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Cude Dude - Savage Opress

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The other day on our European forum Eurobricks turned the pages with the work of Star Wars, found there one of the works of our forumchanin, namely work Mr. Tvister'a, I immediately ran to look for it on our forum and found it work, this was work in the Cube Dude and I decided to build something in the style of kvadragolovyh!

I did not have details of many and so I chose the colors of parts that I have more.

I chose the black parts and yellow, and immediately thought of the character of the third season The Clone Wars and began to build and there you are! Please do not blame me, because this is my first experience in the construction kvadrogolovyh, and the details I have not particularly much.

First look at the original character)


And now my Lego incarnation


Thanks for watching, hope you like it)

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Very nice RussianBear. I like the horns, but Savage has yellow eyes not red ones.

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