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6540 Pier Police Review

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Hi everyone this is a review of 6540 Pier Police.

Basic info:

Set name: Pier Police

Set number: 6540

Year released: 1991

Number of pieces: 327

Theme: Town, Nautica

Minifigs: 4

Price: $44.00

I hadn't touched this set for a few years until seeing it today and deciding it would make a good set to review. No stickers that cover more than one brick so I could easily take it apart!







On to the review!

The pieces:


A good mix of colors. Lots of black and white obviously but with a good mix of other colors especially the gray pier pieces. :wub: Notice in the upper right corner the police 1 x 6 bricks. The black brick with white police writing is a sticker, while the white brick with black police writing is printed.

Interesting pieces:


Most of these pieces aren't that interesting to fans of classic town but the motorcycle windshield and the police writing printed on ordinary parts are neat.



4 classic smileys.

The build:


After the minifigs the first thing to build is the motorcycle.


This is how the windshield attaches


The finished motorcycle, very few pieces added.


Next up is the small car


The chassis with a few parts


The step before the windshields are added


The finished car.

-Speed Boat

Now we begin building the speed boat


Don't worry, the holes in the hull will get sealed up eventually.


The finished speed boat

-Patrol Boat

The biggest vehicle, and my favorite, is the patrol boat.


The start of the build


Almost all the black is done, the string is attached which allows the boat to tow things.


Everything but the windshields built now


The finished patrol boat in all of its glory! The top raises up.


Now starts the actual pier.


The start


The underside which keeps the base sturdy for building. Without this support the pier would be very unstable.


Lovely waiting room for the soon to be inmates :sceptic:


The second floor office is taking shape. The police officer gets a new computer on his desk and a nice inverted support next to his head. :tongue:


Right before the second floor windows


The finished set!


The whole nautica theme was desgined to be playable with each other.


The knight and imperial officer are on the prowl for red motorcycles in their dark shark!


They finally spot an unguarded ship carrying a red motorcycle.


Held at bow point, the poor worker is forced to make the crane place the red motorcycle on the dark shark.


Unfortunately for the pirates, the pier police is right next to them!


The knight is completely outnumbered, he has no choice but to surrender.


The worker has other plans for the imperial officer however.


The entire package.


Design: 7/10 I really like the design of the patrol boat, but I feel like everything else is kind of sloppy.

Minifigs: 7/10 The minifigures in this set are nice but overall are in general pretty average for that time period.

Playability: 9/10 Does not have that much playability as a set alone, but having a land and sea based police operation gives it lots of versatility.

Price: 8/10 $44.00 for 327 pieces was actually a pretty good deal back then. Also includes the pier pieces which explains the price.

Parts: 9/10 I really like the parts in this set. Lots of plates in different colors and bricks.

Overall: 40/50 80%, it's a good set but has to live up to even better sets in the same series.

Thanks for reading!

Edited by Zorbas

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Thanks for this classic town review 'jd5775', a great set and I wonder why they haven't brought out another one since.....the pier is a fantastic idea for playability, though the boats are not water tight. :blush:

The police car is cute, a Lego Panda cop car ! :grin:

Brick On Review On ! :grin:

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Thanks for this great review! With the exception of the car, I think this entire set would fit in well with today's modern harbor sets.

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My favorte police set. My town would be overly harbor (I have 7 total Launch + Load seaports/Intercoastal seaports) so this is the best option for me to have as a police station. It's just a nice set overall.

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Thanks for a nostalgia. = ) Had 2x same sets when I was young.

These old baseplates are much cooler than new (in 4645 or 7994 )

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Great, detailed review. Hard to believe that was twenty years ago! But for a few changes that set seems like it could have been released this year.

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great review indeed! :classic:

this set shows how much Lego has evolved in 20 year's time or so. it was all so small back then... a boat... only four studs wide... imagine this having to keep up with the brand new speed boats :sceptic:

the motorcycle kinda surprised me, honestly. i thought that by this time all headlights on cycles were 1x1 round plates, this one still has the regular 1x1 square plate... oh well... the windscreen is pretty nice though...

a nice set indeed, but not a real "classic" imo

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Thanks for the quality review. This set will always stand out for me because it's the first "real" set (as in, cost over $15) I bought after I had my first job. I still love this set. The large police boat combined with the Coastal Cutter (another of my favorite sets) made a formidable aquatic rescue team.

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Great job on this review. I like this set a lot, especially the vehicles. The police station is the perfect size for the pier :thumbup:

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Great review 'jd5775'. I really like this set. Your's looks like it's brand new! Thanks for reviewing it default_classic.gif

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