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I am looking to fill some holes in my collection, I wont be able to buy all at once, ideally for the minifigures I would like to buy a few at a time to help with postage costs.

I am based in the uk so for the large sets please bear this in mind.

Top want:

All six Indiana jones temple of doom minifigures (and I want the shankara stones too)

Star wars minifigures:

Shadow Arf trooper

Original watto

Genosians and red battle droids

Non light up mace windu

Kashyyk scout trooper

Wedge antilles

Jawas x multiple

Owen Lars

Printed leg stormtroopers


Probot droid



All the cloud city figures


Bomar monk

Spiderman figures

Doc ock (all versions)

Jewel theif

Mary Jane

Light blue spiderman

Green goblin (both versions)

Batman figures


All versions of batman

Mr freeze

Two face




Bruce Wayne


Complete sets:

Top want:

10144 sandcrawler

6211 ISD

7778 Falcon

20016 mini shuttle

Harry potter:

Hogwarts express

The burrow

Indiana jones:

The race for the stolen treasure

Shanghai chase

I have cash waiting, as well as some Lego star wars to trade. I also have a lot of vintage star wars figures I am willing to trade against Lego on my wants list :)


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I am currently looking for clean, white lego. I am planning to do a Hoth MOC, so if you have quantity of white parts shoot me a pm.

I would really like some "ice" pieces too. If anyone can help me as I have been searching bricklink without joy :(

Also looking for 7666 Hoth base, preferably complete with the figures

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