around, your claim was doomed. When caught, make a bold claim. You defended yourself really well. Getting in there and fighting is a very Townie move. If you find yourself in that position again, take it a little further with "I want what's best for this town and you'll learn from my death but I have better ways to help than to just be lynched." I think you did an excellent job in this game.




Elena, a college professor, played by Inconspicuous - murdered on Night Two (Town)

Background: You moved from Russia to moonlight to escape the memory of your previous life. Your husband was killed by The Russian Mafia. Since coming to Moonlight, you’ve turned your life around. As a college professor, you are living the American Dream and couldn’t be happier with your life. You knew a new life awaited you here, but something is threatening your peaceful, fulfilling life and you’ll do anything to stop it. You’ll fight the Russian Mafia or die trying. You wouldn’t let them rob you of your life a second time.

Affiliation: Town

Night Action: Undercover FBI Agent, Investigator-Each night you can investigate one other player to find out their alignment.

Host feedback: Ah, nuts! You barely got to do anything and your Night Action never worked. Keep playing as well as you did in Werewolf and The Forest and I'll bet you get a Mafia Tag one of these days. :thumbup: Sorry you didn't last longer in this one. I was looking forward to seeing you play. The Town clearly could've used your leadership. :tongue:




Eugene, a manager of The Green Door Tavern, played by Eskallon - murdered on Night One (Town)

Background: You moved here from Cleveland because the property value was really low. You’ve never had good luck with the ladies, probably due to your addiction to sports…and heroin…and gambling…and booze…and huffing kerosene. But you were able to purchase The Green Door Tavern for next to nothing. Apparently, there were a bunch of murders there. You’ve turned it into quite a successful business, which is surprising, considering how much of your stock you drink yourself.

Affiliation: Town

Night Action: None

Host feedback: Esky! The first death. :cry_sad: Sorry you didn't get to do much in this game. The only advice I have for you is be careful role-playing. The description in your role PM is mostly just for fun but is a real danger to try and "play" it. People will latch on to it as something suspicious, even though they should know better. "The drug addict must be scum!" :hmpf: Thanks for the vote of confidence people. Yes, the drug addict is scum and the nurse is innocent. Bad roles are bad people and good roles are good people. :sarcasm::tongue:




Falicia, a delivery woman, married to Patrick, played by Fugazi - Won as Scum!

Background: You and your husband Patrick moved to Moonlight from Chicago when you found that property value was very low. At least that’s what he thinks. You are Falicia Baritone. Your mother was Iris. You’ve laid very low for the last couple of years, getting ready to take over Moonlight again. While the FBI is distracted with the Russian Mob, you are getting in under their noses to revive the Baritones legacy. You will do your mother proud.

Affiliation: Scum. You are a member of the hidden scum faction: The Baritones Mafia. To win, you must defeat the Town and The Russian Mafia.

Night Action: You are The Godfather. You decide which of the town members you kill every night. If Dmitri recruits a member, you are not allowed to kill that night. The discussion about who to kill should be held with the entire Baritones team, but the final decision lies with you.

Host feedback: I don't know why people caught on to you as scum. I think it was mostly people who were expecting you to lead the way you did in Belleville. You played it very much like you Town game in previous Mafia games so I thought you played fantastically. Like def, you plan very well for a short and a long strategy. Your Dream Whispers were golden. You always had a good plan. It was very rare that you made a suggestion that wouldn't have benefited your team. You're an excellent player and it's always a pleasure to have you in a game or play alongside you. :thumbup:




Irene, an artist, married to Benji, played by iamded - murdered on Night Seven (Town)

Background: Benji treats you like gold and gives you everything you want. You would be happy living in a tin shack with him, but he spoils you anyway. A tin shack may be a little noisy when it rains, so make that a wood shack. He works so hard so you have the ability to build your sculptures and build a portfolio to become a successful artist. You and Benji arrived in Moonlight a couple of years ago and have been very happy ever since. The recent threat from the mafia is a cause for great concern. You don’t want them to ruin your perfect existence!

Affiliation: Town

Night Action: None

After The Baritones convert Pandora, iamded is randomly selected to receive this Night Action:

Night Action: Inventor. You are quite adept at making things. Each night you may gift one of four inventions to another player. 1. A bulletproof vest that they can use to protect themselves. 2. A set of shackles that they can use to block another person and 3. A magnifying glass they can use to investigate another player’s alignment. 4. A gun that they can kill another player with. Each gift is one time use only. You cannot gift the same item two nights in a row, you cannot gift to the same person two nights in a row and you may not gift inventions to yourself. This action can only be used on even night starting with night 6.

Host feedback: I thought we were having an earthquake but it was just you banging your head against the wall. Awesome job spotting all of the transparent scum tells that started flowing from Draggy and company. Good job trying to get others to follow you. Unfortunately, the inventor role probably caused you more harm than good. It seems that's why people didn't trust you. Too bad it didn't work out for you. It could've helped the town out a lot but the scum discovered your Night Action because they thought you could be the poisoner and then blocked you the next night. Ultimately, you couldn't get anyone to follow your lead. The town would've won if they'd have listened to you. Is there a lesson to be learned? Maybe. Some different strategy had to have gotten them to listen to you. Maybe not claiming your role before you could prove it. Anyway, I thought you did great and your gut instincts are right on. :thumbup:




Max, a lawyer, played by Masked Builder - died mysteriously during Day Three (Scum)

Background: Since arriving in Moonlight, you knew this town had more to offer than it was showing. Your old friend Ivan had done a great job clearing the streets of those nasty Baritones. It cleared the way for you to continue the works of The Russian Mafia in this vulnerable little town. It was all too easy and you were able to bring many friends that are just as covert as you.

Affiliation: Scum. You are a member of the Russian Mafia. To win, you must defeat the Town and any other faction.

Night Action: You are the Godfather of the Russian Mafia. You can kill or convert one player to your team each night. You cannot kill and convert on the same night. Some people are not able to be converted. You only have the ability to convert one other player throughout the entirety of the game.

Host feedback: Between the double vote, being tracked by Jim and being poisoned, your longevity in this game just wasn't meant to be. That being said, nobody knew you were the Godfather until you turned up dead, so that's gotta be because of something you did right. I'm not sure I saw you play enough to give you a full critique. You certainly held your own on a relatively inexperienced scum crew. I look forward to seeing you play more in the future.




Nika, a firefighter, sister of Donil and Timur, played by CorneliusMurdock - blew herself up with a grenade on Night Four (Town)

Background: You and your brothers came over from Russia from a very tough family. The three of you are civil servants and come from a long line of the same. You are so excited to be serving a quaint American city like Moonlight. There are so many men that fall at your feet! Some day you’ll find a husband, but until then you have as many dates as you can handle! The American Dream has been yours until now. The only thing threatening that is the awful Mafia presence that has been on the rise lately. You hope you and your family and friends can survive this ordeal.

Affiliation: Town

Night Action: None

Host feedback: This is my favorite Mafia death ever! Sorry you didn't get your bomb-delivering robot, The Kaboominator. Maybe next time. You work so hard for the Town. You are always trying to put things together and bring things to light. It's impressive to see how much you dedicate to the games, even when vanilla, which seems to be always. :laugh: I think if you could be a bit more vocal in thread, you could be a real Town leader. I wonder how life will be when you get a scum role. I'm always a fun of you. Sorry you blew up. :thumbup:




Patrick, a firefighter, married to Falicia, played by Pandora - Won as Scum!

Background: You and Falicia moved here from Chicago. Life seemed to be happier there. You love Falicia with all of your heart. You can’t stand her awful hair, but everything underneath it is perfect, in your opinion. Moonlight might not be Chicago, but you have been adjusting. Falicia seems to like Moonlight, so you stay for her sake. There are a lot of great people and you and Falicia have started being more social. The people in town certainly like both of you and it’s fun getting out and getting to know more and more people.

Affiliation: Town

Night Action: None

After Pandora is converted, she is given this Night Action:

False Inventor

You were chosen to join the mafia because of your excellent skill repairing things and making little inventions. Starting tonight, on every other night, you may give one invention to another player in the game. Here are the six inventions you have to choose from:

Gun: The trigger actually sets off an explosion that will kill the person holding it.

Bulletproof vest: This actually blocks the person who attempts to use it.

Lock: The receiver can use this to protect someone else, but it actually ends up blocking that player.

Chain: The chain can be used to block another player, but it actually protects the person instead.

Magnifying glass: This can be used to investigate another player, but it gives the opposite result.

Binoculars: (This invention is so ingenious, you have only been able to make one.) This can be given to a person (Town only) to investigate someone. While it will give a true investigation result, the lenses shoot a death lazer when the user tries to focus, killing the target of their investigation.

You may not give an invention to yourself, you cannot give an invention to the same person two nights in a row and you cannot give the same invention two nights in a row. This is quite a powerful role you are receiving, so bear in mind, the town will be receiving a role to balance it. :wink:

Host feeback: Did you read the notes I wrote for each day. A good number of them are saying what a good strategist you are and how people should always listen to you. I think my exact words were "Pandora is always right" and I'm sure I'll live to regret that at some point. So, why did so many people think you were scum before you were scum? :def_shrug: Because their gut instincts have gone sour? Maybe. I think the noobs think of you as scum because you played it so well in Paradisa. Oh well. Just something to keep in mind as you go into each game, I guess. Like everything, it has it's advantage and it's disadvantage. Great job in this game. I was constantly impressed. :thumbup:




Petr, a construction worker, played by Zepher - murdered on Night Three (Town)

Background: You miss Mother Russia with all of your heart. However, Moonlight has it’s perks: A train that runs 24 hours, lots of nice restaurants, a dock, a brewery, ducks, all sorts of things that make you happy. You miss your family, but you get more and more used to the town of Moonlight every day. You certainly don’t want to see it overrun by those nasty Russian gangsters. You had enough of those in the old country. You hope the FBI can get rid of them soon.

Affiliation: Town

Night Action: None

Host feedback: What the hell is wrong with you? :tongue: You have, by far, the most confounding move of the game. I still have no idea what your strategy was. I understand trying something new, but it should also have a feasible follow-through. As far as I can tell you started a group PM, encouraging everyone to spill their night actions, and then what? Try to figure out who was killing off the people who were stupid enough to answer? Let's repeat this: You sent out a PM asking people what their Night Actions were. In the informed minority World of Mafia where every question is "Is he playing me or is he counting on me thinking he's playing me and wanting me to do the opposite" people are going to be suspicious of a super scum move like that, even if you seem like someone who would be smarter than that, if they were scum. That sentence I just wrote isn't even as confusing as your strategy and so I must now walk away from your feedback before my brain implodes. Good job? Maybe... Weirdo. :tongue:




Petra, a nurse, played by Peanuts - murdered on Night Five (Town)

Background: Although you miss your family and friends in Russia, you’ve never been so happy with the dating scene as you are in Moonlight. American men fall at your feet. However, the recent mob threat has been chasing the American men away. You hope the FBI can get rid of the scum before the dating scene dries up entirely.

Affiliation: Town

Night Action: None

Host feedback: Sorry about your weird death. :blush: I was in an odd mood and had to move quickly because I was busy and ended up relying on some lame gross-out jokes. I was surprised there was no conviction and had to change plans real quick when the day ended. Anyway, nice job in this. I like that you're always there trying to figure things out, even when you are a vanilla Townie. Good job ignoring the scummy dream message. Granted, you didn't know it was an anagram, but you did the right thing with it. Other than that, good game overall.




Polina, a Moonlight Transit Authority (MTA) employee, played by CallMePieOrDie - Won as Scum!

Background: When you moved to Moonlight from Russia, you thought the blue collar work was over. Why are you working for the MTA? You should be married and spoiled rotten by an American man. Your mother always said that American men are suckers for Russian accents. And you’re blonde!!! How can you still be single? Well, the trains are not enough. You have great benefits, but benefits won’t pay your mortgage! To live the American dream, it was necessary to take matters into your own hands…and join the mob.

Affiliation: Scum. You are a member of the Russian Mafia. To win, you must defeat the Town and any other faction.

Night Action: Framer. Each night you can choose one person to frame. That person will appear the opposite of what their affiliation is. You can frame yourself, but not on consecutive nights. You should discuss who to frame with the whole Mafia, but the final decision is up to you.

Host feedback: You commented in the Bloodbrick signup that you were useless but I don't see it that way at all. You stayed off the Town's radar and basically stuck to the gameplan. I think what was concerning is that you were developing your own strategy or sticking to the strategy in your own way, but not sharing your ideas on the writeboard. And when you repeatedly ask things that have already been answered, your team will assume you're not paying attention. I understand you're using your phone, but find a computer and put the time in. You're a good player. Very good, in fact. Just put the time in to read everything and make sure you're communicating as best as you can with your team. That being said, you probably won't read this anyway. :tongue:




Raya, a real estate agent, married to Dmitri, played by Rick - Won as Serial Killer!

Background: Dmitri is a wonderful man. He worships the ground you walk on and would simply die for you if he needed to. But that’s all words to you. You seem like a simple loving caring person on the outside, but deep down you’re numb except for your desire to kill. You hate all Americans and Russians because they have decided to travel into space. There’s no reason for a human to do that, so both races must be exterminated. Your grandfather was a member of the KGB and you learned a lot from him. You learned how to get away with murder.

Affiliation: Third-party. You are a serial killer. However, you appear as town in investigations. You win when you can beat the Town and the Mafia (the win will be given when it's down to three players). IF, however, you are able to work out a deal with the Mafia that they let you live if you work with them to kill off the Town, then you win with the Mafia.

Night Action: Serial Killer/Watcher/Tracker/Suicidal. Each night you can choose one person to kill, including yourself. You will use poison and your target will not die until 24 hours into the following game day. You will also be told who they targeted and who targeted them. In addition, you have a 2-shot strongarm action. If you tell me you want to strongarm kill your target, you cannot be blocked and your target cannot be protected. You are an incredibly skilled sociopath and know how to get away with this and how to cover your tracks. It will be very hard for the town or the scum to find you.

Rick is not aware that he is bulletproof.

Host feedback: We've discussed your role at length in this thread already, but I'll re-hash it so it's all in one place. Yes, you are a very powerful Serial Killer, probably the most powerful we've seen here on Eurobricks. I wanted the serial killer to have a chance at winning and the ability to keep the game moving by killing people off. That was your greatest success was hitting Town and Scum equally, by number. You killed more Mafia, percentage-wise and made it harder for the Scum to win this. As a matter of fact, if you hadn't played so well the scum would've walked away with the game in a second. That all being said, your role was given the powers it had because that was the highest power Mafiawiki recommended. You had a real shot at winning this, but also could've been voted out early if you'd been discovered. Your skill combined with the powerful role was a helluva force to be reckoned with. It was an experiment and I liked the balance. I think the win conditions will be different next time. Serial Killer will win when he/she kills everyone. I'd rather you say it was too easy than too hard. Each faction should have a real chance. If that was too strong of a role, I hope we find a good balance for future serial killers. Did I mention you totally kicked megablocks in this one? Way to take the powers and combine them for a great strategy. Taking out KV and def was really smart. Sticking to the low posters once the Town was convinced that was what you were going for was amusing to me. Great work! :thumbup:




Ruslana, the chief of Police, played by Quarryman - convicted on Day Seven (Town)

Background: Your husband was killed by The Russian Mob and that’s why you left to come to Moonlight. The recent news that the Russian Mafia is now present in Moonlight pisses you off to no end. You won’t rest until every last member of the scum has been brought to justice. However, you will only use legal means with which to bring them to justice. You don’t need to be sent back to Russia.

Affiliation: Town

Night Action: None

Host feedback: My feedback will probably be longer than your overall contribution to this game. I know you meant to take a break because you've been so busy, so this game was too tempting for you and you probably should've said no. I would feel better about you being "busy" however, if you weren't obviously very active in Heroica. This is probably the third time I've said this: as a leader and veteran player, can't you offer the Town any help? Your votes were correct but you didn't even try to explain why or rally the Town. You gave up when there was still a chance the Town could win. You gave up and you admitted it. I have no respect for that. That being said, you know I love you dearly, so I forgive you :tongue:




Ruxana, a pilot, played by Roncanator - convicted on Day Four (Town)

Background: When you moved here from Russia, you thought you left the life of the Russian mob behind. You used to be a hitman for the Russian Mafia, but fled to Moonlight to leave the life of crime behind. Here, you’ve become an airline pilot and can support yourself. You love the freedoms of America and will do anything to preserve them. Those scum invading Moonlight have no idea who they’re messing with when it comes to you.

Affiliation: Town

Night Action: Undercover FBI Agent, Kill/Watch. Each night you can choose one player to follow or kill. If you decide to kill that player, they will die. If you follow that player, you will see who they target and who targets them. You can only do one action, kill or follow, each night. You have a two-shot strongarm action which will stop anyone from blocking you or your target being protected. To use the strongarm simply add it to your night action request, ie, strongarm kill Character (player) or strongarm follow Character (player)

Host feedback: We've gone over this, but here it is again. Your two-shot strong-arm is better used for the kill action. When you're convicted, stick around and fight for the Town. Even if they don't believe you, they'll have your word as your record when you're killed and show up as Town. So, it may not save you, but it will help them. It was a weird role. Watcher/Killer with two-shot strong-arm. Unprecedented. But, if you claimed it, they would know you were telling the truth when you showed up as Town. When you showed up as Town and all you had were weird half-claims, it left the Town totally confused as to who you were and why they never had a vigilante. Think of an overall Town strategy, not just an individual strategy. And never give up. Fight when you're being voted against. It's really the best thing to do. You were active and you played hard. I hope you will develop some more strategies in future games, but good job here.




Samuel, retired mechanic, married to Sarah, played by Sandy - blew himself up in the conclusion (Town)

Background: You and Sarah are the parents of Darlene and Florence. You moved here because they loved the city very much. It reminds you of them and that makes you happy. You’re not sure you want anyone to know this as even the Russian mob might find you a threat. And you already have enough of a problem with them. You have a slight gambling problem. One night while you were playing poker with your friends, you lost a lot of money. Little did you know the game was being run by the mob. Your others friends who lost money that night have since left town. You pay the mafia what you can when you can, but it’s not always even clear to you what they’re taking from you. Sarah would be so disappointed in you if she knew…

Affiliation: Town

Night Action: None

Host feedback: My feedback for you is simple and specific and I think it will really help you in the future. You're a brilliant strategist and you usually have a good idea what is going on. Trust your instincts and work on other possible scenarios behind the scenes. When you're railing against Dragonator and def all day and you suddenly meander into "WhiteFang is acting strange" territory, it makes you seem like a floundered instead of a solid leader. Makes people listen to you a little less and give the scum a wedge to divide you from the Town. Too bad Shadows didn't leave you with more solid evidence. When you have that hunch and need to work on it without evidence, make a good case before going forward with it. The scum found a few holes they were able to exploit and leave doubt with the swing voters. You had this figured out and were playing great. You're always a force to be reckoned with. I hope my advice will strengthen your game. It was a pleasure having you in the game. I was so hoping people would just listen to you!




Sarah, a retired piano teacher, married to Samuel, played by Sirius Black - died mysteriously during Day Two (Town)

Background: You and Sarah are the parents of Darlene and Florence. You moved here because they loved the city very much. It reminds you of them and that makes you happy. You’re not sure you want anyone to know this as even the Russian mob might find you a threat. Your beloved daughters meant the world to you. However, with Samuel by your side, you can conquer anything. You know this mafia threat will pass. Your ex-son-in-law will make sure of it. This peaceful town that your daughters loved so much will be peaceful again, one way or another. Oh, and just to make sure, you take matters into your own hands now and again.

Affiliation: Town

Night Action: Commuter/protector. You take your daughter’s lead and do your best to protect people. Mostly, though, you want your husband protected from losing you. You commute out of the city every night. You cannot be investigated, watched blocked or killed when you leave town. You may choose to protector another player instead, but you cannot protect someone on two consecutive nights. When you protect another player, you become vulnerable to blocking, watching, and killing.

Host feedback: Most unfortunate death of the game. You're the commuter and can't be killed, except by the Serial Killer and that happens on Night One. This broke up the alliance of Shadows/Sandy/Sirius Black that the game mechanics had setup. Shadows was told that he could trust you and Sandy and you were set up to be a leader since you could commute. This was a big loss to the Town. I would've liked to have seen you play more. I really hope to see what you're capable of in future games.




Stanislav, brewery manager, played by Shadows - murdered on Night Three (Town)

Background: You are Ivan’s brother. You moved here from Russia when he was trying to re-invigorate the town. You love your brother very much and you miss his dear wife. You know that her parents are living here too! Your old friends Samuel and Sarah are Darlene and Florence’s parents. They do not remember you from the wedding, and Ivan has told you they want to keep their identity secret, in case the mob thinks of them as a threat. But, you know who they are and you trust them. You are manager of the Hinckley Brewery, a dream come true. You love Hinckley beer! It tastes so fruity! You also feel obligated to protect your little brother and his dead wife’s family. And you are quite crafty and clever…

Affiliation: Town

Night Action: Inventor. You are quite adept at making things. Each night you may gift one of three inventions to another player. 1. A bulletproof vest that they can use to protect themselves. 2. A set of shackles that they can use to block another person and 3. A magnifying glass they can use to investigate another player’s alignment. You have a fourth invention that you only use when you’re sure you need it. It is a false grenade. The person you gift it to will be blown up by it instead of being able to kill another person with it. :devil: You only have enough explosives to make two of these so use them wisely. You cannot gift the same item two nights in a row, you cannot gift to the same person two nights in a row and you may not gift inventions to yourself.

Host feedback: I really wanted you to survive all 3 Baritones games. Too bad you always talk to Draggy and tell him too much! :hmpf: When will you ever learn? Anyway, this was a great role for you and I really wanted you to lead the Town. I was glad you were selected for it. Unfortunately, both Mafias targeted you on the same night and they both wanted you dead. Next time, leave your pre-death last words with some specifics!! I hope we play together in Bloodbrick II. We haven't played together since Werewolf where I got you killed (maybe twice). Now you killed me on Night One of Belleville, so we're even. Let's try not to metagame each other in this one. :blush:




Timur, a firefighter, brother of Donil and Nika, played by Captain Tamamono - murdered during conclusion (Town)

Background: Your family moved here from Russia to pursue the American dream. You had a very tough life over there and you are three very tough people. You come from a long line of civil servants and are proud to serve the good people of Moonlight.

Affiliation: Town

Night Action: None

Host feedback: Will you please change your name to Gutsy McGutson? :tongue: I can't tell you how many times you used that term in this game and were wrong. I rolled my eyes every time. But, remember, Baritones 3 - Day 7 - post 24, your instincts were dead on! You casually guessed the entire strategy of the scum and the wrench that had been thrown in their works. It never went anywhere but you had it exactly. Keep honing those gut instincts and hopefully it won't be a joke in the future. Maybe Tammo's gut instincts will be something Mafia players will fear. :devil:




Vera, a highway patrol officer, played by KartoffelViking - died mysteriously on Day Six (Scum)

Background: When you moved here, you immediately grew to think of “The American Dream” as a punchline. American men must not like redheads. The very idea of taking care of yourself when men should be falling all over you pisses you off. Working for the city has great benefits but your salary is the pits. Your coworker, Dmitri, introduced you to a close friend, Falicia, and you hit it off with them very well. Your life with them has been all about making money and lots of it. It may not be legal, but it’s certainly paying what your job doesn’t…and more!

Affiliation: Scum. You are a member of the hidden scum faction: The Baritones Mafia. To win, you must defeat the Town and The Russian Mafia.

Night Action: Blocker. Each night you may choose one other player to block. Your target will not be allowed to perform their night action on that night, if they have one. You should discuss who to block with the other Baritones but the final decision is yours.

Host feedback: You were hampered by travel and a dog with a taste for dongles. I did think you were the Scum's best chance for winning at one point. You were flying under the radar. You played well on a team. It would've been nice to see how you would've contributed if you weren't so busy, but I have no complaints about your performance. Good job! EDIT: Aha! You were the blocker that proxied his vote to CorneliusMurdock. That was very smart. I thought that was a good strategic move, because it opened a door between you and Cornelius that could've been exploited for Town info or votes. Smart move. I know you were worried about it, but I loved it. :grin:




Wilem, a Moonlight Transist Authority (MTA) employee, played by White Fang - convicted on Day Six (Town)

Background: You moved here from Russia to escape the presence of the Russian Mob there. The fact that they’ve shown up here pisses you off to no end. You want to help the FBI catch these crooks, but they’re not asking for your help with the Mafia. They want you to help in a different way.

Affiliation: Town.

Night Action: Undercover FBI Agent-Antidote. You don’t know what it’s for, but the FBI has given you an antidote to administer to one player each night.

Host feedback: It would be nice to see you be as passionate and fight for the Town before you are convicted. Never give up, either. You gave up on the Town towards the end instead of giving them everything they needed to know once you were convicted. You said everything you needed to probably, but it's harder for people to find wrapped in insults and death wishes. :laugh: Well, I know you are very busy, but I do wish to see you lead the Town. You've played a lot and you usually have a good idea of what is going on. You can really lead the Town if you tried, I think.




Yan, a college student, played by Jim Butcher - murdered on Night Six (Town)

Background: Your girlfriend is pretty rad. You think Catya is the most beautiful and wonderful woman under the sun. You came here with her from Russia to go to the World-renowned Moonlight University. You want to make movies someday and MU has a top-notch production design school. Catya is following a pre-med course. MU might not have the best program, but you have a feeling she would follow you to the ends of the Earth. She expresses concern that you drink too much. You’ve started to worry yourself about your behavior when you drink, and it’s not just the thing with the gerbils…

Affiliation: Town

Night Action: Town drunk/Peeping Tom. Each night you can one other player to watch. You will see who targeted them as well as who they targeted. You are such a nosy little drunk. You may not target yourself.

Host feedback: I was really impressed with you in this game. You did the right thing with your night action and you made the right connections behind the scenes. You were a voice of reason, stuck in a lot of incorrect instincts. The one thing I'm surprised about is that you didn't think people would see through your "I talked to the Peeping Tom" ruse. Duh, really. But, I think you should be really happy with your role in this. I know you feel it was a bit unbalanced, but that is because you were on the right track and trying real hard, I think. When you are working as hard as you were, and you still lose, the things you wanted to see seem impossible to have caught in retrospect. I think this was just a case of bad luck and then some bad judgement from Town swing voters. Thanks for playing so hard. :thumbup:




Yuri, a personal trainer, played by badboytje88 - Murdered on Night Two (Town)

Background: You are an ex-olympic weightlifter. You earned gold for Russia in many previous games. Maybe not all Olympic games…and maybe not all gold….but you’ve definitely been to the Olympics…and you’ve definitely won medals. Either way, you’re a tough guy and you hate the scum invading the precious peaceful city of Moonlight.

Affiliation: Town

Night Action: Tough guy; Bodyguard/Blocker- Each night you may choose to protect or block one player. If you protect a player ,and that player is targeted by a killer, you have a 50% chance of being killed yourself. If you survive, the name of the killer will be revealed to you. If you choose to block a person, they cannot perform their night action on the night that you block them.

Host feedback: You didn't get to do anything! You were a blocked blocker. So weird. My blockers always crash into each other. Hey, don't panic when your block doesn't work. You painted a target on the Town vigilante because you couldn't block her. It's possible you could've been blocked yourself. Find out why before warning people about someone. That wasn't the only thing, but it was the first strike against Roncanator. Take more caution next time. Other than that, good job in the two days you got to play.


Russian Mafia Group PM

Congratulations Scum team and best of luck.

Please set up a writeboard for communication. If you do not know how, contact me using this message and I will set one up for you. If you set one up for yourself, please allow me access to it.

The Russian Mob:


Donil, a police officer, brother of Nika and Timur, played by Waterbrick Down - Blocker


Max, a lawyer, played by Masked Builder – Godfather


Polina, a Moonlight Transit Authority (MTA) employee, played by CallMePieOrDie – Framer


Denis, a construction worker, played by def-hijacker


The Baritones Mafia Group PM

Congratulations Secret Scum team and best of luck.

Please set up a writeboard for communication. If you do not know how, contact me using this message and I will set one up for you. If you set one up for yourself, please allow me access to it.

The Baritones Scum team:


Falicia, a delivery woman, married to Patrick, played by Fugazi - Godfather


Dmitri, a highway patrol officer, married to Raya, played by Dragonator – Investigator/Converter


Vera, a highway patrol officer, played by KartoffelViking - Blocker


Night Actions and daily notes

Night One


Elena investigates Petr. Result: Unsuccessful (Zepher is hijacked)

Ruxana strongarm follows/tracks Bob The Construction Man. Result: Successful (Nobody targets him and he targets nobody)

Sarah commutes. Result: Successful

Stanislav gives Dmitri a bulletproof vest. Result: Successful

Wilem protects Denis from the poisoner. Result: Successful

Yan follows/tracks Petr. Result: Unsuccessful (Zepher is hijacked)

Yuri blocks Roncanator. Result: Unsuccessful (Roncanator is using the strongarm)

This kind of screws Roncanator over. Badboy panics because he couldn't block her. He doesn't consider he could've been blocked, he just assumes she's not blockable.


Denis hijacks Petr. Result: Success (But Zepher has no night action)

This is why you wake up with a headache, Zepher.

Donil blocks Patrick. Result: Success (But Pandora doesn't have a night action)

Waterbrick's results indicate whether the target had a night action or not.

Max kill Raya. Result: Unsuccessful (Rick is bulletproof)

Imagine how different the game would've been if Rick had died on Night One...

Polina frames Denis. Result: Successful (But nobody investigates def)

Pie is given indication as to whether or not his targets were investigated.


Dmitri investigates Samuel. Result: Successful (Sandy is Town)

They are looking for The Russians to convert them to their side.

Falicia kills Eugene. Result: Successful

I remember this causing some controversy, people thinking someone was trying to frame Zepher, but that wasn't The Foog's intention.

Vera blocks Samuel. Result: Successful (But Samuel doesn't have a night action)

Serial Killer

Rick kills Sarah. Result: Success (Sarah targets herself)

This is the only way that Sarah can be killed at night when she chooses to commute. Damn bad luck for the Town and for Sirius Black. Stupid random number generator...Rick also gets the results of a tracker/follower in case he gets tracked he has an excuse. Beefy serial killer role! :grin:


-Players keep dropping suggestions of how they hope the game is setup. I'm usually inclined to say "Oh, I'll tweak that then." But I'm not this time! I'm actually sticking to my setup and keeping it that way. :grin:

-It does annoy me that people hold their suspicions back until it's time to vote. The reason for the 24 hour vote delay is so people have a chance to defend themselves. So, make accusations ASAP so people have a chance to defend themselves. That's called giving all time zones a sporting chance... :hmpf_bad:

-Looks like opening up the voting killed the thread altogether. :sceptic:

-The noobs are idiots. It's surprising how the mostly new players are suspicious of Nika. Makes no sense. CorneliusMurdock made a perfectly sound rebuttal that makes more sense than Eskallon's original accusation. Dorks.

-Smart move of the day: Tie between Sandy proxying her vote to WB or KV proxying his vote to CM.


Night Two


Elena investigates Patrick. Result: Unsuccessful (Inconspicuous is killed)

Ruxana follows/watches Donil. Result: Successful (WaterbrickDown targets badboytje88)

This is horrible luck for Waterbrick since badboy is killed, however he is only blocking him. Both scum teams target badboy on Night Two.

Stanislav gives magnifying glass to Samuel. Result: Unsuccessful (Blocked by KartoffelViking)

Wilem protects JimButcher. Result: Successful

Yan watches/tracks Elena. Result: Successful (Elena targets Pandora but is unsuccessful, and is targeted by Masked Builder)

I give Yan the result of Elena's unsuccessful night action to avoid the confusion caused by WhiteFang being blocked in The Forest and me telling def who he targeted. I do this for all four trackers in the game. These trackers are good roles. They watch and track and see when someone is blocked. Two scum are nailed by trackers/watchers on this night. Max is killed by the poisoner but Yan saw him kill Elena anyway, so it wasn't going to last much longer for him anyway.

Yuri blocks Shadows. Result: Unsuccessful (Blocked)

I have some out-takes from the first Full Moon Festival where I show the triple block scenario. I left it out because it painted MaskedBuilder into a corner. But, what happens is badboy blocks Shadows. Masked Builder blocks badboy and KartoffelViking comes back in and blocks Shadows anyway. Shadows was double blocked and one of his blockers got blocked. *huh* Too many megablocking blockers. Anyway, I learned my lesson from The Forest and took out the footage showing the blockers running into each other. I also gave away the bomb but I'll get into that in more detail later. :grin:


Donil blocks Yuri. Result: Successful (badboy has a Night Action)

See above for the blocking madness of the evening.

Max kills Elena. Result: Successful

Polina frames herself. Result: Successful (Nobody investigates her)


Dmitri investigates Stanislav and Yan. Result: Successful (Both are Town)

As a result of the Full Moon Festival, Draggy gets two investigations.

Falicia kills Yuri. Result: Successful

See? Here's the real evil face behind that cute trash can, R2-D2.

Vera blocks Stanislav. Result: Successful (Stanislav has a night action)

See above for the blocking madness of the evening.

Serial Killer

Raya kills Max. Result: Successful (Max targets Elena)

Full Moon Actions

Dmitri gets two investigations.

Max and Falicia have strongarm kills.

The Baritones are the Dream Whisperers.

The Russians play God.


-Foog is a one man mafia

-Where are people getting all of these theories about vote hijacking??? Voteless and double voter. Granted the double voter is the Godfather, but where's the precedent people are basing these theories on?

-It's Infection all over again as the vanilla townies accuse each other into paranoia. The scum may have an easy walk even with the double vote clue. What's with Zepher's list? Not one scum on it. Hilarious.

-The scum are so lucky that Jim and Zepher are in this stupid fight. They must really love the attention being off of them. Everyone being accused right now is town and mostly vanilla.

-Full Moon Festival. The Foog is brilliant. :laugh: why is the less authentic message the example I gave?

Russians change target to inky from brickdoctor, saving them from the PGO.


Night Three


Ruxana kills Petr. Result: Successful

Stanislav gives Samuel a magnifying glass. Result: Unsuccessful (Shadows is hijacked and then murdered)

As a result of the merge, The Russians lose their kill. Since def is hijacking The Baritones can only choose to kill the target of the hijacking. Otherwise, they forfeit their kill. The Baritones were planning on killing Shadows anyway...

Wilem protects Shadows. Result: Success

Yan follows/tracks Ruxana. Result: Success (Roncanator targets Zepher)

The Baritones

Denis hijacks Stanislav. Result: Successful (def uses inventor role to give CorneliusMurdock a false grenade)

Polina frames Dmitri. Result: Successful (Nobody investigates Draggy)

Dmitri investigates Pandora. Result: Successful (Pandora is Town and a good candidate for conversion.)

There were three Townies that couldn't be converted: Samuel, Sarah & Boris. Every other role could be converted. Those who had night actions would have changed along with it. Rick would not have been revealed as the serial killer had he been converted and his win condition would've stayed the same. God, I wish they had converted Rick. That would've been awesome. :blush: No offense, Pandora. You were awesome, but if Rick was inside the mob and still the serial killer, that would've been awesome!!

Falicia kills Stanislav. Result: Successful

Vera blocks Barbara. Result: Successful (Bob doesn't have a Night Action)

Serial Killer

Raya kills Barbara. Result: Successful (Bob is targeted by KV)


- Roncanator, lurking and not posting after you've been accused looks scummy.

- Def claims that the "no unvote" rule hurts the town. What hurts the town is people making hasty decisions. The rule is meant to force people to actively participate and discuss who is the best vote. It can harm the town, yes, but no more than endless unvoting. It just depends on how much the person thinks about their vote before placing it. Every rule has it's good and it's bad side. It just depends.

-Wow, Sandy sure is thorough looking through those rules of life. :sarcasm: She looked so closely she didn't even see the "vote or die" rule.

-The point of the two-shot strong-arm modifier was so Ruxana could use it to kill with. She can track or kill. I assumed, incorrectly, that it would be obvious the strong arm works better with the kill, but no. She used it to strong-arm track Bob on Night one. *huh*


Night Four


Nika kills Dmitri. Result: Unsuccessful (The grenade is false)

Wilem protects Nika. Result: Successful

Would you look at this? I wonder when I would've caught it. :blush: I'm sure if Nika wouldn't have killed herself I would've seen the error. Makes me feel a little stupid for telling Rick he was successful. But Fangy, you should feel good that this would've been a save had Nika not blown herself up!

Yan watches Dmitri. Result: Unsuccessful (blocked by KartoffelViking)


Dmitri converts Patrick. Result: Successful

Vera blocks Yan. Result: Successful (He does have a night action)

Serial Killer

Raya kills Nika. Result: Unsuccessful (Cornelius Murdock is protected by WhiteFang but kills herself. She targets herself and is targeted by WhiteFang)

I'm extremely embarassed to admit that I told Rick he was successful (yet redundant). I'm confident that I would've caught the mistake if it weren't for CorneliusMurdock using the grenade, but still, it's sloppy on my part.


- Draggy panics. He should sacrifice himself and take some out with him. Offer to investigate someone, say they're scum (if they're town) when they vote that person out they could believe he's insane and kill off Samuel. Although he already said Shadows. Ah well, he should just sacrifice def...

- Sandy says Shadows used code names. Why is anyone listening to her?

- This game is a nice balance. Phew. (I don't remember what made me right this *huh* )

- I would love it if the scum recruited Rick.

- Why is Roncanator not posting?

- Dragonator should investigate JimB. That would be a townie move.

- The scum block JimB and there is no poison kill. Will the scum assume they've caught the SK?


Night Five


Wilem protects Samuel. Result: Successful

Yan follows/tracks Dmitri. Result: Unsuccessful (He is hijacked)


Denis hijacks Yan. Result: Successful (def uses JimButcher's ability to follow/track iamded and sees that he doesn't target anybody, but is "busy.")

Polina frames Dmitri. Result: Successful (But nobody investigates Dmitri)

Dmitri uses his bulletproof vest. Result: Successful (nobody targets Dmitri. Vest is now gone.)

Contrary to his and others' claims, Dragonator is not bulletproof.

Dmitri follows/tracks Wilem. Result: Successful (WhiteFang targets Sandy)

After the conversion, Draggy's investigator role turns into a tracker role.

Falicia kills Pudgy Petra. Result: Successful

Vera blocks Samuel. Result: Success (Sandy doesn't do anything)

Serial Killer

Raya kills Vera. Result: Success (KV targets Sandy)


- Can't I have fun without someone thinking it's a clue???

- God, Baritones 2 was two years ago. Why would I still leave clues in the pictures? Why?! We've advanced past that. Bwah!!! Yeedle!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr

- This Town is so ducked. They think Patrick is scum?? :hmpf:

- Why does CallMePie develop his own strategy and not consult the writeboard?

- Foog gives in to JimB's point too easily. It's logical because it's true but that logic can be turned right around on them. JimB is telling them all to kill an investigator. It'd be best to reply directly to him and call out the faulty logic. Just because people aren't voting right away doesn't mean they're wrong.

- If they take out Draggy, def will follow and maybe Pandora. The best chance the scum have for a win is Kartoffel, Pie and Foog. although they seem to trust Pandora again...


Night Six


Had WhiteFang survived, he would've protected the poisoner from the poisoner.

Irene gives Samuel a magnifying glass. Result: Unsuccessful (Blocked by def)

Yan follows/tracks Raya. Result: Unsuccessful (He is murdered)

What made you target Rick here. I found that interesting. Only one other person suspected him at the time...


Denis blocks Irene. Result: Succesful (She has a Night Action)

Polina frames Dmitri. Result: Successful (Nobody investigates Dmitri)

Dmitri tracks/follows Raya. Result: Succesful (Rick targets def)

I originally planned to start a group PM for Dragonator and Rick if they ever discovered the other's night activities, but I decided that would be too meddlesome. I figured I'd let them talk to each other on their own if they wanted to. And they did. When the scum started working with Rick they wanted me to officially make him scum, which I wouldn't do. I wanted them to play the game of should they be trusting each other. And it appears they did. :grin: I dropped hints that these two were lovers in their role PMs. They were not. I just wanted them to be weary of the other since they both had power roles. :thumbup:

Falicia kills Yan. Result: Successful

Serial Killer

Raya kills Denis. Result: Successful (def targets iamded)

After def is killed his blocker action is passed on, but not the hijacker role. I'm glad I decided to do this as the scum were discussing hijacking Rick. This way they had to work with him. The hijacker and the false inventor were both intended to not be handed down from the beginning.


- Draggy loves to jump the gun. Way too early to try to frame WhiteFang. I would pay to see the look on Draggy's face when he sees KartoffelViking get poisoned. :laugh:

- Meanwhile, KV was the first target Rick chose. I don't understand why. Just night action I suppose.

- The other Mafia School: Paradisa kids don't trust Pandora.

- I love this game because even the scum and serial killer are confused.

- I know who the scum are and I would follow Fugazi's lead. Good point about Stan's message carrying less risk than Dmitri's.

- Pandora should always be listened to. She's right about Rick being the poisoner and iamded being the Inventor.

- Pie is a speed reader or something but not good with comprehension.

- Tammo, undetectable does not mean a ninja. It just means investigation immune. It also doesn't mean that if they're targeted for a kill they kill their attacker. That's just dumb. :tongue:

- Pie keeps ignoring great suggestions, especially Pandora's and dismissing and just suggesting to look for the poisoner. He has no ideas for how, he just keeps saying it. In the meantime, Pandora's first suggestion for possible poisoner is Rick, who is the poisoner.

- Speaking of the poisoner, WhiteFang's final action before being lynched is to protect the poisoner.

- My favorite language is Fanglish.

- If the Town knows better why'd they convict Wilem so fast in the first place. (What the hell did I write this about? I have no idea.)


Night Seven


Has no powers to be used tonight.

iamded is the only Townie left with a Night Action.

Polina frames Dmitri. Result: Successful

Dmitri follows/watches Raya. Result: Successful (Rick targets Brickdoctor)

Falicia kills Irene. Result: Successful

Technically, this kill marks the end of the game as it takes place before the poisoning, but who's counting at this point?

Patrick blocks Timur. Result: Successful (He doesn't do anything)

Patrick gives Samuel a gun. Result: Successful

Serial Killer

Raya strong-arm kills Boris. Result: Successful (He targets nobody)


- After def is poisoned, I hope the scum think to use him as a scapegoat.

- Draggy should be cursing me more. The repeated "aw, shucks. This sucks" is getting stale and transparent.

- Day 7 post 24. Tammo's instincts are correct for the first time ever.

- At this point it can go either way. It's all up to Rick.

- I would bet Rick wants to win this alongside Pandora. That's probably why he's killing scum. If any of the Baritones are to approach Rick, it's best to be Pandora.

- I love how people stick to assumption as fact. Pandora believes Rick has been killing low posters.

- Foog has been so smooth this entire game and suddenly he's panicking. He think Rick is the vigilante. I guess Roncanator not using his night action had it's benefits in the end.

- Yeah, Quarry, your efforts for the town were tireless :hmpf: it's a shame you put in such hard work only to lose in the end. :sarcasm_hmpf:

- Metagaming is a bad thing, considering how many assumptions were based off my previous game's mechanics. Metagaming should be avoided. Twice I've heard Sandy say Shadows was in scum mode during a game and he's been town in both. Let Shadows play the game people. Too many night actions focus on him early on. He'll never be able to get away with having a night action and when he dies have one people assume he's up to no good. Just an example of why we shouldn't listen to metagaming. Nothing against Sandy.


Clues in pictures:


  • Sandy is the Gamorrean Guard.
  • Shadows is the witch. He's trying to give her a magnifying glass. (In the out-takes, there's a scene where you see all of the blocks. I deleted it as it gave WaterbrickDown nowhere to go after he was spotted by Roncanator)
  • KartoffelViking is the queen. I mix up my blocker costumes and give him the hula girl on the night he's poisoned.
  • JimButcher is the Viking.
  • WhiteFang is the pharaoh. He is injecting Jim with the antidote. Nobody noticed...
  • Masked Builder is Padme.
  • Stash2Sixx's character, the arsonist, from Baritones I is there.
  • The magnifying glass does mean Elena is the investigator.
  • Rick is the mad scientist, duh.


Vera and Samuel are dancing for no reason. There is dynamite at Sandy's feet however, to signify she's the bomb. How would anyone know this? Look at this:


  • Vera is the hula girl this time, being poisoned by Rick.
  • WhiteFang injects Sandy.
  • Petra is the wrestler.
  • Falicia is R2-D2.
  • There is a sausage between the cheerleader and the clown but the "nighttime" effect has blocked it out. :blush:


Vera is pictured in the background, blocking Sandy. Had people been paying attention as close as they do to some other stuff, they'd have seen that Sandy was the bomb.

There are no clues in any other pictures.



This was originally in Day Three's opener. However, showing who all was blocked would've painted WaterbrickDown into a corner. Knowing that Roncanator has tracked him, there was way too much info in these pictures. Even if he hadn't been tracked, there was too much being shown. I really liked the progression of the clown/cheerleader perversion in the background. :blush:


The Musketeer stops the witch in the street.

"I don't think you should be doing what you're trying to do." The Musketeer said.


The hula girl stepped in and bopped the Musketeer on the head with a maraca.

"Oh, let the witch go," the hula girl said.


"As I was saying," said the witch, but the queen was too quick...

"Oh no," said the queen, "I don't think you should be doing what you're trying to do either."


On Night One I take pictures with the wrong character. I accidentally grab Yuri instead of Eugene. :blush:


Before the second Full Moon Festival, Carter's ghost was going to show up to warn Ivan and Agent Hottie about the dangers about to happen. However, I thought the cameo wasn't worth the metagaming his presence could cause. Sandy is also an old man who is a "traitor." In Baritones I the scum told Carter who to vote for. I could never get away with that today. Either way, Carter was converted to scum in Baritones I. I was afraid his presence would make people turn on Sandy, so I left him out.


Here is my favorite mistake: The pile of bodies in the road. :blush:


And of course, mixing up the masked killers during the first Full Moon Festival.



Overall Game Analysis:



I wanted to give the Town powerful roles, but leave about half with roles and at least half vanilla. In Werewolf everyone seemed to have a role, so it was easy to verify people. Vanilla townies are important and I wanted a big group that needed to focus on the day threads to get info or play a good game behind the scenes. Unfortunately, there are still people who think vanilla townie means they only have to stop by once a day and vote: not true. And disappointing when people play that way.


Watcher/Tracker: A role who targets a person and sees who they target and who targets them. They can even see if a person targeted someone but wasn't successful. Why so powerful? Because this is a great role to have with 28 people running around, with two investigation-immune Godfathers and a bulletproof, investigation-immune Serial Killer. One person who can put together a lot of information is very beneficial to the Town. This is a major advantage to have someone who can see all three of these things.

Watcher/Tracker/Vigilante: Undercover FBI Agent. A person with FBI training, can follow and track people or kill. Same powers as the Watcher/Tracker. Why two ridiculously powerful watchers? Again, 28 people running around, two Godfathers that are undetectable by investigation and a bulletproof, investigation-immune serial killer, trackers are important. The Town needs two. And to kill with three blockers, have a two-shot strong-arm modifier. This also gives the town a killer who can inform themselves about what people are doing at night.

Commuter/Protector: Can either keep themselves safe from all other Night Actions or stick around and protect someone else. Can be a powerhouse to lead the Town since the scum can't get him/her at night. But can choose to protect when extra protection is needed.

Blocker/Bodyguard: Roleblocking is important, but this person can choose to guard a person at night instead. When they do, they have a 50% chance of being killed themselves. However, if they are not killed the name of the attacker is revealed to them. Bodyguard is a role that people are intrepidatious to use, so this person can block other players until they feel they are ready to guard someone. Blocker knows if they've blocked someone with a night action or not.

Investigator: A typical investigator.

Inventor: Just in case there aren't enough actions, this role can invent gifts and give them to other players that block, protect or investigate. He also has a two-shot false grenade gift that blows up a person if they use it.

Antidote: The only player that can stop the poisoner.

Paranoid Gun Owner: Shoots the first player to target him/her/

Bomb: Detonates when killed taking the killer with them. In this case, is also voteless to counter The Godfather's double vote and point a finger in Max's direction.


With 28 players, there should be about 7 scum. That's a lot of people to work together and they can make a very strong strategy. That's a lot of minds to work together against an uninformed majority. So I split them up to start. The Baritones are looking to find the Russians to merge. If they convert a Russian, they kill the Russian Godfather and absorb the other members. If they convert the Godfather, their Godfather is killed and they are absorbed by the Russians. If the Russians convert any of them, the Baritones lose their Godfather and absorb the remaining Baritones members. The Russians don't know they can merge until their Godfather dies and Sneaky Pete offers them a chance to merge. This is all a ridiculously complicated way to keep them separate in the beginning and give them something to do besides kill Town. Each merger or conversion forces them to take a night off of killing.


Hijacker: Only available on odd nights, the hijacker can use his/her target's night action for one night.

Blocker: Standard roleblocker with the added bump of knowing if they've blocked someone who was using a night action or if their target had nothing to do.

Godfather: Can kill or convert. He only gets one conversion and can't kill and convert on the same night. He gets a double vote. He shows up as Town in investigations so the double vote is meant to hint that he is up to something. I didn't think this would be so obvious. I won't use it again.

Framer: Their target appears the opposite of their actual affiliation when investigated. He/she is told when their target is investigated.


Investigator/Converter: Looking for a Russian mob member to convert. The investigation will not show if the target is Godfather or not. After the merge, he/she is told if their target is a candidate for conversion. After the conversion, this role converts to a watcher/tracker.

Godfather: Investigation-immune. Has the final call on who gets killed and can kill him/herself or send another mafia member to do it.

Blocker: Standard roleblocker with the added bump of knowing if they've blocked someone who was using a night action or if their target had nothing to do.

Serial Killer:

Poisoner: Target dies 24 hours into the next day. Can only be stopped by the Antidote. (He/she can be blocked)

Investigation-immune: Shows up as Town.

Bulletproof: Can't be killed at night but doesn't know it. This does make it much harder for him to strategize.

Tracker/Watcher: Has the same power role the Town and Scum have to strategize and have something to give results on if caught targeting someone.

Yes, the most powerful Serial Killer we've had on Eurobricks. I'd like to set the precedent of beefing up this role. Maybe not this beefy, but I found on Mafiawiki, this role is usually very powerful. Welcome, Age of the Serial Killer! :devil_laugh: I did give this what I could to make it possible to win, only slightly outside what Mafiawiki recommends. The addition of the tracker/watcher isn't exactly an advantage for role-claiming. Trackers (in a Town that already has two) is usually a suspicious role claim.

After the conversion:


Inventor: I give the Town another inventor because most of their Night Actions are gone. This time, the inventor can make one-shot guns. Can only be used on even nights.


False Inventor: Can invent six inventions, each one doing the opposite of what it says it can do. The magnifying glass gives a false investigation. The protection action blocks and vice versa. The gun is a land mine and there is a ridiculous pair of binoculars that investigates but inadvertently kills the target. They can only give out one of these. Can only be used on odd nights.

The Town needed another action, but the Scum couldn't be punished for doing well, so they get a balancing role. The false inventions are given on odd nights and the normal ones on even nights. This is meant to be inventor vs. inventor but it is too late in the game to get this going. Neither one ever uses these roles...

So, does that seem balanced? It did to me. The scum and serial killer are halfway through the Town's actions by Night Three. The game is solidly in action at this point and the Town lynches a Scum and the poisoner gets the Russian Godfather. So, it can still go either way. The Scum is caught by Shadows and there'a a hard press to get rid of def and Draggy. The Town is very close to running through the Mafia and the Serial Killer is taking out Scum. The balance was there. It was rickety and the Town didn't know how close they were, but it was there. The powers didn't diminish for the Scum as they did for the Town, but the two crazy roles for the Scum didn't pass down so they lost their ability to hijack. When Pandora was converted, I saw the chance to try to boost the Town back up with a power role, but it didn't work out. The Town could've won this. There were three trackers that could find the Serial Killer. Even on Day Five when Wilem is killed, the Town still has a chance to win it. Those who knew how to win it must feel it was unbalanced, especially when you see the roles all in one place. It was a lot to be up against. Perhaps I will add another investigator for the Town in the future. I didn't expect the inventor and the investigator to be killed. From my perspective, there was a town block that knew how to win it and had figured it out. The only thing that was missing was the votes. That is not to take away from the Scum and how well they used their night actions. Powerful roles aren't any good without a thorough strategy and the Scum have one. Not to mention, the do work very well together. Unfortunately, the Scum find the Serial Killer and he really had no choice but to work with them. I didn't tell him he was bulletproof for the very reason that he couldn't skip off with the game. He had to be careful and make informed choices in case someone came after him at night. He was protected from being killed at night but not given the power of having that knowledge. If anything lost it for the Town it's that the "swing voters" were easily duped by the Scum. The Town alliance of logical people just didn't have the votes...or the Night gain any ground.

I deem my game: balanced. However, I can see how things were pretty extreme in this game and could be seen as unbalanced, especially for the Townies who were actually working. I will take all feedback into consideration before starting my next game. Thanks again, everybody! This was a ton of fun for me and I really enjoy playing with all of you. Thanks for making it fun for me and for having fun yourselves. Mafia is cool. Thanks for making it cooler. :wub_drool:

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Congratulations scum, the town definitely deserved to lose this one. :thumbup:

Apart from that.. don't have much to say really, I knew I should have skipped this one, but I didn't. So I'm at least partially to blame for this townie fiasco, sorry about that :blush:

Awesome job on hosting this Hinckley, as usual. :wub:

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What can I said... I have been ranting and ranting, even when I am dead... I got so much thoughts in my head and I ought to pin it down! Damn all of you TOWNIES... You people deserved to lose this... :angry:

I wasn't even joking, when you guys don't even treat me seriously...

This is total crap... I CAN'T BELIEVE after my clear innocent death that all of you didn'ttry and convict Draggy... I almost burn Draggy tail on the day that I was convicted. But, it was total crap. I fought like hell for the town and worked my megablocks in private, trying very hard to convince others, but ends up not many of you can trusted me! DAMN it, if I told all of you that I am the bloody protector against the serial killer, I think more than half of the members will not even believe me. However, I did tell a few in private but it does not help anyway. But now I know that there are so many scums, standing tall and high! :hmpf_bad:

I also must apologise that I wasn't active during the earlier days, except Day 1, resulting others thinking that I was converted. But hell no, I was just a little busy with my real life, and I did try my very best to stand up a fight. I am short of allies, and the ones that I protected, didn't end up killed by Rick... I like the way he choose his targets and my suspicions was one of the highly notable EB members among us.

Still, I enjoyed this game and I am very happy to note that Sky is ALIVE. :wub:

And, being myself, again and again, and I don't know why I am always assigned with roles related to FBI but geez, this is like the whole Edgar experience all over again, just that this time Edgar didn't survive along like Sky in Baritones I.

Hinck, I truly enjoy this and I am going to write and comment more! I got so many thoughts flying in my mind right now...

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Thanks for an amazing game, Hinck! As always, it was a wonderful visit to Moonlight, even if it was in the company of idiots and morons.


When a megablocking proven townie has given you two scum names after fighting all day to get the town to kill it's one and only scum in the game, megablocking LISTEN! Take a chance and kill one of them, it's not that difficult. Then the next day you kill the other one because I was right. Guess how the game ends then? GUESS!

How pathetic is it that it took the poisoner to kill Denis, and unfortunately, you let Dmitri drag you on so long that the same poisoner was able to save him by joining their side.

Good god, people. :laugh:


Just a game. It's just a game. Just. A. megablocking. Game. :wacko:

It was lovely seeing Florence, my love, once again and knowing that Ivan will be happy and eventually returning, along with Darlene and Agent Sky! Woohoo!

And Agent Hottie has no gag reflex. :wub_drool:

Morons* :hmpf_bad:

*Note: iamded is excluded from this for actually, I don't know, THINKING? Good job, Amy, you just didn't have anyone to work with.

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Apart from that.. don't have much to say really, I knew I should have skipped this one, but I didn't. So I'm at least partially to blame for this townie fiasco, sorry about that :blush:

No, you did good! At least, you voted Draggy instead of me! :pir_kiss:


When a megablocking proven townie has given you two scum names after fighting all day to get the town to kill it's one and only scum in the game, megablocking LISTEN! Take a chance and kill one of them, it's not that difficult. Then the next day you kill the other one because I was right. Guess how the game ends then? GUESS!

How pathetic is it that it took the poisoner to kill Denis, and unfortunately, you let Dmitri drag you on so long that the same poisoner was able to save him by joining their side.

Good god, people. :laugh:


I completely agrees, even though it took me a day late, to go for your case. :sadnew:

It was lovely seeing Florence, my love, once again and knowing that Ivan will be happy and eventually returning, along with Darlene and Agent Sky! Woohoo!

:wub: :wub: :wub:

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No, you did good! At least, you voted Draggy instead of me! :pir_kiss:

Nah, it was too little, too late.

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Thanks Hinck, for another well crafted game. :thumbup:

Two quick apologies, one to Hinck for being really bitchy game day one. I was really frustrated to see so many half-assed townie types. Big Cam was pretty obviously innocent! It was frustrating, but then, I just went with it, and lo and behold, scum won. So no need to complain :classic:

And to Sandy, I was somewhat waging psychological warfare on you in places :cry_sad: I felt kind of bad and scaled it back where I could. But I needed to sound frustrated, much like WF was. Sorry, I don't really think you smoke crack.

@ Shadows, if you had had Roncanator kill me instead of Zepher, probably Dragonator would have been taken out next by town. But by condemning Zepher, it was a lot easier to challenge your 'gut'. The PM I sent to you was sincere, but I wish I waited until after the game to send it.

The only stress I really had was around day four when the vote on Shadows started. Four people voted for him, and a few others stated that they were tempted, but Shadows, Draggie, and Pandora made it out that I had some axe to grind with him. It was really disappointing for me, since grudges have no place in mafia (though it was my idea to kill you night two, Inky :wink: ). If people think I stated he was suspicious simply because I'm out to get him irrationally, well, that would make me an unpleasant person to have in the game. Ironically, I was the main person who stated a reason he was suspicious, the others were relying on their gut... Maybe it was psychological warfare against me. Oh well, no grudges on my part.

One concern I had were some of the posts in the confirmation/discussion page, which, while meant to be innocuous, could influence the game. Zepher wrote about my meta-gaming in a way that was meta-gaming, Eskallon wrote that he is always town while he was still alive, Shadows writing that he was laughing at town (meaning, to me, just megablocking kill Draggie), and WF's complaints about things before his allegiance was revealed which might affect townie night actions... They're little things, but they tweak the way players might interpret things...

I don't know if I will have a discussion thread active in my next game. What do you folks think? Am I being anal about those points?

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I don't know if I will have a discussion thread active in my next game. What do you folks think? Am I being anal about those points?

Hmm, it's an interesting idea. My initial reaction was along the lines of "He's mad!", but I think it would be worth a try. It will mean those of us who're not playing won't have any possibility for commenting anything though, but that's a minor issue. So you should at least try it. :classic:

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I'd like to say "I knew it" but I really didn't. I'll talk about this more later, but I'm somewhat shocked about a few of them. Not all of them, though.

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@ Shadows, if you had had Roncanator kill me instead of Zepher, probably Dragonator would have been taken out next by town. But by condemning Zepher, it was a lot easier to challenge your 'gut'.

If Zepher learns that mass messaging people on day 1 to collect information is about the scummiest looking thing you can do, I promise to never try to get him killed for it again. :laugh: As for it making it easier to challenge my gut, that's only because the town was particularly weak this time. In reality, everyone who was participating had challenged someone strongly at some point, so it really shouldn't have stood out that much (nor do I think it did, not enough people were paying attention for it to matter).

The word of the day is apathy. :laugh:

At least you have to admit, if I'd had any kind of grudge against you, it would have been the easiest chance for a quick kill. Don't think I don't regret it now. :wink:

Shadows writing that he was laughing at town (meaning, to me, just megablocking kill Draggie)


I don't know if I will have a discussion thread active in my next game. What do you folks think? Am I being anal about those points?

Can't answer for anyone else, but yeah, it was a lot of WTF are you people doing, but that didn't only relate to voting for Draggy. I can't remember what it was specifically, but someone said something that was just so ridiculously stupid that I couldn't stop laughing, and later I debated the fairness of that post (and then Hinck sent a "hey, watch it!" pm about it, but overall I felt it was vague enough to be taken a number of ways, if anyone was even paying that much attention.

As for having a discussion thread, I don't know where I stand on that. It's a terrible temptation to make an inappropriate comment, but it would seem odd not to have it. Might be worth a try.

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I can't believe we made it. *huh*

That was a mission and a half. Thank you so much to all my fellow team mates, we struggled through all the twists and barriers put in our way and somehow managed to pull through, so good job everyone. :wub: Special thanks to Fugazi for making sure our night actions were coordinated in the first few days when I was particularly busy and couldn't be around much. And thanks for taking all our ball busting CallMePie, you made fantastic stress relief. :tongue: Sorry we lost you at the end there def, but thanks to your death we were able to win anyway, so a real team effort all around. We worked very well together I feel, it was a pleasure to play with you all.

I'd like to make one note. I wasn't lying when I claimed my investigation results! I was an investigator, and I did investigate those people. Just, not quite the type of investigator you all thought I was. :grin:

Fangy, thanks for taking your death so well, I had to be pretty ruthless in my attack on you that day to make it convincing. I could tell you were going to be a threat, so I thought it would be best to take you out right then and there. Really well played.

Shadows, we really should have killed you a day earlier. :laugh: I had fun playing our usual little banter game in PM, trying to figure each other out. Maybe one day we'll finally get to play on the same team again!

Who else is there to mention. Maybe... our host? :wink: Really, really awesome game Hinck. The interludes were funny without being intrusive or frustratingly full of clues, the game days were always prompt if not early, photography was fantastic... you set a high standard for future game hosts, that is for sure! I never want to see that damn popcorn emoticon again though!!! :sing:

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Well done Hinkley on hosting a great game and wll done to the Baritones mafia for winning :thumbup: . The hostin was funny :laugh: And I'm looking forward. To Baritones 4 :thumbup:

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How much fun was that y'all.

Draggy, if I was still alive, you'd be dead. I'm with all the other dead people in saying GOOD GOD. How did you not convict him. I was skimming, at best, the day threads and I would have voted for Draggy in a heart beat.

As for everyone... I may have sort of screwed up this game! I tried something new, it didn't pan out, but hey, if I played the same exact game every time I'd get bored. So I figured something different out.

:hmpf_bad: Shadows you doofus. I would never contact a crap-load of people if I was scum. You know I'm a better player than that. But oh well. It turns out it wasn't a particularly good move for town as well.

Hinckley, you are an inspiration. Three awesome games, all in the same town. How the hell do you do it?

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Great game Hinckly! It was certainly very entertaining to watch... :laugh:

Congrats to the winners!

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Well, I feel like an idiot. I thought there might've at least been a chance the grenade would have worked. Would've been a different game if Draggy was the one in little pieces instead of me.

In my defense, I knew there was a chance it was rigged no matter what Hinck said. But Shadows died the night I got the grenade and I figured there was a chance it was from him and legit. And I had to try it. I was 80% sure Draggy was scum and thought if I could take him out that it would really help us.

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I knew CMP, Draggy, Foog, and Panda were scum! I knew it! (although I figured they were on two different teams) :laugh:

Good game, guys; congratulations to the winners! You guys all played great games, and you deserve the win! :thumbup:

And Hinckley, thank you so much for hosting this amazing game and letting me be a part of it!

Here's why I didn't just vote Draggy and urge everyone else to vote for him as well:

Iamded had contacted Sandy on Day 5 (I think?) and told her that he was the new inventor. Sandy and JimB and I already had a PM going between the three of us, and we were willing to let iamded prove himself by giving Sandy an item. The next day, Sandy comes back saying that iamded claimed that he couldn't use his action until Night 6. At this point I was pretty skeptical of his action, but still willing to give him a chance. The next day, Sandy comes back saying that iamded claimed he had been blocked. I pretty much called megablocks there and ignored what iamded had to say in the Day threads. Why oh why did I not listen to him? :ugh:

I had convinced myself that Doc was a Russian by the end of Day 7, but I decided to switch my vote over to Draggy because of how fast the votes were stacking up against Quarryman. By that point it was obvious who the scum were, but there was nothing I or any of the other townies could do. :sceptic: That Day 7 was so similar to the Bloodbrick's Asylum Day 7.

Anyways, I had a fantastic time playing, and I certainly hope that I'll be able to get in to future games despite my guts in Belville and my imaginary Russians in this game. :grin:

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Well, at least I went out with a BANG. :grin: I think this marks the first time I've made it to the conclusion without surviving, too.

First of all, I would like to thank Hinckley for the fantastic game and the brilliant and hilarious visuals. I knew it was going to be a challenge, but I had no idea how much of a challenge it would turn out to be. As a vanilla townie, I really just had to blindly trust or distrust people.

I actually did manage to form a solid alliance first with Zepher and badboytje and then with JimButcher and Captain Tamamono, and we would've included iamded into it if we'd only gotten a confirmation that he really had inherited the inventor night action from Shadows. So calling the town "unorganized" isn't really fair - how could anyone ever fully organize the Town, anyway, since the townies have no idea who are on their side and who are not. I was constantly afraid one of my allies was a mole for the mafia, but fortunately that wasn't the case. Although, little good it did to us in the end.

So yeah, I do think this game was unwinnable for us since very early, with all of our power roles killed off in the first few days. Convicting Draggy proved to be impossible, and there really was nobody else to clearly accuse (although we were onto Pandora very early on, hence my attempts to make her slip something). And townies were killed almost three by three each day, so the game very fast turned for the scum's advantage. It was really a shame some people were so inactive, but I guess it shows it's not a good idea to start with that many players... :sceptic:

Looking back on Day 7, it's obvious we had already lost. Even if Brickdoctor had voted for Draggy, it would've been a tie and there would've just been another Full Moon Festival filled with townies dying.

Anyway, it was a fun game, congratulations to the winning side! At least this time I don't have that "bamboozled" feeling, so it was a fair fight. :tongue:

One question though: how the hell I couldn't vote for the first two days?!

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:hmpf_bad: Shadows you doofus. I would never contact a crap-load of people if I was scum. You know I'm a better player than that. But oh well. It turns out it wasn't a particularly good move for town as well.

Now you'll try it as scum and claim you'd never do it if you were. I'm already on to you! :tongue:

One question though: how the hell I couldn't vote for the first two days?!

Same way I couldn't give you the magnifying glass for two days, hijackings. I assume we were targeted by different families, since it would be ridiculous for one to be able to hijack two people.

They also earned the right to make the rule changes that hampered the town after fool moons, if I understand correctly.

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It was a fun game, but really, I would have voted for Draggy on the last day. How could you not do that after his wrongful claim?


When a megablocking proven townie has given you two scum names after fighting all day to get the town to kill it's one and only scum in the game, megablocking LISTEN! Take a chance and kill one of them, it's not that difficult. Then the next day you kill the other one because I was right. Guess how the game ends then? GUESS!

How pathetic is it that it took the poisoner to kill Denis, and unfortunately, you let Dmitri drag you on so long that the same poisoner was able to save him by joining their side.

Good god, people. :laugh:


Well, we hadn't been told any evidence or any reasons, just that you're 100% they're scum. And you had been wrong about Zepher, although that was a minor issue to me. Honestly, how did you figure them out? To me, Sandy was perfectly suspect after she had revealed that. :hmpf::grin:

Oh well, the scum just had managed to kill most of our nicht actions, so I suppose we didn't really have a chance after a few days. It was still a fun game. Interesting idea about the mobs taking over each other. And the cut scenes were simply :wub:, especially the conviction of Quarryman.

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One question though: how the hell I couldn't vote for the first two days?!

Doesn't your character PM saying something about you owing the mafia money and you pay them when you can, but you're not even sure exactly what they're taking from you? They were taking your vote. You were voteless and Max had a double vote. I'm glad Max died when he did because it was somewhat agonizing realizing how many people were out to get this "vote hijacker." The only other time I remember seeing a voteless player was in Werewolf. There was a double voter and a voteless player and they just balanced each other out. Nobody wanted to kill WhiteFang over it, but for some reason, in this game, people were freaking out about it. You were voteless until Max died. Plain and simple.

def, I wouldn't reccomend not having a discussion thread because then there's no place for non-players to post. People like to comment on what they're seeing. Also, it'll cause a lot of OOC: posts to go into the game. I think we just need to be better about not posting game talk in there. If the players only post in the discussion thread if they need to let people know we're going to be away, that'd be better.

It's funny, I would've brought the hammer down harder on the exact people you brought up in your complaint but I actually held back thinking of you complaining about how I was being too anal about the rules. I didn't feel like having another discussion with you about the game setup. That being said, thank you for the apology. It really means a lot. It put me in a pretty bad mood to be defending my hosting quality halfway through Day One. But, it did have the very positive effect of teaching me how to let it all just roll off my back. But apologizing to me feels fantastic, because now I feel less like I need to ignore you and more like you just had a bad day. I really appreciate you apologizing. And I think some of the points you made during that rant were pretty good and worthy of some further discussion in The Dragon's Den.

I'm at work, so I'll have more feedback for others and additional info and comments as the day progresses...

EDIT: Just to rub it in real quick, for those of you saying how easy it was to spot Pandora as scum, you actually didn't start suspecting her, in thread, until the first day she was scum. So, you were all basing your suspicions on her behavior as a townie. It was all a very odd mix of strange judgement. I'll be more specific later.

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Okay, I've had my share of mafia fakes, but I actually believe Raya's innocence up until Boris died. :roflmao: And hey, if I hadn't brought up thinking they were Lovers, I was almost sure we would've targetted Samuel. It was a good suspicion, dammit.

I cannot believe Draggy managed to get out of the conviction after Wilem was.

And now the Russians can live on. :devil_laugh:

Thanks for the game, Hinck! Best I've played so far. :moar:

By the way, there were two mafias, me and def were just inducted into the Baritones when Mask and Waterbrick got killed.

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I cannot believe Draggy managed to get out of the conviction after Wilem was.

Considering that after Rick allied with the scum there was no way a conviction against a non-Townie could be made it's not hard to believe.

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Wow, what a game! From the time I was convicted I thought it was over for the mafia seeing as how Dimitri and Def were brought under the gun the very next day. I've still got to read through all the posts in the conclusion again, but I'm in between classes at the moment so I'm skimming. Great game Hinck, I'm townie biased myself so I can't imagine the frustration you and all the other killed townies had to be feeling these last few days. Dragonator surviving two lynches, that was epic :thumbup:

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Considering that after Rick allied with the scum there was no way a conviction against a non-Townie could be made it's not hard to believe.

Yeah, but we still needed at least one townie to vote with us.

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