Light Bomber... in JonHall18's style

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I like very much the JonHall way to design fighter planes... The work of JonHall18 in LXF form

after my tho buyable adaptions of his work, i tried to make a new plane.

The Malomaglio Mtype1:


LDD file: (contains MaloMaglio.lxf)

(you can find its origin at JonHall18 Skyhammer buyable version)

And then the new Malabomba (ugly-bomb, or evil-bomb in italian) :

a "light bomber"... i mean the bomber is light, but not the bomb!



LDD file: (contains Malabomba.lxf)

The engines are the same of "Malomaglio", so my engineers call it Mtype1b :P

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11 hours ago, Logic said:

these are sick man

Don't bump a 6 year old topic, just to say "these are sick man". 

Read the site guidelines about posting behavior like topic bumping etc. This isn't Facebook, so please add a little content to a post (instead of placing oneliners everywhere).

Thanks and have fun!

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