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Rebellion Dragon Fighter

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After a few months of lego building break I finally found some time to get back in business :laugh: . Here is my first MOC after the break. Enjoy.

The custom build star fighter is a one man, non droid operated vessel. Two front guns are located under the cockpit. The whole cockpit is heavily armoured and gives the pilot some kind of security. The back of the fighter is kinda bare. The engine is modified to give the ship some extra power and move the heavy front at some proper speed. The real surprise is the moving wings. They can turn 180 degrees left and right. This feature gives the ship advantage in fast maneuver.

Whole view


Cockpit (it resembles a dragons head, hence the name)




Moved Wings


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I do so love moving wings. Slave I, the Halo, and the Jedi Shuttle were really interesting to me. Your ship not only has this, but a nice amount of greebling on the back, and a good ship in general. Nice work. :thumbup:

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Interesting craft 'Plissken', a T-6 ideas fused with WWII fighter designs. :wink:

May the Eurobrick be with you ! :wink:

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