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Review: 2258 Ninja Ambush

Review: 2258 Ninja Ambush  

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Review: 2258 Ninja Ambush

Name: Ninja Ambush

Number: 2258

Theme: Ninjago

Pieces: 71

Minifigures: 2

Price: 6.99 USD, 6.49 GBP, 6.95 EUR, 9.99 AUD




Here's what Shop@Home has to say about it.

Ambush the evil skeleton soldier and protect the golden scythe!

As part of his training to become the Spinjitzu Master of Fire, Kai is sent into the bamboo forest by Sensei Wu to protect the Golden Scythe. Hit the button to launch a surprise attack on Bonezai before he steals it! Set includes 2 minifigures and 3 weapons.

  • Includes 2 minifigures: Kai and Bonezai
  • Features golden scythe, black sword and bone weapons
  • Set measures over 2” (5cm) tall

The Box:


The front of the box features Kai "slicing" through the bamboo and onto the unsuspecting Bonezai. The Ninjago logo in the upper right is really nice; the wispy smoke around the Ninja's head really gives it an "oriental" feel.


The back of the box shows Kai and Bonezai both trying to get the golden scythe, and in the bottom left it shows us "four golden weapons" that we can collect.


Here are the contents of the box, you get two polybags, an instruction booklet, and a 6x8 brown plate; that's pretty good for a set this size. :thumbup:

The Instructions:


The front of the instruction booklet has the same art as on the front of the box.


As with all Ninjago sets, the second to last page of the instruction booklet advertises the spinner game.

The Pieces:


Here is the parts assortment. (Other than minifigures)

The Minifigs:


You get two minifigures: Kai and Bonezai. I really like the torso and leg printing on Kai, it looks a lot better than the printing on the 1999 ninjas in my opinion. Bonezai looks really great too; I'm a big fan of the new skeleton feet, and his face printing is :laugh:.


The back of the 'figs. Note the "spine" on Bonezai's back.


Here's the front of the minifigures with their accessories removed. I really like Bonezai's bone-axe, it's a really creative and imaginative weapon. And poor Kai has a terrible scar on his face! :laugh:

The Build:


This is around half-way through the bamboo-catapult-thing. The build was easy, but it was fun to see the inner-workings of the play feature.


Here are the extra pieces. Nothing really too special here, but I'm glad that they gave us an extra skeleton arm.

The Finished Set:


Here's the little stand for the golden scythe. It's not very impressive, but it gets the job done.


Here's the completed "Ambush feature" with a wall of bamboo. I really like the looks of this, but the red piece kind of throws off the oriental-ness of this set though. :sceptic:


Here are the scythe stand and the "Ambush feature" together.


Here's a picture of the golden scythe. I really like having a stick in gold, and the golden tooth and modified lightsaber hilt are great too. :thumbup:

Play Feature:


Here's the final product. Bonezai has stolen the golden scythe! But what's this? You put Kai behind the bamboo wall and...


He "leaps" down onto Bonezai! I literally captured this while Kai was in mid-air; no props or editing.


Design: 9/10

The "Ambush feature" is really ingenius; the scythe stand is rather boring, but it's really nice for a set this size

Parts: 9/10

There are some very nice new pieces in this set, including the bone for Bonezai's axe, the golden pieces for the scythe, and some technic pieces that make the bamboo fly open.

Figures: 10/10

It's really great to get two minifigures in a $7 USD set, and they're both really great in my opinion.

Playability: 9/10

Like I said before, I really like the "Ambush feature". Sometimes Kai goes a bit too far, but it isn't much of a problem.

Value for Money: 10/10

You get two new minifigures and a great play feature for $7 USD. This is probably among the best priced of the Ninjago sets.

Overall: 94/100

This set definately scores in the "outstanding" category. Whether you're a Ninja fan, or trying to find a good set to start off with for Ninjago, this set is a great way to go. :thumbup:


Kai and Bonezai were both very embarrassed to be seen with their cousins from 1999.

Thanks for reading!

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He "leaps" down onto Bonezai! I literally captured this while Kai was in mid-air; no props or editing.

Gotta say I love this shot, nice (and lucky) to capture such natural motion blur. Another nice review BTW!

I'm not really a fan of the NinjaGo line but this little impulse set does look like a good starter set who'd like to try this theme theme.

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