A smaller 7900 heavy loader.

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indexed.gif V-LC-18E

When I bought the heavy loader 7900 a few weeks ago, I didn�t want to keep it like this, because it is too big to go to my town. This truck is oversized compared to the minifig scale. So, I decided to make a smaller one, with the same general look for the car and using most of the original parts.

I make a 6 studs large one instead of the 8 of the original truck. And the car looks good too I think, with a more traditional LEGO looking.

When the car was finished, I just have to make the trailer. I decided to make this truck an exceptional convoy, so the can be 8 studs large. But what can this trailer could transport? First I think of the digger, but it�s too big. So I decided that the truck will transport the bungalow of the construction site. And the crane just has to take the bungalow out of the truck.

Now some pics:


The whole truck front


The whole truck back


The car truck


The trailer with the bungalow


The trailer without the bungalow

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this looks very good *y*

your efford to make it more "lego minifig size" was very succesfull and you even made it look like an "original" lego set!!

i hope TLC would have given us smth like this... :-(

good job! ;-)

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I was planning to do the same (scaling down, I mean, not the same model ;-)) but haven't gotten around to it yet due to lots of other shelf models on my to-do list first.

Nicely done :'-)

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