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Hi All,

I've been reading loads of posts about how you lucky US devils have been getting great sales lately. For my Hogwarts Castle and other building projects, I'd appreciate it if anyone who has or can pick up spares of the following sets, could work out a deal with me. Here's the list, I know some are in very vain hope!

The sets I put in bold I would like the most, and the underlined ones are the ones that I would like multiples of.

Harry Potter

Freeing Dobby - Under $6

Hagrids Hut - Under $30

Hogwarts Express - Under $40

Hogwarts Castle - Under $80

Toy Story

Army Men - Under $6

Woody's Roundup - Under $30

Prince of Persia

Desert Attack - Under $6

Ostrich Race - Under $8


Knight's Showdown - Under $4.50

Prison Carriage Rescue - Under $8

Outpost Attack - Under $16

Prison Tower Rescue - Under $45

King's Castle - Under $80

I wouldn't be bothered about the boxes except for the larger two Kingdoms sets. I would really appreciate some help with these. I have a small amount of stuff to trade: Matthew's Trading List

(Apart from those sets, I'm also looking for Dobby, Gringotts Goblin, Dementor, and Kingdoms figures, and the stuff on the list linked above)

Many thanks, and please send me a PM if you can help. Thanks


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I'm sorry, but I don't think you'll be able to get any of these for those prices. :sceptic:

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