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Marin Stipković

REVIEW: 8146 Nitro Muscle

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I know this is a rather late review but there isn't one yet and there's some interest in this set.

8146 Nitro Muscle - 2007

Bs link

BL link

I bought two of the set via BrickLink because I wanted to have four of the larger (rear) tires and they only ever came in this set*. My original idea was to buy one set and an extra set of all wheels but there are no more of the x1825 tires on BL**:

tire+rim (as you can see - no lots for sale)

tire alone (rapidos2 didn't have them when I was making my orders)

(The rims and the smaller (front) tires are not a problem as they came in other sets too.)

The x1825 tires are very similar to 2997 ones but there is a small difference in dimensions so they're not really compatible with the same rims. 2997 fits only on rims that come in white and x1825 on rims that come in black and light gray and bley which are more "rimmy" colors.

I bought one MISB and one unboxed set for cheaper shipping (from different sellers - the cheapest two that were on BL at the time).


The back of the box showing functions as always. No alternative models in this set.


One thing becomes apparent at first glance of the box. :wacko: 1:1? I don't think so.


Single-book instructions are always nice.


Chrome stickers (the wheel is here for scale and reflection). I don't apply my stickers to sets as I buy sets for the parts and not the sets themselves so I think I'm going to apply some of these stickers to tiles if I'll need them. The small ones are fit for tiles - applied as one long sticker (1x14) but split into three small ones (1x4+1x5+1x5) which I think is great. :wub:


Contents of the box in the box (minus the sheet and the book). The box is made of surprisingly soft cardboard.


Out of the box. Notice the twin and triplet bags, none numbered. pirate_thumbup.gif


Out of the bags and into the box.


Pieces of interest: the already mentioned tires, yellow corner panels (20 of them in the set), engine blocks and Technic panels (3 pairs).


Other parts worthy of mentioning are black long pins of extremely high clutch power (I guess that's why they switched to blue), red bushes, a lot of yellow connectors (although only a few different types) and old (ridged) axle joiners.

A part of the building process. Notice the asymmetry of the rack. *oh2*


An interesting thing is the wheels are not the last pieces in the build. Instead they're put on before the bodywork submodel.


The finished model. I think it justifies the size of the box.


Leftover pieces.


Pretty empty model but it wasn't unexpected.



No comment.



Not too pretty I'd say.



A tiny rim on the back for steering and a hole that can fit a fist are simply... I don't know that to say. :sad:


Why does the grill not go up with the rest of the bodywork or why there are virtually no front mudguards is a mystery to me. Also you can see the rather empty interior. The NOS bottles are nice but the interior could use a lot of work.



And finally the steering wheel is horrible. It's fit to scale with the seat (which is waaay too small for this car), not functional and can't even be turned freely. Instead this is what you can do with it. pirate_thumbdown.gif


I think the following improvements could be made to this set: attach the grill to the rest of the bodywork, add front mudguards, replace the seat and the steering wheel, add a HOG wheel, fill all the holes, add a diff and connect it to a V8 engine under the engine blocks.

I have no idea how I'd rate this set as I've only bought it for the parts (mainly the wheels) but I'll try.

Design: 4/10

Build: 5/10

Playability: 8/10

Parts: 8/10

Price: 5/10

Overall: 6/10

Hope you've enjoyed the review and if you want those rare tires better hurry. There's only 28 sets and 3 tires left on BL. :wink:***

EDIT (November 2012):

*- Up until the 42000 Grand Prix Racer in 2013.

**- Of course the situation is different now.

***- Not now, obviously.

Edited by Marin Stipković

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Nice review :thumbup:

A while ago, I almost bought this set, but I didn't. But if I knew there were special tires in this set, I think I bought it :cry_sad:

Anyway, I also added your review to Brickset (in THIS list) :wink:

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Yay a Racers review! :wub: Straight into the index with you, my friend. Thanks! :thumbup:

What an ugly car, though. It's a technic set, really, but without all the super functions. I guess there's scope to motorise it.

A thought on the asymmetric steering rack: I presume the 1x6 bley plate is attached to the liftarm via stud pins? If so, the plate could be offset half a stud by connecting via the small pins on the bottom rather than the anti-studs, thus making it sit in the middle.

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Yes Rufus, you got it right. Though in Off-Roader it's liftarm-studpins-jumpers-rack so I was surprised that wasn't the case here. The function is the same but the difference is still interesting, right?

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Nice review. As for the set, I'm afraid it desperately needs the stickers. It looks too jumbled without them. And I agree with what Rufus said. It is a Technic set without the amazing features.

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