TARDIS: Interior & Exterior in LDD

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Before I go to the actual MOC, I want to thank Doctor Sinister for creating the instructions for his TARDIS design. Without it, I would never have built my TARDIS interior.

Now here are the pictures:


Both the inside and outside of the TARDIS side to side.


The inside contains a Sonic Screwdriver holder plus several computer panels and switches.


The outside is in the shape of a classic 1963 Police Public call box.


The TARDIS flying through Time & space. I used a reverse color image of a desktop background

I found on my Computer, and then added the TARDIS.


The Doctor in the TARDIS. (The actual suit I use in real life is this Alien Conquest suit.)

Here is the LXF file.


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This is a great to scale Tardis

Will do it for my daughter and hopefully she will love it as much as I do

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It's bigger on the inside.

Great! I really like tour TARDIS interior. I may have to steal (err borrow) this.

Andy D

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wow! This is an old thread of mine I thought I'd never see again!

if you are interested, here is the updated version of the box.


(I just changed the color to dark blue!)

And just for kicks, here is Unikitty from the LEGO Movie and her TARDIS:



I was fiddling with this model today, and came up with a better color scheme. I also added a companion for Unikitty, Joey the Snail. (His name was snagged from my sisters old blog / project: "The Little Green Frog Blog". )

Background: After leaving Cloud Cuckoo Land immediately following the events of the LEGO movie, Unikitty goes on an adventure with Benny thge 1980's-something-space-guy across the universe to a planet where snails and Frogs can talk. She manages to convince one glasses-wearing snail named Joey to go with her and Benny to the planet of Gallifrey, as Benny & Joey are huge Doctor Who fans. Benny manages to find the planet in a secondary universe but cannot land. Unikitty & Joey manage to get to the surface and borrow a TARDIS. They paint it in Cuckoo Land pastel colors and then accidentally send themselves hurtling through time and space to an unspecified destination, leaving Benny to fend for himself.

That's all I have so far.

LDD file:

NOTE: The sonic screwdriver is supposed to have this jewel part on top: and one of these parts on top of the console:

....and yes, Unikitty fits in the Bessie. (the car)

Any questions?

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