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Hi to all!!!!

I've been organizing my collection during the weekend and decided to grab the chance and picture all my MOCS (some are several years old). I'll be posting them during this week, so, if you're interested in this one, check them out... :)

Amongst my MOCS is this Oceanographic ship I did for my divers. Unfortunately it doesn’t float (the centre of gravity is too high and makes it capsize. I can’t add any more weighed bricks since when I do so, it sinks!!!! ), so it it’ll stay docked in my layout’s port…Hope you like it!!!! Comments are welcomed...Cheers!!!










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Nice ship and cool mini-sub 'frogstudio' being busy eh ? :laugh:

Brick On Sail On Dive On 'frogstudio' ! :grin:

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Thanks for your comments!!!

I like the mini-sub on the back. Any chance of some different angels on that?

It's basically the sub in set 6599 with only a few pieces changed to black (didn't like how they looked in gray).

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Great ship! This MOC makes me miss that old hull piece. What a great piece for a variety of ships eh? I really like the cabin, and the crane is great with the strings :thumbup:

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Many thanks for all you comments!!! Some answers for those who asked:

The hull: it is piece bfloat3c01 which cane in three sets (4021, 4020 and 4022)

The cage: it is a design made by LEGO themselves. It appears in several Divers sets (6558, 6559 and 6560)

My port: as soon as I get the new Harbor set, I'll be taking pictures of my complete por (that is, if I can fit it somewhere, since it must be 2 metres long by now!!!)

Water: I don't actually use water in my layout, but I own several of the flotating hulls with their respective motors and use to let my nephews play with my boats in the pool. :)


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