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MOC Post Office & MOD Postal Truck

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This post office was designed in response to Winter Post Office set 10222. It includes a complete second floor unlike the 1/2 floor in the orginal set. The truck is almost the same as the original, except the snowshoe holder is missing, among other things.

Here are the Pictures:


The post office with postal truck.


The second floor has the sorting & bagging rooms, while the first floor has the waiting room and some boxes of mail ready to go to the second floor.


The street view.

I plan on ordering this model eventually be ordered and built. I already have the truck from a diffrent model, now I just need the post office itself.

Here is the file if you want it.

Also, Comments, Questions, & Complaints are, as always, welcome.

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Isn't that large bay window awesome? I used the same technique for a MOC I've designed in LDD, just need to wait lord-knows-how-long to have the money to order the parts now :D

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Excellent LDD creation 'Murdoch17', except no gutters on the roof and no sign on the building saying or trying to say 'Post Office'....perhaps some tiling on the floor might help the appearance a bit more too. :wink:

LDD On 'Murdoch17' ! :grin:

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