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Hi! I'm fairly new to Lego, but I really love building. I have a large collection of buildings, and a large dock, but no roads! I am very confused on how to make this, as I perfer buildings. I am not completely shure if this is the correct Disscussion Thread to post this in, but i decided since this was a redcoat fort, that i would post it here! I would provide pictures to let you know what type of roads Ineed, but my camera is broken :pir_bawling: I can tell you I need help with roads through the city, and rouds beetween hills on each sides (I dont know how to make them either :pir-cry_sad: )and roads through the country side. Thanks sso much! If anyone can help please do :pir-laugh:

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I guess it depends on the level of detail you try to achieve. Cobblestone roads would be very "period", and for a very good looking scene you could make every single stone from white, grey, dark grey round 1x1 plates (There are a lot of MOCs that use this technique).

A low-tech version could probably be built using just large grey plates. Put some structures, hills or other stuff on the roadsides to break up their straight shapes.

As for hills, I would just use a lot of green plates and bricks and put em together in an irregular fashion. Put some bushes and other plants here and there to break up the stark blocky shapes of the slopes etc.

I suggest you look at some of the larger town/port style MOCs in the Pirates MOC forum to see how others constructed their roads. Getting inspiration is always a good way to start a new project :pir-classic:

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