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[MOC]Luxury Transport

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Hello! I havent posted here in a while, so i present you with a gift: these two droidsmy latest MOC.

The Luxury Transport was developed on Corellia for shuttling leaders and figureheads around the planet and to nearby systems. It could also double as a conference room. Usually accompanied by two escort airspeeders, as it has no weapons of its own. It is equipped with two high-powered booster engines, aside from its main engine, for making quick getaways in the face of danger.

The Transport:




the cockpit:


The meeting room windows:


The engines:



with fighter escorts:


And the roof comes off. the cockpit:


the meeting room:




Looking out the window: whats that off in the distance?


The Captain's Quarters:


Meeting time:


The whole interior:


That's all for now. Thanks for looking!


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I like your luxury conference ship! It ha s a nice shape and features a well designed interior. I particularly like the side windows for the conference room. They provide a nice space panorama. :classic:

Maybe you have the chance to add more transparent elements into your luxury ship. That is what makes luxury vessels really special and different from other space ships. For example you could replace the octagonal canopy with a transparent one. :classic:


~ Christopher

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Very nice Tricky-Brick. I love the little conference room. The only problem with it is the cockpit piece, it seems to extend too far up the front rendering it un airtight. The TIE canopy pieces are cool and it makes one think of the Falcon or the Tantive IV.

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Quite an interesting build Tricky-Brick, a unique idea for a luxury transport with some nice details, particularly the side viewing decks and interior. Only thing I would have wanted to see are more details and/or curved slopes on the side surface of the main cockpit, which is a bit plain and straight-edged.

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Very nice! :thumbup: It has a very "rebel blockade runner" feel to the ship. (Which is a good thing. :wink: ) I like how long it is as well as the interior too.

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