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I've been inspired recently by all the wonderful creations Eurobricks members have been able to produce using only the parts from CREATOR sets. This thread will be used to index all of these amazing models.

To qualify for the index, a CREATOR alternative model must:

  • Be an original creation
  • Be posted on Eurobricks
  • Have photos of reasonable quality (blurry pictures will not be indexed; please try to use a plain background)

Combinations of two or more sets are ok, provided at least one of these sets is CREATOR and you provide the set numbers.

Please post your creation in a separate thread. If the model belongs in a particular forum (eg. Star Wars) then post it there and let me know in this thread.

When I've added it to the index, a little logo will appear in your thread:



For alternatives in other fora:


Have fun and enjoy! Special thanks to grohl, Legostein, Toa_of_Justice and Tomik for providing some awesome material to get this started.

4098-1.gif 4098 High Flyers


gallery_2351_18_2572.gif4837 Mini Trains

tyrell05.jpg_thumb.jpgmix02.jpg_thumb.jpgchurch01.jpg_thumb.jpg gallery_6705_156_5618.jpg gallery_6705_156_18121.jpg

gallery_2351_18_3234.gif4915 Mini Construction

tatra00.jpg_thumb.jpgnaboo03.jpg_thumb.jpgbwing092.jpg_thumb.jpg gallery_6705_156_12572.jpg gallery_6705_156_18503.jpg gallery_6705_156_788.jpg

gallery_2351_18_2543.gif4916 Mini Animals


gallery_6705_156_25322.jpg gallery_6705_156_21806.jpg gallery_6705_156_14127.jpg gallery_6705_156_19320.jpg gallery_6705_156_204.jpg gallery_6705_156_7578.jpg

gallery_6705_156_29379.jpg gallery_6705_156_6148.jpg gallery_6705_156_12700.jpg gallery_6705_156_2462.jpg gallery_6705_156_26067.jpg gallery_6705_156_16272.jpg

gallery_6705_156_14551.jpg gallery_6705_156_26466.jpg gallery_6705_156_27695.jpg gallery_6705_156_12893.jpg gallery_6705_156_19649.jpg

gallery_2351_18_331.gif4917 Mini Robots


gallery_2351_18_639.gif4918 Mini Flyers

ship04.jpg_thumb.jpgtriplane01.jpg_thumb.jpgplane05.jpg_thumb.jpg gallery_6705_156_21278.jpg

gallery_2351_18_2361.gif4939 Cool Cars


gallery_2351_18_1676.gif4954 Town House


gallery_2351_18_575.gif4996 Beach House


gallery_2351_18_4122.jpg5761 Mini Digger (with 6742 Mini Off-Roader)


gallery_2351_18_5034.jpg5762 Mini Plane

gallery_6705_151_7918.png gallery_6705_156_17373.jpg gallery_6705_156_14390.jpg

tn_5763-1_jpg.jpg5763 Dune Hopper

gallery_6705_156_10649.jpg gallery_6705_156_25626.jpg gallery_6705_156_7554.jpg gallery_6705_156_20810.jpg

tn_5764-1_jpg.jpg5764 Rescue Robot


gallery_2351_18_2371.gif5864 Mini Helicopter

gallery_6705_151_13365.jpg chopper.jpg_thumb.jpg gallery_6705_156_12360.jpg

gallery_2351_18_1606.gif5865 Mini Dumper

gallery_6705_151_4974.jpg 00.jpg_thumb.jpgcranetruck03.jpg_thumb.jpgtowe01.jpg_thumb.jpg gallery_6705_156_12265.jpg

gallery_2351_18_1831.gif5866 Rotor Rescue

gallery_6705_156_23801.jpg gallery_6705_156_7369.jpg gallery_6705_156_5815.png

gallery_2351_18_791.gif5867 Super Speedster


gallery_2351_18_1109.gif6741 Mini Jet

speeder03.jpg_thumb.jpgx29.jpg_thumb.jpghammer01.jpg_thumb.jpg gallery_6705_156_19189.jpg gallery_6705_156_14540.jpg gallery_6705_156_24747.jpg

gallery_6705_156_7887.jpg gallery_6705_156_20042.jpg gallery_6705_156_16783.jpg gallery_6705_156_25873.jpg

gallery_2351_18_2469.gif 6742 Mini Off Roader


gallery_2351_18_3152.gif6743 Street Speeder

gallery_6705_156_15947.jpg gallery_6705_156_16675.jpg gallery_6705_156_9119.jpg gallery_6705_156_1959.jpg gallery_6705_156_24113.jpg gallery_6705_156_5071.jpg


gallery_2351_18_595.gif6745 Propeller Power

gallery_6705_156_4165.jpg gallery_6705_156_8628.jpg gallery_6705_156_31762.jpg gallery_6705_156_22450.jpg gallery_6705_156_21505.jpg

gallery_2351_18_2507.gif6747 Race Rider


gallery_6705_159_14326.jpg6910 Mini Sports Car


gallery_2351_18_4472.gif7805 Shark (with 8033 Mini Grievous Starfighter)


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Thanks to grohl for his two latest CREATOR alts! :wub:



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You may want to add my small train station I built some "days" ago from set 4954 - Creator Model Town House. :wink:

gallery_2351_18_1676.gif4954 Town House


Thanks Holodoc! That is exactly what I want to see! :wub:

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