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Cap'n Crunch

Princess Taiping

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thindexedgif.gif 103D

This the first MOC I have ever posted here on Eurobricks.


As you can see from the photo, the ship is modelled on a traditional Chinese Junk.

Because of the flat hull bottom of Chinese junks, I decided to settle on a brick built hull made with SNOT. Most of the pieces in this MOC are from the Star Wars set MTT (2007 version)

The ship features three 24 pounders on the lower gun deck, one 9 pounder and one 24 pounder on the upper deck.


With gunports closed


The detechable anchor section


With anchor detached


This photo shows the other side of the ship and the framework of the sails.


Close-up of the front of the ship showing the lack of the keel, characteristic of Chinese junks.


Close-up shot of poop deck


Close-up of the upper deck, showing the drum and the rum. :pir-sweet:


Bird's eye view for Rocks and Shoals


The Princess Taiping sailing to the World's End


Comments and constructive criticism welcomed!

Note. Reduced photo sizes.

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