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very nice indeed!

It could not work with the larger Lego pump either or multiples of them? or it works but just not so well I take it.

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Thanks ! If you are talking about this one, unfortunately, I have not tested as I have not.

What I know if that the engine requires a constant air flow as the air flow affect the force needed to pinch the hose. I have tested with 5 pump and one air tank and it was not enough stable to run smooth (work some rotationa dn stall and did not work). I have only one air tank so I can not test more but I assume a 1L reservoir is a minimum, therefore it could work with any pump but only with a reservoir, and it will work until the bottle is empty, so pump doesn't matter in this condition. A better qpprocha would be considering no lego pump and reservoir like a automotive / small compressor, bike or matress pump with a bit of DIY to connect with the hose (ballon needle is very easy for that).

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Super creative! Can you estimate how much power/torque the pneumatic engine delivers at 3 bar? For instance, is it more or less than an M-motor.

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Hard to know, I think it is more or less the same torque as it seems to be as easy to stop a M than this pneumatic motor. But the M motor can drop the speed very low before stalling, when the pneumatic engine is very sensitive to low RPM it has no torque at low, and have the maximum torque at maximum speed. With the max speed of about 120rpm, it will give about 1W of power.

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I saw the video of this bike on tlcb and it literally filled me with joy at lunchtime. 

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42093 Model C – Sand Buggy

An alternate model of the 42093 – Corvette ZR1 as a sand buggy, features steering, fake L3 engine and suspensions, with building instructions.




Few months ago, I have reviewed the #42093 Corvette ZR1 set, and I though it was a very great set, for display, for beginner or for the parts. Then I wanted to created an alternate model to try to re-use the inventory to create something different with the difficulty and compromise inherent to this process. Here is the result.



The 42093 set is now a pretty old set, which means that there are many of alternate builds available on Rebrickable. That is why I wanted to create something different in functions, to not only create a steering / fake engine vehicle, but add a nice function which would not have been done before. This function is the suspensions.


The rear suspension is an oscillating rear axle made with the unique soft-axle in the set. The front suspensions are double wishbones suspensions, with torsion bars. You can see these torsion bars underneath the chassis with perpendicular orange connector and 1/2 pin which create the end stop and the correct angle of rest position. The length of the torsion bar is 11L which ensures a good travel and soft suspension but hard enough to not damage the axle in rest position (the weight is not enough to twist the torsion bar which is an important feature for a playset).


The other functions are quite classic. The hand of god on the roof operates the steering with a 12t/12t bevel gearing, which operates a fork-lever system connected to the front axle steering. The design key here is that the linkage between the two wheels is an articulated linkage which floats on the fork-lever system. It enables to operate the steering with the suspensions without the need to have ball joints (which are not present in the set). But of course this solution is not suitable for big vehicle because of the play in the mechanism.


The last functions is the fake L3 engine, which is pretty small comparing to the original V8 of the Corvette ! It uses the same principle but use 1/2 pin instead of 3L axle which gives a smaller construction. The key features is that this engine is mounted on the oscillating axle due to the available room in the creation, but is driven by spur gear on the differential with a 20t gear. This is a pretty unusual solution, not use by Lego, because it needs some play to work (that is why there no bush between the 20t gear and the 2L beam). It allows to have a very compact solution to mount of the axle comparing to a classic bevel construction.


Functions are important for a playset, but design too ! It has to catch the eyes by the shape, the colour, the details, but also have a  smooth / homogeneous design, and at this scale the design is part of the chassis and functions. Ok, that’s a lot for a 453-parts small set. Therefore, the approach have been to create the chassis and the functions to validate the raw dimensions regarding the size of the wheel and the available space, and then started the design process.



I have been inspired by SVV vehicle from Segway or other buggy because of the leaning design of the front part, with lifted rear which enables to have a great and recognizable look despite the size of the creation (It would have been difficult for instance to reproduce a other licensed car like a Ferrari). I have tried many variations for the design with frame-looking or more paneled one. But as usual with small creations, this is the parts which mostly guide the design . That is why I use the available mudguards and panels for the bodywork but with some angled builds, like the front shape and the side. Then I have added some details to “polish” the creation, with seats, dashboard, light, exhaust, radiator  but also fill some empty space.  The only improving point for me is that I would have preferred to have more ‘all terrain tires’ to enhance the look of the creations.



Building Instructions


As for my previous alternate model, I have created the building instructions. This is a pro-looking 3D-rendering building instructions with step by step partlist, in a same way as the Lego do. You only required the parts of the original #42093 set to build this alternate model.

You can buy this instructions on my website for 5€.

Do not hesitate to ask questions and comment :)


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