Ruined temple of Shar

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Deep in the forgotten depths of Underworld, there is a ruined temple of Shar. Worshipers of Lloth torn it down, many years ago, and, as a part of punishment, they dig up the earth beneath it, revealing the temple to the sun.



(note: click on a picture to follow the link to the bigger one. Best seen large)

Plants find their way to the underground, and with constant sun, vegetation is blooming, and the wild life followed. The temple itself is full of secret hallways and treasures, and it is a constant target to the adventurist. But every adventurer should know: when you are digging for treasure, always have your back covered :)



In the middle of the entrance there is a giant statue of Shar, twin sister of Selune, with wings, cape that is going to the floor, interlocked fingers with sword, etc

Ruined temple of Shar is a part of the new Drow city, Lith My'athar.

Here you can see some of the details: broken windows, treasure, path made form cheese slopes (with tnx to Katie for inspiring my play with patterns), tomb with a king, statue of Shar priestess and other goodies :)







You can find more pictures on a brickshelf in here

this temple was built for Concursului Brickenburg, Vara 2011 contest, but, unfortunately, it was one of the last. Tough competition :)

Here you can see some other Drow cities from me:

Lith My'athar


Ched Nasad

Ust Natha




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Looks wonderful, if a bit busy to make out the details properly. But that's why there's the close-ups. :grin:

I love how "alien" you've made this creation look. It's basically your typical fantasy setting, but then again there's an original twist to it with the use of bright colors and strange creatures. The red walls make it look very menacing, just as all your Drow cities do.

Thanks for sharing! :classic:

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Are those Duergar or Svirfneblin harvesting some of the fruits from one of the trees?

In any case, it's looking amazing and, strangely enough, it feels much more alive and safe than a regular city of the Drow. The many different colours compliment eachother perfectly and greatly help to tell the story you've imagined for this little scene :thumbup:

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Another very well done build Angeli, it's a breath of fresh air to see more colors spicing up your usual red-black structures. The overgrowth of the plantlife really gives this a realistic look of a ruins left for ages. Great job once again! :thumbup:

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Very nice MOC. I liek how you challage the MOC by using colors others may pass on. But they work. Well done. :classic:

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