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REVIEW: 30132 Voodo Jack

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Hello everyone and today I will be reviewing the Voodo Jack polybaged set. When the bag is opened, out falls four minifigure pieces and no instructions or other promotional leaflets. Enough talk, lets get onto Captain Sparrow...


This voodo version of Captain Jack is quite unlike any other Sparrow minifigure. His appearence is designed to look like it has been sewn together by hand.


I am fortunate enough to own all of the Jack Sparrow minifigures so I decided to do a group shot.


Below is a comparison of two of the different Jacks in their clothing - the one on the left is the normall Jack and the one on the right is the voodo version.(Both are without hair to allow more comparison of the detail)


Now lets move onto the pieces. All of the parts but the hair are exclusive to this set, which is common for a Sparrow minifigure. And yes, that is a tan minifigure head! :pir-wub:


Next is the torso and legs. The stitching effect of the doll is done amazingly well.


Finnally, the ratings!

Value: I got Voodo Jack free when I ordered the Pirates of The Carribean videogame, so value gets 10/10

Playability: 1 minifigure with no accesories? Lets skip the ratings for playability.

Parts: With three of the four parts included in this set being exclusive, "parts" get a 9/10

Overall: 6/10 - This set has brilliant pieces making a great minifigure but the only let down is the playability :pir-look:

And now, a closing picture...


"I'm the real Jack!" "No, I'm the real Jack!"

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