MOC: My Pony Truss

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Most say The Water Tower is their favorite of my Traincreations

I say the Pony Truss is mine, I think it is in a smallway, my greatest achievement.


The design on the original LDD was to say the least,very time



Getting the angled bricks to do what I wanted, thenattaching the super structure was indeed a job in itself.


When I got the model in the mail, I immediately satdown at my desk and ripped open the bricks within.


I opened the stored LDD instructions and began tobuild


Wow, and I thought the design was hard, buildingproved to be 3 times as hard, I felt at times wishing for a third hand!


Once finished, I decided to place it in a centrallocation, one that would always have daylight, placed in the center of thelayout and seen first when you walk in the room.


My Truss is an original, to me anyways and I thinkit’s good enough to be something special.


In my opinion, my finest hours…


Coming soon, my BNSF Transformation

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Now I can say both :thumbup: and AWESOME at the same time 'legodac', quite stable is it ? :blush:

And there's a lot of brown in it ? :laugh: Needs a paint job, though is it rusty iron or timber construction.....I can see it's old school North American in design....I'm I right ?

Anyway, wait to the likes of Sava, Brickster and the rest of us train-tech's see it....very impressive bridge !

Brick On 'legodac' ! :grin:

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well, what to say? a very good and useful build! too bad it has not enough support to be a real bridge, but it can be fixed with a bunch of bricks and plates! I can easily understand why it has been time consuming, but the result is worth every second spent!

waiting to see your next creation!

have a nice train lego day


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I really like this idea. The sides have a chunky heavy engineering feel to me. I particularly like the vertical rods.

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I have some good news, though it may just be good to me, at least those who want design instructions from LDD, will be able to get them.

I now have the 4.1 on my laptop, cool eh! default_classic.gif


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