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Nacht der Untoten: World at War Zombies

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Here is a MOC that I brought to show off at Brickworld. Out of all my MOCs I would say that this and my German Halftrack got the most attention.

Anyways, I have gone through many versions of this, and this is my 4th version. I am happy with it, but I know that it is no 100% accurate to the game. [no Kar98 on wall, no spiral staircase in first room] So here it is!

Overall view






Mystery Box


As you can see there are many Brickarms being used in this MOC. First of all, there are many monopods holding up the Brickarms M1 Carbine and the Brickarms M1A1 Thompson Submachine Gun. Also there is an dark olive green Bazooka in the Mystery Box. Lastly, the figures are holding a M1919 Browning with ammo chain, a sawn off shotgun, and a overmolded shotgun shell. Hope you guys like it! And you never know, I might make a 5th version someday, so keep your eyes peeled!

C&C much appreciated.

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