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Finally after a few months of designing, I'm able to bring you the Magnofigures!

Based on the body of a Technic figure, these figures have brickbuilt heads and legs, making them highly customisable and poseable.

The first figures were Star Wars themed (which I'll be posting tomorrow) but I'm now expanding them to different themes. Work has begun on a Panzer II in this scale.

Leading the vanguard is Fritz, a Wehrmacht soldier who'll be testing out new weapons I can come up with. :laugh:


Fritz really loves his new weapon :grin:


Closeup of the MG34


Firing from my camera case


Firing from prone position


And a look at his equipment on his Y-straps. (Rolled up Zeltbahn, entrenching tool, breadbag, mess kit.)


And that's all Fritz has to show for the moment, but he'll be back. :laugh:

Auf Wiedersehen!


The Star Wars Magnofigures will be uploaded tomorrow in the Star Wars subforum, and this thread will serve for everything non-licensed.

I hope you like these new figures, comments and constructive criticism is as always very welcome. :classic:


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Ah another style of figure by Tanotrooper! These look good TT! I'm really likin' that gun I'll be sure to keep an eye on these! :thumbup:

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Very impressive TT, you've managed to create another unique figure-building style! I really like how you modified the otherwise boring Technic figs by giving them interesting details and added posability. Great work and looking forward then for the SW Magnifigs! :thumbup:

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Looks like you've easily translated your expertise with combination brick-built and specialized parts figures from TTfigs to these. :thumbup: This guy has so many points of articulation!

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Wow, that's awesome! I like how the density of the figure is so realistic. :thumbup: That figure size would be perfect for large statues, golems or giants etc in minifig scenarios as well.

Edited by gabe

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