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Chopper Dragster

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Chopper Dragster

Sometime ago, around when Lego brought out there own Racers Game where you could almost play others online, I entered a contest. The challenge was simple, to build a Racer.


So I went to work, spilled all the Lego all over the living room and began to build.

I was pleased with the end result simply because I had never built a racer before.


But the Lego Bricks were still missing something, oh,wait, it’s a dragster and every dragster deploys a chute at the end of the quarter mile.




How was I going to pull that off, Oh, right, the antique box next to the Lego Heavy Tow Truck contains my Pirate Sails and Lego stickers?


I used two only and only a tiny slit in the red and white sail was all the damage done.

Four slits to be exact to incorporate the JollyRodger. The cuts were tiny so I had to really apply some immense pressure tomake the click.


Which is okay, I’m pretty immense and the job was done without damaging the sail to much.

I would love to show this someday in real life, that’s why I save all my models in pictures and the model as well goes behind glass,except for the really big ones, they just get dusty.


If I may be as bold as to offer something to everyone out there, the thing that keeps me coming back to building is two things.

One is a new project, something I’ve never built before, the other is, we need a place to show our stuff, and places like EuroBricks and the others I belong to, are where it’s at.


For your viewing pleasure eh, A Chopper Dragster byme, legodac…

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that parachute is brilliant, it does't ACTUALLY fit inside does it?

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No it doesn't SI-mocs, though it made for some nice effects, thanks for your comment default_classic.gif

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